New Devices Are Used To Detect Vaping On Middle And High School Campuses

new technology catching students in the

act of vaping on campus the hot topic at

the National Conference on Education

downtown that's where our tender to Casa

Carlisle spoke with the founder of the

detector that's trying to turn the time

this is what the device looks like it

goes on the ceiling of a bathroom or a

locker room and they thought of pretty

much everything when it comes to middle

school students and high school students

possibly wanting to tamper with this

it's going to monitor air quality and

look what we defined the vaping

signature this white box is called fly

sense and it's the newest tool teachers

and principals are using to combat

vaping they are really excited oh

they're thrilled about that somebody's

actually doing something about this

we're seeing an 85 percent reduction in

vaping on school grounds when they

deploy our a solution inside the box is

a computer analyzing the air looking for

the combination of molecules found in

vapour from East cigarettes things like

traces of THC nicotine and flavoring

then it sends a message in real-time to

the designated school authority there's

even an anti tampering device as their

hands come close to the device we can

sound an alarm the founder wouldn't tell

us that the detectors are in San Diego

only that there are more than a thousand

in California schools already and it

evolved from its original need

preventing bullying our first of all I

stick up on sound anomalies so listening

to sound when the students yelling we

understand a that may be something that

you want to go investigate but Derek

says it's a combination of Education and

detectors that will change the tide in

teen smoking the price tag for one of

these is nine hundred ninety five

dollars though they do have grants

available for different schools they

average about ten at each school

reporting in the convention center Casa

Carlisle 10 News