More Vaping-Related Illnesses Surface At Indiana High School

after two straight weeks of vaping

related incidents and several trips to

the hospital five people from Madison

consolidated high school in southern

Indiana went to the hospital today

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on the night team I'm Doug prophet the

Department of Homeland Security was also

called in to do an air quality check in

a classroom the night teams Jesse Cohen

is in Madison talking to parents and the

school superintendent about what

happened today today we spoke to the

superintendent for the first time and he

says they are doing everything in their

power to keep kids safe but one mother

says she doesn't feel safe sending her

daughter to school so she's walked

through those doors today for the very

last time doesn't really feel safe and I

don't blame her

I've been through Cup since I talked to

her this afternoon Missy Gator doesn't

know what's next the superintendent

tells us that the school nurse was pale

and throwing up she along with another

teacher and three students were taken to

the hospital by ambulance I don't want

to see anything happen to anyone and I

think that's the rate that this is going

the school says a vaping device was

discovered in the classroom and a

student was removed and sent to the

office it's incredibly troubling they

called in the department of homeland

security to conduct an air quality test

and that came back negative

superintendent Jeff Studebaker says

regardless of the continuous vaping

illness incidents the school is safe I

have a daughter that goes to that

building and am I a little worried I'm a

little worried but I'm not worried to

the point where I would even consider

not sending her to school they don't

know yet what made everyone sick

but there was one chemical catching the

Department of Health by surprise this

new one is something they haven't seen

before the superintendent says he

believes they will have more information

this week for the night team in Madison

Indiana I'm Jessie Cohen