Review Of Asmodus Anani RTA MTL Nic-Salt E-Liquid Rising

if you're a mouth to lung RTA levert

you're definitely going to want to check

this one out it's from his modus it's

called the ax naughty

welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony yep this is what we're looking at

today it is an MT L RTA and this is

specifically made for MTL this is not

something that you can adjust the air

flow on or anything like that they

specifically made this for MTL did I say

RTA before well it is an RTA but you'll

see what I mean they did send me this

little fact sheet and I thought maybe

I'll just read a little bit of this here

their attempt to breathe new life into

countless box mods that have been

relegated to storage shelves thanks to

the vast influx of high-performance pod

systems over the past few years his

modus inany MTL RTA offers a restricted

non adjustable airflow and a build deck

designed to cater to nicotine salt-based


comprised of a combination of high

quality stainless steel and incredibly

impact and heat-resistant Ultem the is

motifs inany MTL RTA has been designed

to be as simple as possible to ensure

anyone trying to transition from pod

systems towards a rebuildable platform

is confronted with as few obstacles as

possible on their journey towards a more

sustainable style of vaping yeah so that

makes sense I mean you know you're

making an RTA that should be easy to

build and something to help people to

transition they say it's ideal for use

of very low wattage level so there we go

yeah I know my paper is a little messy

here but 24 millimeter outer diameter 2

mil capacity and non adjustable bottom

airflow design with a single Inlet so

because they designed this specifically

for Nick's alts I did want to show you

that I this is one that I found that is

actually really good from get salty get

educated get involved these guys are all

about the advocacy angle and they

support kasaa they've got information on

there for that this is 18 milligrams

though so you don't have to go 50

milligrams when you're using Nick's alts

this is actually a low nicotine liquid

it's called gushers it's a watermelon

gummy candy and man it is spot-on with

that it's more like a Jolly Rancher if

you ask me but it's very good so the one

that I've been using I cleaned up and

reworked it and we'll just go ahead and

show you a fresh one right here comes in

one of these little canisters which is

nice because you can keep all of your

stuff inside of there inside that

canister you're going to get your extra

parts pack

you got some Oni coils in here that are

ni 8020 8g 1.15 ohms for Nick's alts 7

to 10 watts which is about

like you'd get with a pod system get

your little blue screwdriver you get

extra screws in here and extra seals no

rings and then your coils and as you can

see that's one of the coils right there

they're a bitty little coils so here is

the gold version of it I also think

there's a black one I've got one

downstairs I think that's the black one

and then this one's like a media blasted

finish yeah I tell you I really like the

finish on that one if you're not a fan

of altom well that's pretty much what

you're going to get with this one so

there's that so you got your drip tip up

here it is a 5-10 double o-ring drip tip

that goes in like that there we go and

then as far as filling it you're gonna

grab it like this and you're gonna just

twist like that and this whole piece

comes off there are three holes to fill

there C so one two or three that's gonna

put the liquid down in this chamber

right here and look how tight that is

right there I mean this is all about

tight drop from the top to the bottom of

it down here on the bottom it says

motifs and on e and of course you've got

some well it's not knurling but you've

got some facets on here that do help to

grip it that's your airflow


one air flowin that's it and then you've

kind of got this little crown piece

right here which is also easy to grab

onto so if you want you can just take

off the top part right here and there we

go so you've got a nice bell here you

can see that as far as your chamber and

chimney go a little o-ring up there and

you can see that when the juice goes in

here through those little three holes

it's gonna go down into these three

holes right there and get down to where

your deck is so it is kind of separated

it's something different I haven't

really seen that before maybe I have I

don't know I just can't remember and

then your bass comes off just unscrew

that and that is your build deck so you

can see that the juice will go in

through those three holes and get down

into this little kind of bowl that's

down here and underneath that and then

it will wick through the little holes

that are in the deck there see that now

this airflow diffuser that's on there is

knurled so I don't know if maybe there

are plans to be able to take that off

and put different ones on there but

there's nothing included and they don't

say anything about that and anything

that I've read so you can see where the

wire gets captured right there you just

back these things out with a little

screwdriver you can use the little blue

screwdriver or some better screwdrivers

which is I always keep some of those on

hand so it does have a lip on there so

your wires just gonna go down in there

and get captured that lip helps to keep

it from

flipping out while you're doing that

same thing on the other side and because

the leads on the coil are going opposite

directions it's actually quite easy just

to put a post through it you just drop

it in here slide those legs in there and

tighten them down

so you can see that it came out to be

about one point two six and yeah so

we've got the cotton in here already you

want the con to be pretty short because

as you can see there's not you know very

far for it to go down in there alright

so I'm just gonna go ahead and wet that

up a little bit go ahead and put a

little bit on the center there there oh

this stuff is so good it just smells

good when you're firing it like that

yeah I don't have most of my normal

tools up here so basically we're just

going to shove that down inside of there

like that normally I would have other

tools to do this but you know hey you

make do with what you got just fluffing

it out just a little bit all right then

we're gonna put this cap on here the

whole thing off tighten it all together

take this off then you could just stick

your nozzle in one of those three holes

and fill er up it's pretty tight in

there switch over here it's nice to have

the extra holes there because it lets

air out while you're filling and then

you just put this back on so it doesn't

hold a lot of liquid but you're gonna be

running this at low wattages anyways and

it's a well it's a nick salt so again

remember this is 18 milligrams so this

is actually it's I like to see companies

do that and I would like to see more

companies do that you know I don't know

that Nick salts are necessarily gonna go

away I guess if they don't pass PM TAS

and all that stuff but it's what a lot

of people are using so it's nice to see

that they're thinking about that and

helping people to transition off of the

pods onto a you know a rebuildable tank

it's more sustainable so you can see as

the liquid sits in that chamber right

there it's going to get down this little

bowl through the three little holes that

are inside of the portion right here and

then it will go under and get into those

wicking holes which should help to keep

it from flooding too much but yeah I

really like the media blasted look let

me show you a couple pictures of this

thing before I put a build in there it's

it's it's really clean looking I like

the look of the media blasted stuff so

that is the is modus inany

it's like to be honest I was a little

bit skeptical about this one at first

because I was like dude I just I

not a big mouth too long person now one

of the things that was in that sheet

that I showed you that I didn't read was

that their focus was to make something

that was as close to a cigarette draw as

possible I got to tell you they've

really achieved that with this thing you

cannot adjust the airflow on this so

you're not going to be gone okay well

we'll just loosen it up a little bit no

it is what it is from the outset and

it's quite tight it's a bit like you

know I've likened it before to a coffee

stirrer or straw you know they're super

you're not really meant to drink out of

those things or that tight it's tight as

you saw from that chimney let's check

this out

but it really works well now this juice

is very flavorful as it is the GU shears

from get salty but in here man it is

popping way better than any pod system

that I put it into so you know it's got

a nice simple coil in there it's easy to

build that reduced chamber and I haven't

had any leaking from this thing probably

because the way that it's designed you

know the liquid kind of sits up there

and goes through those holes gets into

that little dish gets up underneath

there and wicks it's working really well

and I was pleasantly surprised it's not

my style really and I'm probably not

gonna use it all the time but if I were

going to try to replace the pods with a

tank this would definitely meet that

criteria now some people might be turned

off by that Ultem and not everybody

loves the Ultem the thing is it used to

be thought of as like a high-end thing

only high-end stuff had it because

ultimate bit more expensive of a

material from what I understand but it

is crack and break resistant and it's

lightweight so in this case I personally

think it looks really good and I really

like that media blasted finish on the

silver one case you're wondering I've

got this on top of a swell mod these are

the red g10 panels that are on here

still love this mod man it's a great mod

it's lifeproof with this on top of it

I'm only having to run it at 11 watts

it's 1.12 ohms right now

so because I'm not much of a mouth to

lung guy I have to think about it like I

just did all right so I'm out so long

you're gonna be taking a drag and kind

of getting it into your mouth and then

down to your lungs much like a cigarette

you know what I mean but you know if you

really want to torque down on this thing

and take a big hit well you can also do

that I mean it's still little baby hit

so you want to go for a big hit the

inany is well it's purpose made and I

think the purpose is to mimic a draw of

a cigarette

and to help people that are maybe using

pods and stuff and like I'm tired of

buying these things that I got to throw


well pretty simply you just buy a spool

of wire wrap up some coils and you're

good to go

you can also buy Oney coils from his

motifs but I mean just buy yourself a

real and gonna get a rod that's the

right diameter and wrap it up you're

good to go I gotta say man as far as the

salt necks go this gets salty gushers is

tops for me man it's an 18 milligrams I

love that you know I see a lot of people

that are using 1218 milligrams of

standard liquid now instead of the salt

because I you know the anti salt thing

and everything but you know salts do

have a purpose sometimes it's it's nice

to just go out take a couple of hits and

go back in you know and I mean if you're

having dinner with friends and family

and stuff like that and you know you can

sneak one every once in a while just

hold it in and barely anything is gonna

come out and you still get your nicotine

so that is the inany

RTA MTL from his modus and I want to

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