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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Mom's Vaping Complaint Could Lead To Ban

alright that brings us to our big story

tonight vaping okay whoa calm down

whenever we start talking about vaping

there's a certain group of people gets

really fired up about it but we'll try

and explain ourselves here this story in

my opinion is all about common sense for

example a teenager can't just go into a

plaid pantry for instance and buy vape

juice don't get in trouble they'll get

busted but online there isn't a cashier

to check their ID or somebody to say hey

you look underage Cristin severance

talked to a mom whose son figured that

out and it's small and it's technology

and it feels cool to them and they can

hide it Jen Dryden figured out her 14

year old son Kenter smart was secretly

vaping after his dad found an invoice

from an online vaping company called all

puffs you know we asked him well why did

you buy it and how did you buy it and he

said you know typical teenager kind of

stuff he said oh it's for a friend and

we said okay trust but verify and then

about a week later his dad went in his

phone and found I would say

conservatively about a hundred videos of

him vaping and it did he did not look

like an amateur let's put it that way

more than one in four high school

students have vaped in the last month

according to the Centers for Disease

Control health officials say social

media played a big part in vaping --zz

popularity among young people

even though social media companies have

cracked down on things like sponsored

vaping posts the hashtag vape has 28

million posts on Instagram the hashtag

vape tricks has 5.4 million posts that's

where users blow vape rings to their

thousands of followers Jen said her son

was no vape influencer but he was far

from a first-timer and when you saw the

videos so was he like doing tricks like

you said he wasn't an amateur no he had

clearly been practicing and doing this

for quite some time I did not look like

someone who had just picked up the vape

pen and started doing it so I mean I

felt like I don't even know who this

person is that I was you know all these

videos I was watching him and I was like

who is my son it was a it was a real

jolt as a mother her son spent the next

three months

and in his bedroom but she said that

punishment wasn't enough she called all

puffs the Ohio based vaping company and

I said so I want to tell you that my 14

year old bought some product from your

company's website and I'd like to find

out how exactly that happened

so can you you know I had the invoice so

I said can you look up this account

number and explain to me how a 14 year

old is allowed to do that and her first

reaction was well we have an attestation

button on our app and an attestation

button is that little thing that you

push that says yes I verify that I'm

over 18 or over 21 yes no that's all it

is and I said you're not seriously on

the other end of this phone telling me

that that's how you can tell if

someone's of age she said legally that's

all we have to do the woman was right

and Jen was mad especially when she

learned her son bought the vape juice

with a prepaid credit card you just

click and click and buy Jen went online

and found a complaint with the state and

called a bunch of politicians and then I

also said you know I'm gonna call some

people so I called Kate Browns office

and I called Earl blue man hours office

and I called Jeff murkly's office and I

got interns probably or whoever was

picking up the phone and they listened

to my complaint and they said thank you

very much for somebody here but you

didn't feel very hurt and honestly no

Kristen I didn't I I felt like well I

did my part and I didn't think I was

gonna hear anything but someone was

listening organ Attorney General Ellen

Rosenblum this is a huge problem

her office got Jen's complaint contacted

all puffs and now the company can no

longer sell online to anyone in Oregon

again so they've agreed to voluntarily

comply with an agreement that is that

they will not do business in the state

any longer they will not do online sales

business in the state with regard to

e-cigarettes period the end because we

didn't feel that there was any way to

really monitor this age verification

with this company Jen could not believe

this news I was jumping up and down with

ecstasy I mean I was telling all my

friends at work I couldn't believe it I

forwarded it to people I said you're not

gonna believe

happened I kind of felt like like Erin

Brockovich a little bit the state wants

to take that band further so we have

determined that we want to not only go

after individual companies like all

puffs but we want to take a broader

brush policy approach and Rosen Blum

introduced legislation that would ban

all online sales of vaping and east

cigarette products to consumers in

Oregon it's just like the ban of online

sales of cigarettes in this state I

think it's the perfect legislation and

it needs to happen it needs to happen

now and I know that's just for Oregon

but I'd love to see it in every state to

Cristin severance joining us now you

reached out to the company you haven't

heard back no it happens but you have

heard from a lot of people online I will

say vaping stories bring out this

community of people who are willing to

defend this vaping pretty hard on the

internet right I've heard from them I

remember the last vaping story I did go

online look at the YouTube comments

people accused me of working for big

tobacco if only we had that kind of

money so in their defense though people

say that vaping help them quit

cigarettes maybe even save their life

that's true but at the end of the day

this is not that conversation I think we

can all agree that kids should not be

vaping do you think this bill will pass

I do this is just like the cigarette ban

here you can't go online in Oregon and

buy cigarettes and now you won't be able

to buy vaping product all right we'll

see what happens Kristen thank you


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