Review Of Aspire Nautilus GT Vape Kit|Taifun Designed Tank

you're a fan of Taifun tanks or if

you've heard of them and been like I'd

love to get my hands on one of those

well this makes it a little bit easier

aspire working with Tie fun to make this

little kit it's called the Nautilus GT




welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony this is the aspire Nautilus GT kit

this comes with a couple of things you

got the glint mod and then you've got a

tank here that is a tank designed by Ty

fun the tank is called the Nautilus GT

aspire and Ty fun

ty fun is a company that's a

well-respected company that has been

making atomizers for a long time usually

a little bit harder to get and quite

expensive so a lot of people just have

never tried them including me I really

have never had a ty fun tank but I have

seen a couple of them at Expos well I've

tried one I've tried somebody else isn't

it one they've worked really well

yeah I've inspected them at Expos though

and said man the workmanship on those

things is really nice and if you ask me

that's the star of the show it's a super

nice tank and it takes Nautilus coils

liquid that I'm using today is rocket

blasted strawberry blue resin lemonade

basically like the bomb pop that we used

to get from the ice cream man this one

comes from Grimm green and own boy OC

this has got three milligrams of

nicotine in it and it's quite tasty if

you like that type of stuff man you

might want to check it out so this is

one that I've been using it is the

gunmetal version of it we've got that

nice gray gunmetal look to it even the

chrome parts at the top are kind of

gunmetal Chrome gonna open up a fresh

one here Nautilus GT kit tank designed

by Typhon innovate the way you vape it

comes with a mod the 18 650 batter is

not included has two coils the Nautilus

BVC coil at 1.6 ohms and the Nautilus 2

s or 25 I guess that's 2 s mesh coil at

0.7 ohms and that's pre-installed in

there type-c charger right there so

you've got a type-c cable in there extra

set of o-rings user manual you know the

typical stuff you've got your hologram

and scratch and check back here we'll

just slide that out of there and let's

see yeah all right so your mod is just

sitting here like this on the stainless

steel tank you can kind of see a little

bit more of the detail the knurling is

just this really super fine knurling on

here top and bottom and this is actually

two pieces right here which I'm going to

show you in just a minute

take this off I've got a spring-loaded

510 and I believe that is gold-plated a

little mark that's on here is just from

the packaging right there it does rub

off I had to do that on the other one it

takes a little bit of elbow grease to do

so but it comes off of there on the side

of the mod it says glint mod and you've

got your fire

up and down buttons USBC and your

display right there and it says the

spire over here this is plastic right

here that is aluminum this might be zinc

alloy on the top and bottom caps there

now one thing I really do like is how

you open up this battery door you got

venting right there and it just pops

open like that and it locks into place

right there you can see it's got little

pieces to lock into and everything and

then when you're ready to close it up

you just push it over and it locks into

place again underneath the tray you've

got a warranty card of course there's

also a manual in here pull this out of

here and inside of this box I like the

way that they do this they kind of

divide everything up you've got extra o

rings in here next one there is glass

down in there you've got your USB cable

and an extra coil here and the extra

coil that's in here is the standard BBC

coil and that is 1.6 ohms

7 to 11 watts but yeah it's nice that

they keep everything all separated in

there we'll just drop that Belkin there

take a look at the drip tip first pull

that off of here dual / Ang's 510 sighs

this is all one piece I believe this is

press fitted I haven't been able to get

that to come out of there but yeah

that's nice again down here at the

bottom it says Nautilus GT aspire and

taifun and this micro knurling on here

it's super comfortable the air flow on

this so there's one big hole there and

then it goes down you know a size each

time you roll this through all the way

down to closed and then you've got the

smallest one there and that is just

that's a pin hole right there man and it

clicks in between it's super satisfying

it's very comfortable all right and then

to take this off you just do that and

the base on this thing is it's nice and

big and beefy your coil just sits right

up in there like that this is the 0.7 mm

mesh coil you can see down in there

there I don't know if you really can try

to put a little light on it yeah so you

can see mesh down in there and they even

have a spit guard above the mesh coil

comes out of there and then you can see

down inside that base there air flow

down there and this thing this is beefy

man that's it's got some weight to it a

little closer look at that micro

knurling on there mmm nice and

comfortable so you can see there's an

ultimate sup inside this chimney right

there right you can also see the two

holes where the juice is gonna be able

to be filled all right so we're going to

go ahead and close that up little holes

around the

actual chimney to let the juice get into

the coil and when you go to put this

back together it's got a nice little

seal because around that Oulton piece

what you're going to see here in a

second there is an o-ring on there and

it fits down inside of there so just to

kind of Oh kind of fits in there it's

it's really very nice okay so for

filling you're gonna see there's a

little dot right there and a little dot

right there what you want to do is line

those two up and then it comes off just

like that now when there's no juice in

here it's a little bit tight and I was

like dang I can't get this thing to do

it without spinning this piece right

here you know because it's very thin I

mean look how thin that is so trying to

grab that piece and this piece can be a

little bit difficult but I got to do

when you're ready to put it back on you

can see it's got a kind of a groove

system that it goes into and there's

teeth that are inside there and two

o-rings on that ultimate slides down

into your coil so it's a nice seal so I

got to do is line up the two dots drop

it down turn it like that and it's

locked in place now if you want to

replace the glass you can actually take

the whole thing apart by unscrewing that

and then you can just replace your glass

yeah once you get it going it's pretty

good do get a couple of squeaks on the

threads but they're pretty darn smooth I

mean everything feels really good on

this thing so it's really nice is that

that is the entire instructions for use

of this mod it is that does make it

quite nice not a lot to have to look at

there's nothing real crazy going on with

this one so it's really easy to to make

it function let me just show you that

you know with a battery in there slide

that over like that that locks over you

can see it leaves a little space for

your battery right there there you go

this is a Sony v TC 5a and you've got

your positive mark down there you just

drop it in like this there is a negative

mark down there as well I push the

battery down a little bit just so this

doesn't clip it and get my battery wrap

move it over like that and then it just

locks in place and when it does it comes

right on with the spire and then right

to your display now the display on this

it's kind of interesting I was like hmm

it seems like they really went simple on

this for one that looks like the layout

of a DNA board like a DNA sixty almost

exactly and there's other mods out there

like that including some of theirs I

think they had there was like the

Pegasus or the Triton or something like

that that had a display just like that

but yeah you've got your Watts on the

display there

at the top voltage right there and your

amps right there so and it's all active

battery meter over there of course

here's your USB see right there again

plastic on this part right here and that

also has a plastic cover on it you can

adjust your wattage you know 0.1 watt

increments or if you hold it down it

goes even faster now this coil is rated

at 20 to 25 watts I find that somewhere

between 20 and 22 Watts works real good

for me I'm going to take her down to 20

actually I've been running it at 17

watts with no problems whatsoever so as

far as functionality on this it's five

clicks to turn it on but if you want to

turn it off it's one two three four five

now it's locked and then you want to

hold that button down until it goes to

system off and then one two three four

five and it comes back on so you have

one two three four five and it's locked

that means everything is locked on here

okay so you can put it in your book bag

or whatever if you want to turn it off

then you just hold that and it's gonna

go ahead and system off like that okay

and then to turn it back on one two

three four or five seems like I'm saying

one two three four five a lot alright

anyways if you click this button three

times 1 2 3 then the screen is off the

up and down buttons do not work but the

fire button still does it'll still fire

so 1 2 3

so it's stealth mode comes back if you

hit the fire button and the down button

at the same time and hold them then it

will lock now the fire button still

works but these buttons are not you know

they're locked do that again and it

unlocks it now it says down here when

the screen displays over 10 seconds then

you can press the up and down button to

adjust the continuous fire time between

1 and 15 seconds I don't know too many

people that is holding that button down

for more than 10 seconds but you know

that's of protection and they will not

allow it to go more than a 15 second

fire so so that's pretty much the whole

entire thing it's it's nice the modest

yeah it's cool it's a mod and it's

simple the tank that's where it really

shines so really I think the star of

this kit is this tank I mean it's really

very nice the only thing is that just

thin thin little knurling that's up here

at the top it is a little bit difficult

until you've actually got you know

worked in a little bit you get

little bit of juice on it and stuff and

then it's easier to turn but it you know

at first it's like I've tried to take

that off and basically I'd end up

unscrewing this and pulling the whole

thing out but you know once you've got

it lubed up a little bit but there you

go it's real easy to do it there so

that's cool the machining on this tank

is fantastic I mean it's been a long

time since I've had a tank that just

felt that smooth when I was clicking

well actually the fact that it even

clicks through the airflows that's nice

but all the threads and all the

machining on this thing is done just

top-notch I really like that I've been

doing a little bit more mouth to lung

type stuff I'm still not a mouth to lung

vapor because even if I'm trying to

mount a lung I end up doing more like I

don't know a restrictive lung hit type

of thing but this tank it's working

really well and I'm using the other coil

in here not the you know the standard

Nautilus coil as far as the mod goes

yeah I mean you know it's it's a mod I

do really like that battery thing though

you just grab that right there flip it

over like that that's actually pretty

cool you know pop it back the mod itself

is pretty lightweight it's very easy to

use as far as I know it's not a DNA

board it's an aspire board but it's

simple okay I'm liking that these

companies are going back to simple

products because I mean look I get it if

you like to use temp control and stuff

good there's mods for that but got to

keep things simple for people that are

just coming off of cigarettes if you're

coming off of cigarettes and all of a

sudden your mod gets into some weird

temp control mod mode or whatever and

you can't get it out of that then it's

frustrating and you might just not do it

you'd be like I don't know and it could

be dangerous if you're using temp

control on the incorrect type of coil it

could be bad for you so overall the

simplicity of the mod is really good I'm

at 17 watts this is rated up to I guess

25 watts

and for a restricted lung hit it works

perfectly now I have the largest hole

open there's only one airflow hole on

this you take it down just do that I'm

gonna slide it all the way down here

kind of it's just so smooth and nice all

right so the tiniest little hole on here

okay man that is tight Dwight as a toy

guy okay anyways a little Austin Powers

reference but it's tight it's kind of

like if you've ever taken one of those

little coffee stirrer straws and tried

to suck through that thing that's kind

of how that is right there so I mean you

know people that love them out so long

they're gonna love that if you like a

restrictive lung hit works great for

that - that's the biggest hole and again

that coil is a mesh coil at 0.7 ohms and

the liquid that I've got in here right

now is the rocket blast this one comes

from grim green and own boy OC and if

you remember when you were a kid and

you'd go to that ice cream man truck and

they'd have the bomb pop with the three

different colors that's what it tastes

like it's pretty darn close to that

anyways but yeah it's very good

didn't aspire have a mod I believe they

had one that was called the Pegasus this

one kind of reminds me of the Pegasus

it's the glint mod it's not meant to be

anything totally fancy or anything like

that but it is well put together it's

just not you know some crazy different

kind of vibe but it pairs perfectly with

that and you know if you're looking to

do that mount a long thing save battery

you know because you're going to be

running it at lower watts you save juice

because you're not sucking down gallons

of juice everyday through a giant coil

this might be a good little setup for

you and as you can see you can take a

pretty darn big hit alright let's do

this I'm just gonna take it up to around

25 here you know I was running that

around 17 18 watts and that's how I have

been running it let's take it up to 25

and see how that does all right 25 with

the airflow all the way open

nice hot vape no indication that it's

gonna burn up or anything like that this

coils been in here for a little while so

yeah you know what it's it's a good

little setup I buy it just for the tank

I don't know if they're gonna be selling

the tank separately but if you're

looking for a mount to long tank that is

on par with some of the you know better

tanks that I've seen out there and it's

designed by taifun manufactured by

aspire so that's pretty cool

so that is the Nautilus GT kit from

aspire put the tank designed by Typhon I

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