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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Michigan Teen Starts Anti-Vaping Nonprofit

the dangers of vaping have been pretty

well chronicled doctors say the lungs of

the most badly damaged vapors look as if

they've been subjected to mustard gas

and yet the vaping habit persists but a

fight against vaping is being waged by a

teenager who knows the perils of it

better than anyone last fall Daniel

lament of Grosse Pointe became the wrong

kind of pioneer a horrible reaction to

vaping meant he needed a double lung

transplant now doctors cannot pinpoint

where the Daniels problems were related

to THC or from nicotine but it means

that he does know now what he wants to

do with the life that doctors were

somehow able to save I try to forget

sometimes but when you look back at

pictures as you know this week has been

a reminder just looking back at the

videos and the pictures and seeing

everything again yes recounting the

insane ordeal isn't easy for tamia men

it's a little easier for Daniel because

he remembers almost nothing about the

near-death experience that led to him

being the nation's first double lung

transplant recipient due to vaping he

just knew nothing felt the same I lost

50 days of my memory so it felt like I

just woke up and

they were like oh you got a lung

transplant and you've been in bed for 75

days or 50 days at that point so I

couldn't move like I literally my

muscles I couldn't like lift my arm more

than this I couldn't sit up in bed on my

own I couldn't stand up and to like

about two weeks after that so it really

felt like I wasn't myself and in ways he

never will be the regimen of his new

life is demanding the medications the

rehabilitation the cautions he'll have

to take forever to keep his body from

rejecting the strange lungs now pumping

oxygen into his blood dr. Hassan Namie

has seen plenty of lung damage over the

years but he said the damage in Daniel

from vaping wasn't evil he had never

encountered before well if you have

scaling things between zero and ten with

ten being the worst he was at ten to set

to ten each like separate yeah okay and

yet here he is thinner weaker but wiser

and now the very thing that almost

killed him is the new cause he wants his

life to serve a lot of people are still

finding it really hard to quit and

that's kind of one like trying to start

this nonprofit and just most of it is

trying to get my friends to stop like

I'm just need to do something so that it

doesn't happen like other people because

it was just so horrible like what I

experienced she's our therapy dog so if

we understand the job one is just

getting back up to speed and back to

good health job two for Daniel is a

nonprofit he's launching aimed at

getting young people to kick the vaping

habit it is exactly what he would tell

himself if he could talk to the Daniel

Ament of a year ago I was tried and I

didn't see any real issue to it but I

would still try not to do it that much

because I didn't want to get addicted to

it and yet he didn't have to be addicted

for vaping to shut down his lungs and

that's part of his message to just a

little can be too much the hope must be

that the message will have more power

coming from peers the doctors can lay

out their horrific x-rays and

well-meaning caring parents like Tammy

can try and try

look a little affect the kids don't want

to listen the kids don't listen to

anyone they just they don't hear us with

my nonprofit since I am a kid I can like

trying to reach people better because

like I'm coming from their point of view

and I was literally exactly like them

yeah before all this happen yes daniel

says it's harder to find people who

don't vape than it is to find those who

do in high school

Daniels nonprofit is called fight for

wellness and if you want to know more

we've put a link on our website at and while daniel is

fighting the demand for vaping the

Michigan State House we should note is

considering what's in the supply side

there are currently three bills being

considered that would take when taken

together it would ban vitamin E acetate

from vaping products that is the atom

especially present in THC oil but

researchers believe is at the heart of

the most severe vaping lung injury cases

thank you for bringing his story to

everyone well then we thank them because

it wasn't you know we didn't know who it

was obviously for a long time and a

tough story to tell all right here's

Sandra ollie with what's coming up

tomorrow at 5:00 I'll take you up


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