Review Of Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank|Usual Manual And Spare O-rings

what's up inside is deuces jacket me

today we're gonna be going over the

table PO

o edge the image is a collaboration

between table Po and Mistah just right

he's the guy that did that profile RDA

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check this thing out I got high hopes

for it

pretty simple packaging right in May got

a spare bubble right there we're gonna

be installing that alright and here is

the actual tank now I gotta say the

first time I took a look at this tank I

was like wow man that thing's kind of

aggressive looking almost looks like

it's got some shoulders on it right I

don't know what that little drip thing

is there

I watched mister just rights

presentation and the other ones had like

a like a swirly type of drip tip I'm

thinking I just got a black one with

just that little white swirl on it it

almost looks like a teardrop it's

actually kind of cool but kind of wacky

looking at the same time on the bottom

here you can see you got your adjustable

air flow you have these 1 2 3 4 5 6

different holes that taper down so I'm

thinking you can get from a you know a

mouth too long or at least a restrictive

DL hit on it kind of interesting

all right on the top here you got a goon

style drip tip all your other goons will

fit fine and this top cap like I said

it's knurled really rough you get a nice

grip on it half a twist and it's off

alright you got a nice big gasket there

I keeping the juice at bay decent-sized

fill ports over here so nice looking

tank on the bottom of the atomizer you

can see table po branding serial number

homage mister just right gold-plated 510

white insulator ring around it stainless

steel threading around that okay in

order to get to your coil just pop open

the base just like that and you can see

gold plating on the base gold plating on

the preinstalled coil threading was okay

nothing special nothing terrible in

order to pop the coil out it's one of

those plug-and-play coils you just pop


out just like so alright and we're gonna

go over the coil and a lot more detail

in a second I just want to point this

out to you while we're here see those

slots right there that's gonna feed your

juice to your coil so the nice thing

about this is if you have like a full

tank you can just turn it over pop the

coil out switch the quail out and not

worry about losing your juice so that's

kind of cool I definitely like that

here's the preinstalled coil point 2

ohms good for 40 to 55 watts now when

you first look at this coil you say that

it's just a regular mesh coil well no

it's not when I watch Joel's

presentation video because that's what I

do when I go over most review of

products I at least watch their

presentation video so I can understand

where their mindset was when creating

whatever device I'm reviewing and I kind

of like to walk down their spine and see

what they were thinking so what Joel

said was he's got mesh up here right and

then he's also got another mesh over

here so it's stacked one on top of the

other so that's kind of innovative

that's kind of cool now this is a

proprietary coil so I don't know you

know I've posed a pretty big company

they've gotten big in the last year so

you might not have a hard time getting

it online but as far as the vape shop

goes you might have a little bit of an

issue but it's a kind of a cool concept

because think about it right the bottoms

creating vapor the tops creating vapor

right now what Joel said was the cotton

on the bottom is packed a little tighter

than the cotton on top because they

wanted a cotton on top to be able to

keep up with the cotton on the bottom so

that makes a lot of sense and I'm really

really excited to actually try this new

type of coil out also included in the

packaging you get a bunch of spare

o-rings you get a social media card a QC

certificate a user manual and you get

four spare coils so you get five coils

in total that's unbelievable

I've never ever seen that done before I

really haven't great job dal PO and mr.

just write five coils is an awesome

awesome job so basically what you're

getting is you're getting 3.2 ohm coils

the coil that I went over already and

then you're gonna get 2.16 ohm coil

good for 30 to 45 watts now that's weird

right because this has got a low

resistance yet the recommended wattage

is lower than the point two ohm Quayle

that's normally not the way things

happen in the vape industry normally the

lower the resistance the more power you

need to the coil so I'm gonna be

interested in trying both of these out

and seeing what the actual difference is

but you know definitely you know I don't

know if that stack thing made a

difference when they did this it's gonna

be interesting to vape them both because

the point 1 6 ohm is rated 10 watts

lower than the point 2 ohms so that's

gonna be interesting and when I pop them

open right let me show you the mesh

inside you know it definitely looks

tighter definitely looks like you have

more surface area so I'm assuming it's

the same mesh on the bottom so that's

kind of weird that you're not running

more wattage through it I just don't get

that I mean they seem to be see that see

them side by side 40 to 55 30 to 40 I

don't understand that

I mean look does the other one look a

little me they almost look the same kind

of weird man gonna be very interesting

to try these two side-by-side in that

spare o-ring bag you also get this tool

in order to be able to swap the glass

out we're gonna do that right now so in

order to swap the glass out you take

your little tool here and just give it a

little twist get that top fill port cap

moving alright once it's loose enough

you just unscrew it just like that now

you remove the straight glass and now

we're gonna take the bubble glass we're

gonna install this and by the way I

believe the bubble glass almost doubles

your capacity so that's kind of cool

you guys know I'm all about the bubble

threading on this it's okay it's not

terrible it's not great all right take

our little tool we're gonna put it in

there and we're gonna tighten this down

make sure it's nice and snug and there

you go now you just doubled your

capacity and the bubble glass is


so now juice we're going to be using

today Johnny's juice strawberry cream

donut man if you haven't tried this

guys donut juices you're out of your

mind they're fantastic I have yet to get

a bad juice from Johnny's over at

Facebook go check him out

so we're gonna use the point two ohm

coil now the interesting thing was

mister just right said in order to prime

this what you got to do is put your

finger on the bottom and put a couple of

drops of juice right down the middle

right that's what he said in this

presentation video and kinda give it a

little shake you know kind of roll it

around in there right let it get all

saturated alright so that's how I prime

this so now we're gonna take our primes

coil we're gonna just pop it in there it

just slides in there okay make sure it's

down all the way now we're gonna take

our base section little reverse-thread

let it catch and then we're gonna screw

that on all right now we're gonna take

this a johnie's juice strawberry custard

doughnut I'm just gonna give it a nice

fill all the way up to the top we're

gonna take our top cap pop it on there

half a twist take our funky style drip

tip pop that on there and now it's all

ready to vape I think I got the perfect

mod for this tank I'm gonna put it on my

cold steel 100 I think it's 26 and a

half millimeters doesn't look bad on

there at all

I kind of like that I'm definitely

digging that kind of badass looking

let's get into those cons and pros for

the image we're gonna start off with

cons as usual first time is gonna be

comes with proprietary coils you know it

wouldn't be that bad if it was a company

like smoke where you could get the

quills all over the place and you know

their proprietary coils really aren't

proprietary because of their

distribution the problem is dobbed PO

really doesn't have a history of doing

sub ohm tanks so who knows if you're

gonna be able to find these coils 5 or 6

months down the road it's an issue that

I got to bring up it's a con second con

is going to be and I'm gonna get in

to it a little more when I talk about

the airflow but just for now know that

the VAP on this tank is just way way too

cool for me it's just not hot enough I

like a hotter vape so I got to give it a

con for that but that's it on the cons

pretty subjective especially the cool

vape con some people like a cool vape

let's get into the pros first pros gonna

be man airflow on this is super smooth I

got it wide open listen it's got a nice

smoothness to it it's not turbulent at


next pros gonna be it's got good build

quality you can mount to lung or direct

lung hitting so it's kind of versatile I

got to give it a pro for that it's

actually got good flavor that's a pro

and it comes with five coils which is a

huge pro awesome awesome job on that

mister just right let's score this one

on our rating system as far as looks go

I got to give it like a 2.5 I mean it's

got like an average look maybe it's a

little bit on the aggressive side but as

far as looks goes it's nothing

groundbreaking it's only available in

black and stainless steel so it's not

like you can you know get all kinds of

different colors on it I got to give it

a 2 point 5 in that category as far as

coil performance goes our second

category I do like the coils they fit

nice and snug it's a plug and play style

coil I like that I like that mr. just

right tried to do something innovative

with the double stacked mesh I watched

his presentation video I liked the way

he thought out making the cotton thinner

on one part of the coil I think it's a

it's it's innovative I do like that so I

got to give them props for that the

coils do have good longevity to them and

I've been getting good flavor off them

it's just the coil itself doesn't

generate a lot of heat and I like a more

hot more saturated vape

so I'm gonna give it a 3.5 and I kind of

feel bad about scoring it at a 3.5 I

wanted to give it higher because of all

the other things but the coolness just

brought the stars down in this category

next cat

airflo now when it came to the airflow

on this when I first saw it I was like

wow this looks great you're gonna be

able to really dial it in but the

airflow is really between like a

restricted DL to a middle-of-the-road

mouth along it's really not tight enough

for me as far as a mouth to lung goes

even when I only vape it with one hole

open and I kind of feel like the airflow

as far as the spectrum goes it's kind of

all over the place it's almost you know

it's like it doesn't know what it wants

to be when it grows up that's kind of

the way I feel about the airflow I mean

I do like the way it bakes in mouth to

lung mode I can get a very good mouth to

lung vape off of it I do wish it was a

little tighter in DL mode it's just way

too cool for me for the amount of

airflow that's going through it I just

wish it was hotter but the saving grace

on the airflow is it's extremely smooth

so with all that being said about the

airflow I'm gonna give it a three star

rating in the airflow category a little

better than average so let me show you

what I mean when I say when I say what I

say about the airflow okay here it is

wide open at 55 watts all right nothing

wrong with that as far as clouds go

flavors really nice it's just not hot

enough for me now if I cut it down about

halfway right I'll close three holes and

leave three holes open right I can still

do it but I'm really not getting that

much more warmth right if I take the mod

and knock it down the 40 watts and I go

to just the two smallest holes on it

right and I try to Malka lung it watch

it's a very loose mouth to lung if I cut

it down the one hole again very loose

mouth to lung so if you're into a loose

mouth to lung or a restricted DL and a

cool vape you're gonna like it but to me

it's it's just too cool on either side

of the spectrum

I really wish the mouth to lung

I was a little warmer I probably would

have scored it higher in this category

as far as value goes I've been seeing

this for around 30 bucks 30 bucks with

five coils makes it a very good value

especially if you're a low wattage vapor

that likes a cooler vape then it's a

really good value so we're gonna give it

a solid four stars in that category add

all the stars up and you come up with a

total score of 13 we're gonna take that

13 and we're gonna average it out by

dividing it by four and you get eight

3.25 or three and a quarter star rating

and I think that's a fair rating on this

tank for what it is let's get into some

of the specs on the table PO homage tank

it measures in it 25 by 53 millimeters

it's available in black or silver you

get to MLS with the straight glass 5.5

MLS with the bubble five coils are in

the kit you get 3.2 ohm coils and 2.16

own coils for a grand total of five coil

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one my way for this review be sure to

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