Review Of The Re-Wick'd RDTA / RDA|High Quality Set

that's something special today a little

bit off the beaten path for those who

like RTA's RTA's and squawking all at

once well this right here is the


welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony today we are looking at something

that's well it's not as easy to get as

some things and it's a little bit more

pricey some would consider it high-end

and it's something that came to me a

while back it's called the reworked and

they had sent me a prototype version of

it I wasn't sure if they're gonna send

the final version of it or not and just

things got busy around here for for

whatever reason I didn't get around to

it right away

it's been sitting in my to do cabinet

and I've been getting all these people

telling me dude you got to try this

thing and it was like did I actually

have that let me let me pull that out

and let me check it out now the company

itself is wikked and they are a facebook

type group type thing and yeah in order

to get one of these you do have to join

the Facebook group and/or you can maybe

buy one secondhand from somebody in a

trade or something like that and they

are over 100 bucks I want to say it was

like a hundred and forty dollars but

wait until you see what everything

you've got in here and it's small-batch

stuff you have to understand once things

are made in China and they're

mass-produced yeah they can be sold for

a lot less but if something is made in

small batches typically by the Mater or

a group of modders that are putting the

thing together it's gonna cost more it's

just that's the bottom line to it and

this thing has a lot of stuff that goes

with it and I will tell you that it

performs really well they're also making

a bridge for the billet box it's gonna

be called bridge just like wycked andrey

wick in fact I'm not sure if the company

itself is called wikked but that's

that's the group here's one of the

unique things there's just one of the

unique things is that it comes as an RTA

and you also get a deck to use and it's

squonk ready it's got the squonk pin

right in it now this being a prototype

there might be some very slight

differences you know they may have done

some I don't know some media blasting on

a cap or something like that but for all

intents and purposes what I'm showing

you here this is pretty much everything

that was in the final version of it and

it is available now so I've been using

it you know the RTA version of it and

I'm really enjoying it the coil that I

have inside of here right now of course

is a single coil these are James

buckland coils and eighty-two point five

millimeter aliens it comes out to about

let's see what I've got it says around

0.47 to 0.53 I'm at 0.5 for so that's

pretty darn accurate now when you get

his coils you can either get them so

that both of the leads go the same way

or opposite directions and you want

opposite directions like this one right

here and the look what that I'm using is

an old favorite they used to call it

crunch time it's called berry crunch now

and they've changed the name with the

name distilled that really describes how

this liquid is made they literally

distill all the ingredients before they

use it so it takes out all those

negative things that you don't enjoy

when you vape it for flavor and it is

it's legit man this stuff is really good

okay so when you get a wick that comes

in a little case like this this one says

prototype here on the back of it so it

doesn't it's not numbered or anything

they typically would be inside of here

everything all these little parts

literally when I first opened this I was

like oh this is going to be confusing

because there's a lot of little baggies

in here each one of them holding apart

yeah so got a little card in here it

says the model this is the reworked and

it is 316l stainless steel serial number

and this one is prototype and then you

also get a sticker reworked the group is


wycked just like that right there it's

also a little bag in here with extra o

rings extra grub screws a standard pin

in case you want to put that into this

dripping deck here and change out the

squonk pin so that it's just a dripper

yeah allen wrench you know all the basic

stuff as well as an extra peek insulator

for the positive pin you also get an

ultimate piece in case you want to put

that on here instead of the frosted one

that's on it when you get it and then

these little doodads here all right so

you're gonna get a set of these that

have single hole that are small so it's

going to be more for mouth to lung then

you get one of these that is actually

this one right here it's completely

blocked off so if you wanted to just

block off one of the air flows you could

do that

these aren't airflow adjustment inserts

and they've got their rings on them and

they're actually really well designed at

first I was like okay well it's a

gimmick but as it turns out it really

isn't especially for the RTA version of

it it has a dual function will show you

that in fact I'm gonna use this deck as

an example for the RTA there are a

couple slight differences though you see

there's no holes right there for wicking

and let me show you a picture I took the

deck before I put a build in it so

you'll see that there's a little hole up

in one of the corners there that is to

allow air to escape and so that it

doesn't create a vacuum in there it's a

ventilation hole and it works really

well and then you'll also notice that

there are two very large wicking holes

there and that's nice because I don't

put the cottontails all the way down in

there I basically just let the cotton

barely go down into those holes

basically sits on the top and I haven't

had any problems at all so between this

deck in that that's the differences

you're gonna have that little

ventilation hole over there and you're

gonna have wicking holes there so there

we go also let me just show you the

right now okay so those little airflow

inserts if you want to change them out

you know you've got a large one here if

you want to go tighter you can do that

it's really easy to do so and it's also

great for the RTA because well that's a

fill port so you'll see that it has a

little notch under it right there

there's also one over here makes it

really easy to get your fingernail

underneath there and just pull it out

just make sure you don't drop it and

lose it has two o-rings on there so it's

held in there securely and then you'll

notice that it's it's squared off down

here right so you've got a square edge

square edge in there that keeps this

from turning in there so it's not

getting all wonky and it won't turn and

touch your coil while you're you know

using it that would be bad

also fill hole perfect right so when

you're done you just pop it back in

there if you decide that you want to

have a little bit tighter airflow we'll

just take that out and then we'll just

drop one of these in there just like

that so it's pretty multi-purpose I mean

you know depending on what your build is

or your mood you just swap out those air

flows and you can change everything

about it just like that I find that with

this one I like the larger air flows

just like that so again you have this

one that's completely blocked off if you

want to block off one side of the

airflow and then you have these that are

small holes then you have these that are

two small holes if that's what you like

and they do angle down slightly then of

course you got this one if you like the

big hole and that does angle down

slightly as well got the coil so that it

basically is at the top of these these

kind of angle down so it's hard to judge

by that right there but I've got the

coil sitting right at the top of these

clamps right there clamps are super easy

to use you'll see they kind of dip down

like that so you just get your wire in

there I mean as far as building this

thing it pretty much couldn't be easier

you just take your coil drop it in there

boom pull them in there and screw them

down and the screw that's in there I

used a 5/64 inch and as you see that

fits perfectly in there I got to say

it's really nice easy to fill this thing

you know as far as it being an hour DTA

look if you're using it as a dripper

you'd have to carry around a bottle as

well I mean it doesn't hold a whole lot

of liquid in it but I mean if you're

going for that dripper type experience

you're gonna be carrying a bottle

anyways and once again there's the RDA

deck it comes with both of these decks

some nice edging down here on the bottom

of it this is prototype reworked right

there and yeah man you know I see so

many of these things and be honest with

you when it first came in I looked at it

went alright

I'm gonna put this aside because it

looks complicated there's a bunch of

pieces in here and it's probably all

just gimmicky as it turns out it's not

and I've really been enjoying using it

and that makes me kind of excited about

this bridge that they have coming out

for the bill a box and burrow tank style

mods I saw a video on it and yeah I'm

impressed I'm looking forward to it that

is the reworked RDA rdta combo and yeah

man it's pretty sweet

so yes I realize that you're probably

thinking amman 140 bucks for that thing

I think that's what he told me it was

140 dollars

if and when you can get them and it is

somewhat difficult to get them I realize

that some people will say oh heck no but

you know there's a lot of people that

the quality on this thing is really good

that the thinking that goes into it is

really good it's got some innovations

that I haven't really seen on anything

else the overall quality of the product

is really good and remember this one was

just a prototype and you see the quality

on this thing I've actually seen some of

the pictures on their Facebook group of

the current ones you know the ones that

went out after that every bit as good as

this if not better and I often use this

comparison I have a friend that will

spend $500 and a pair of sneakers me I

won't spend over 70 bucks so yeah I

totally get it

some people will spend the money and

that's what they want I'll tell you what

though what I'm really excited about is

the bridged which is a rebuildable

bridge that they've got for borrow tanks

for you know for the billa box or any

del row any mod that uses a borrow tank

man that is looking good I saw a video

on their group last night I was like

dang but for now we're talking about

this got this distilled in here is very

very good cereal flavored juice I'm very

familiar with it I've got that james

buckland coil in here and it's coming

out to 0.55 we're gonna put this at

we'll just put it at 40 watts right now

man I'll tell you what you know sorry my

dogs barking in the other room but it's

it's delightful the flavour of this

thing is really good you've got so many

airflow options and everything you know

I've tried the one with the two holes

and the one with the big oval hole both

of them work really good for me I think

the other might be a little bit too

tight for me and of course you can block

off one of the air flows if you like I

do recommend that when you're building

it go ahead and take those little plugs

out of there makes it a little bit

easier to get into your deck and

manipulate but once it's done you plug

those in and you're good to go

also for filling the RTA just pop

and fill it and put it back down

everything on this thing just feels mmm

really good as far as the threading and

everything else and again this one is a

prototype so if the prototype is that

good I can only imagine that the the

finished version of it is even better to

me this is the kind of RDA that you

don't want to put it I mean you can you

could put a big coil in this thing but

you you know running this thing at lower

watts 40 watts with zero point five five

ohms works just perfectly for me I don't

think you need to go much bigger but if

you wanted to you could this way though

you're gonna be saving battery and

you're gonna be saving juice man the

higher the watts you go and the bigger

the coil you go the more juice you

consume so I wanted to take a bunch of

hits all in a row like that because I

you know if you look in here you can see

that I don't have my wicks hanging all

the way down in there they're literally

just barely below those holes that are

in the deck for wicking and I don't get

a dry hit it's the action of you know

hitting on this thing that pulls the

juice up the walls gets right to your

wicks and of course you're gonna be

leaning it when you do it anyway so it's

gonna be getting the wick sweat it's

just it works really well and that right

there is after a bunch of hits you can

see that the wick is still plenty wet so

not bad not bad at all same comes with a

lot of different options you can rent it

as an RDA and RTA by the way this thing

is easily disassembled all you got to do

is take the screw out of the bottom of

the positive screw everything just comes

right apart after that so if you want to

clean it and all that kind of stuff no

problem with that

I believe that RJ is the main designer

and I gotta say did a really good job it

even looks really nice you know what I

mean I mean it's just got this really

great look to it understated and nice I

like that low-profile tip on there I

really don't have anything to complain

about with it

if I'm broke I might complain about the

price and the fact that it is a little

bit more difficult to get you got to

join a Facebook group and all that kind

of stuff it is WI CK apostrophe D and

I'm really looking for the bridge that's

bridge d for billet box and Boros style

tanks it's it looks really good and I'm

really looking forward to that look I

want to thank you so much for your

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