Rusk County Held Forum On Drug And Vaping Use By Teens

Morris County is taking a proactive

approach to vaping in schools and the

community tonight the Y's uh pressed

County coalition discussed what everyone

should know about vaping opioids and

other drugs during a community forum CBS

19's Chloe Bradford spoke to County

officials about how they were planning

to combat the issue veyts mods joules

and smoke juice also known as cigarettes

is trending with teens that's what we're

seeing the major increase in this

they've gotten away so much from the

smoking aspect of it to the vaping part

of it because it's a lot easier

concealed it's a lot easier to get away

with the CDC received more than 2700

reports of lung injuries because of

e-cigarettes or vaping as of this month

there has been 47 new cases 64 deaths

and more deaths are currently under


Russ County Sheriff Jeff prices more and

more teens are taking on this trend in

East Texas but the younger kids they

don't understand and they're not aware

of what possible long-term effects to

their health can be to educate more

people on the dangers the different

forms of drug use and how to prevent it

the wise Upper West County Coalition

informed the public on health risks

related to vaping and how discrete drug

use can be so that they're better aware

and more prepared of how to deal with it

in to watch for it in their own homes

with their own kids just to be able to

be more advised and be able to find

these types of things most paraphernalia

found on this table was confiscated by

teens either on school grounds at home

or traffic stops that we've confiscated

although this is the first informative

event about vaping prices more events

about teen drug use is sure to come to

inform as many people as possible about

the dangers of vaping opioids and other

drugs among teens we got you covered

East Texas Chloe Bradford CBS 19