Michigan Recalls Legal THC Vapes|Positive For Vitamin E Acetate

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it seems the legal cannabis market in

michigan is facing some black market

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let's get started on wednesday january

22nd the marijuana regulatory agency or

MRA for the state of michigan recalled

nearly 10,000 THC cartridges that tested

positive for vitamin e acetate which is

the ingredient found to cause lung

illnesses lucky Valley the recalled

products come from a Detroit based

company called Plan B walnuts I guess

they better think about moving to Plan C

right the products were from the brand

savage it includes several different

strains those effective would have

bought cartridges between October 3rd

and November 16 2019 and on January 16

2020 of the recalled 9380 cartridges an

estimated one thousand three hundred and

sixty were sold with the remaining eight

thousand to be destroyed by Plan B

wellness in a press release the MRA


patients or caregivers who have these

affected medical marijuana products in

their possession should return them to

plan B wellness for proper disposal it

was also made clear that plan B wellness

was to contact those who purchase the

affected product and notify them of the

recall back in November the Emery

stopped the sale of all cannabis vaping

products on the market to test for

vitamin D acetate although many products

passes testing over 60,000 cartridges

failed with the savage brand included as

well much of this recalls being blamed

on Michigan's rush to begin selling

cannabis products after legalizing

recreational use late last year some

producers were operating without a

license and allowed to continue their

sales due to a court order sources say

the MRA allowed dispensaries to transfer

untested cannabis products into the

legal market so long as customers sign

waivers acknowledging they understood

the risk on the flip side a cannabis

testing facility based in Colorado

suggests that vitamin E can form

naturally in cannabis at levels that do

not present a risk this may be why

testing showed positive for the

ingredient but at the moment it's

unknown whether or not vitamin E acetate

was added in after the fact on one hand

I'm glad to see testing is actually

being enforced but on the other I'm

disappointed to know that potentially

dangerous products may have made their

way to the legal market