Moti Piin Disposable Pod Kit Review|320mAh Non-Rechargeable Internal Battery

for those who like flavor and they're

using something like a disposable pod

that sticks into a battery those will no

longer have flavor after February 5th

but disposable still will at this point

so today we're looking at the moti pin





welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony this is the moti pin I think that's

how you pronounce that so I mean if

you're not into disposable stuff at all

if you're just going to be angry and mad

that people are throwing stuff away

which everybody does every day I see the

worst stuff being thrown away I live in

a condo and you look into the dumpster

it's like dude Wow okay you're throwing

that away and we recycle a lot around

here but if this is the kind of thing

that's going to trigger you you might as

well not even watch the video as far as

disposables go so if you're using the

jewel or the fix or any of those kind of

things that have a little pod that plugs

into a battery that is not refillable it

may not have flavors after February 5th

I think is the date aside from tobacco

or menthol however the disposable ones

that are fully disposable like this I

believe the way I understand it anyways

what I've been told is that that will

still be allowed with other flavors so

if you're a smoker in the whole notion

of having to buy batteries and coils and

worrying about what kind of juice to put

in there and are the batteries you have

okay and all that other stuff is keeping

you from actually putting cigarettes and

moving on to something like this then

you know this is gonna be an option out

there and I'm all about people getting

off of the cigarettes that said the Modi

pin so this company from what I

understand is one of the largest

companies for the Asian market so I

figure if they're reputable then well I

might as well show it here in the

channel thing is you know this is an

issue that I have with all of these

companies and you need a recycle program

so that people can turn these things

back in they have batteries in them and

all that kind of stuff they can turn

them in and maybe get a credit towards

future purchase you know something to

get these things recycled and then my

other issue and I don't know if these

things come in less but this is 5%

nicotine that is 50 milligrams of Nick

salt so too much for me and I just I

don't think we need that much I mean if

you do 2025 I think that would probably

be fine and I think it's plenty to get

people off of cigarettes looking at the

flavors here you got yogurt drink that

one might be pretty good I haven't tried

that mung bean I haven't tried and mung

bean really I don't know

Asian market pineapple ice and menthol

tobacco I think there was one other

flavor and I could not find it today

blueberry parfait is the one that I have

been trying and I gotta say it it's it's

actually quite nice it hits well and the

flavor is actually pretty good alright

so you've got a silicon

on the top and the bottom that comes

with it this actually helps to keep it

from firing in transit or if you're on a

plane or something because the way these

things work is it's just a dry activated

thing and there's a little diaphragm

that's inside of there when you inhale

on this it moves the diaphragm which

triggers the device so if you have this

little cap on here and that one on there

it's plugged up right the boxes are

clearly marked at it is a nicotine

product and they even come with a

verification security code on there now

this particular one from them is

designed by Mehta lab in Las Vegas so it

is possible that the juice itself is an

American Jesus says here that the

capacity is one point six mil equivalent

to 380 puffs and the battery is 320

milliamp hours shelf life on this to two

years twenty four months now there is

not much more to show you I am gonna try

each one of these things and since it's

15 milligrams of nicotine and probably

only gonna be able to take one or two

puffs off it might even have to take a

break I had 50 milligrams just man it is

excessive if I do Nick solves 18 to 25

works really good for me but you know

what as far as the devices that use the

salts a few just as an aside if you

don't want to use salts and you want to

use those devices for a smaller hit you

know for a smaller cloud and the same

kind of satisfaction my own try

something like a 6 or 12 milligram of

standard liquid but yeah that's that's

just an aside so yeah that's the Modi

pin seems like it's made maybe of

aluminum or maybe some kind of a hard

plastic on the outside and plastic on

the ends like I said I know this

triggers some people it's like oh it's

all this disposable stuff

well not everybody is using disposables

for one and two I see people throw away

way worse stuff every day

I mean I suppose if we're all gonna get

metal cups metal straws and all that

kind of stuff so we're never throwing

anything away well great yeah in the

meantime things like this are definitely

an aid to helping people get off of

cigarettes some people just don't want

to deal with batteries juice what kind

of coils do I need to get cotton you

know any of the litany of things that we

actually enjoy if you've gotten into

this as a hobby as well as keeping you

off of cigarettes some people just won't

do that and they immediately go back to

the cigarettes because it was just

easier so something like this definitely

in my mind has a place it's not

something that I would recommend

somebody use all the time this is the

only thing you use but some people

that's just how they're going to go and

if you like flavours well you're not

gonna be able to get those

from tobacco and menthol if you're

talking about the disposable little pod

things that stick into a battery from

what I understand right now these are

still going to be able to be on the

market that could change because

everything changes when it comes to the

FDA and I really think these companies

need to do a recycle program something

where you send them back five they send

you one or a coupon to get one you know

something anything to help us to keep

these things from being in the landfill

now this company motif from what I

understand is really big in some

countries so hey you know if it's a

reliable company I figure why not at

least show you what's out there so this

one here is the one that I've been

trying the blueberry parfait it's

actually pretty good

but man - it's of this and I'm like okay

done and maybe that is a good thing - I

don't know you know sometimes you just

don't have time to go out and have a

long vape session with the sub ohm tank

and make big clouds and all that kind of

stuff two hits and you're done and

that's about all I can do of that yeah

the blueberry parfait it's actually

really good so I've got three more of

these things and two hits as a maximum

to be able to do off of these this one

here is a menthol tobacco okay two

things that I don't like so let's just

see how that goes okay yeah for whatever

reason most tobacco flavors that they

use for a liquid kind of tastes like an


to me this has got a lot of menthol to

it and I like it now it's just two

flavors that I don't like I will tell

you as far as the quality of the draw

off of these things though it's a it's a

really good it's not the tightest drive

had but it's a really good medium draw

and I think if somebody who is a smoker

gets one of these they're gonna be like

okay yeah that's pretty similar and

really the behavior of using it it's

very similar to a cigarette it even

looks like one alright let's try some

pineapple ice

you know that's not bad it's it's really

strong I can tell you as far as the

nicotine goes a mic wolf man I'm gonna

be dizzy flavor on that one is actually

not bad at all it's got ice in it but

you know typically I'm like no wise for

me but that is that's not too bad I get

the pineapple and they're pretty strong

so I'd like that okay this one I was

kind of interested in I was like all

right mung bean I realized that in Asia

mung bean might be a popular flavor I

don't don't think I've ever even eaten

mung beans I don't know that it tastes

like a bean to me it tastes like I'm

okay I don't know what mung beans taste

like but that tastes like a bean it

tastes like some veggies or something

like that it's an interesting one I know

that they like to do things like mung

bean ice cream and stuff like that so

yeah if you've ever had it and like it

you might like the mung bean I do not

this last one is yogurt drink all right

so let's see what a yogurt drink tastes

like no that's actually not bad the

flavor on that it's not bad at all umm

it's just so much nicotine after what

two four six eight hits I'm like okay

that's the thing again 50 milligrams

just way way too much for me but if

you've been using something like the

Joule or the fix or something they have

fifty milligrams in it this might be a

move for you to go to you know I just I

would like to be able to see them step

them down maybe do fifty and you also

have a thirty a twenty and an eighteen

and maybe a twelve or something like

that would be great that way you could

step it down that was my whole goal is

to step down my nicotine when I stopped

smoking I was able to do that and get

down to three milligrams when I'm using

sub-ohm tanks and if I use a salt

I typically man if I could find an

eighteen or twenty or something like

that I'm pretty happy with that

so disposable companies please make some

options and don't just go here's fifty

milligrams and do a recycle program but

those are just my two big caveats with

it so that is the mo t pin

I want to thank you so much for your

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