Introducing The Smok X Cube II With Dread RDA And Vegan Eliquid

remember this little guy the dread are

da by damn VAP this thing has been

getting a lot of attention on my channel

holy moly it's been trending for like a

couple months it's crazy so today I'm

not gonna I'm not gonna show it again

I'm gonna wake it so I can use it and

I'm gonna use it for eliquid and it's

not tea time if you've been watching my

channel for babe content you might have

noticed that I pretty much just vape one

thing tea time and the reason I do that

is because it has no artificial

sweeteners no added sweeteners and this

doesn't have any either I can't show it

to ya I have a little disclaimer to make

like little 3 percent profit kind of

disclaimer just know that if you go to

the site that these are on zero - I am getting some Commission

alright enough lollygagging let's get to


do I still remember how to waken RDA

what is vaping bop ba-bop key what is it

how do I do this I'm gonna cut this in

half I don't remember how to wake this

and I don't really feel like looking at

my old video cuz I'm pretty sure I

didn't know how to wake it back then

either but there used to be a manual

with this I think I lost it and it

showed something like this

so I'm gonna repeat the process on the

other side I'm actually kind of curious

to see if this thing still works

I'm kidding me oh no the buttons oh no I

I push the plus button and the button is

stuck now there's like corrosion around

the button darn it

oh there we go I got the plus button

working I'm sure I can get the minus

button going again - that's pretty stuck

just keeps cycling through everything I

can't I can't get it oh how did I used

to do this first up I'm gonna try

Katherine to the grape premium a vegan

friendly eliquid on the back like when

it's of no artificial colors no

artificial sweeteners nothing weird

nothing weird it's like I made the label

but I didn't in the boxer's two bottles

and they're 30 milliliters each

ingredients 90% of this is kosher

vegetable glycerin and then the rest is

predominantly propylene glycol

there's also flavoring natural and

artificial haha alright it's at 65 watts

I'm just gonna completely open the


we go

the mod does not fire very fast that's

great but it's got like a little bit of

a tartness to it it's like a little bit

of sweetness on the inhale and on the

exhale the aftertaste is part it's

almost like a grape candy like a grape

powdered candy it doesn't beat my

favorite tea time flavor which is

blueberry peppermint oh I wonder if

there's a blueberry there is a blue


I know beard doesn't taste very good

like actual beard I could switch out the

cotton but I'm a lazy pile of crap it's

almost flowery like the other one was

more like candy like a powdered grape

candy and this it was like a blueberry

beer oh that's why I don't really like

tobacco and I don't I don't really like

this flavor because it's Virginia and

honey tobacco blueberry and blackberries

I like the blueberry and Blackberry

partners I don't like tobacco it's been

years since I've tried it tobacco flavor

vanilla custard oh yeah

there we go such a delicate vanilla

custard they're all worthy delicate

flavors actually this doesn't go too bad

and with that tobacco flavor that's

still kind of on the cotton a little bit

yeah yeah those ones I guess


goodness nutty cookie it is a sweetness

like in the flavoring itself

oh no but this one is the sweetest out

of all of them so far it's actually a

little too much for me I prefer the

vanilla custard I feel like really sweet

this is this is the one yeah yeah the

flavor it's a cookie flavor you can

definitely pick up that nutty taste as

well yeah that's a good one

if you're into that I just I prefer the

vanilla custard out of all of them the

Miller custard for me is the winner if

you're interested in some drug free

liquid checkout zero Nick or or dot it's

up to you you do what you want and I

hope to see you next time to dilute

elite Lee's Hey