Is Smok Nord Good? |The Convenience Of An All-In-One Vape Kit

with so many pod devices out there you

might be having trouble finding the

right one for you I'm here to help with

that hey guys

Nick from baby here today we're going to

be looking at the smoke Nord these have

been so popular lately so we'll be

reviewing the device and taking a closer

look at setup


the device has an 1,100 milliamp hour

battery holds 3 mils of e-liquid and

comes with 2 coils one for Mount alum

and one for sup inside the box we have

an instruction manual warranty card your

Nord device with a pod attached a USB

cord into foils a 1.4 own mouths :

and a 0.6 own mesh several way to get

your Nord working we'll need to install

the coil the clothes are press fit two

sides are flat and will line up with the

sides of the pot after that just push

next we'll be filling the pod find the

fill port on the side and lift the cap

fill it up with your favorite e-juice

today I'll be using mango buy salt


once your pot is full pulls the cap push

the pod into the device and let it sit

for 5 to 10 minutes this is to ensure

that your coil is saturated with the

juice powering your device on and off is

simple click the power button five times

and a white light will flash to check

your battery life simply click the power

button twice while the device is on to

charge your device plug the micro USB

cord into the port on the button the

coils included offer two different

experiences the 1.4 own mouth to long

coil has a tight draw like a cigarette

and is recommended to be used with

nicotine salts the 0.6 all mesh coil is

more open and will vape more like a sub

ohm tank giving you huge amounts of

vapor the mesh quo will definitely eat

at your battery faster since it's

pushing a higher wattage than the melt

to lung foil which is a little more

considerate to your battery life and

juice consumption and that is the smoke

north you can check out this device

others and our massive collection of

ejuice Advait vga and make sure you hit

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latest in vaping