SMOK Fetch Pro System Pod Mod Kit Review | Powered By Single 18650 Battery

if you like the fetch from smoke but

you're like man I just I want that

replaceable battery this might be the

answer for you this is the fetch pro

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony really feeling froggy today my

voice is like so deep yes well you know

you do all that traveling we just did

couriers and stuff and it seemed to feel

fine all the way up until yesterday I

woke up and was like a sore throat

apparently I've got some sinus drainage

or something and it's just it's it's

pretty rough it's one of those things

you know you come back from a vacation

and you got to get some rest I don't

know how that all works so yeah we're

looking at the fetch Pro today designed

by Smoke tech and it's a pretty sweet

little device I actually brought this on

the cruise with me and it performed just

fine in fact more than just fine I have

only one complaint about this kit and I

will tell you about that in just a

moment the liquid that I'm using today

comes from beets sweets now I've I've

known Ron for a while the guy that owns

this I've known him for his beef jerky

he makes some of the most amazing beef

jerky and I gotta tell you if you've

never tried pineapple beef jerky dude

you've got to try it man it is super

tasty you can find him on Facebook and

this one is called beats Biggie let me

take this over here it's got a few

different flavors but this one here is

beats Biggie it is Grand Marnier blend

it with pralines and cream spooned over

vanilla bean ice cream what yes it is

it's quite tasty the old-fashioned is

also a really good one smooth vanilla

bean with caramelized banana and warm

bourbon drizzled with rich brown sugar I

like him quite a bit yeah so that's what

we're gonna use today as beats biggie

well in one of the tanks were going to

because this actually has two different

tanks this one right here I've got an 18

milligram Nick salt in here it's called

goo sure's and I don't have the bottle

in here right now it is really really

tasty I'll put a little picture that up

here on the screen while I edit this

video I liked it on the front of this

box that pretty much lists everything

about this thing okay it's got USB

type-c it has a max capacity of 4.3 mil

that's for the US I'm sure for the EU

they have a 2 mil tank max power on this

is 80 watts they have air flow control

standard 510 driptip

and I will say that inside the manual it

tells you that if you want to maintain

the optimum flavor with this they

recommend you use the standard 510 that

is on here so but you can put whatever

one you want on it it has a sidebar

button for firing removable 18 650

battery which is why I think they call

it pro and it's got a pretty big screen

on here on the back it tells you what's

inside of here it comes with a

fetch Pro rpm pod with an RPM mesh 0.4

ohm coil pre-installed that's what I'm

using with the Knicks out right here and

then they have a fetch Pro our GC pod

any our GC conical mesh 0.17 ohm coil

powered by next mesh pre-installed

that's in the other pot that's inside

this box I'll show you here in just a

minute I have not filled that one yet so

you'll be able to see that both of these

pods are cartridges while shaped

differently at just like the the last

smoke type product that I had on here

the RPM Pro I think is what it was so

inside the box you've got a manual and

the manual is super easy because the

product is super easy I'm going to show

you the specs here for just a second if

you want to read those go ahead and

pause that five to 80 watts and the only

output mode is wattage which is great as

far as I'm concerned because if you want

something in this temp control and all

fancy like that you're probably gonna

find a different device then the

operation guide that's the entire thing

right there and I love that because you

know if you're especially if you're

somebody who's new to vaping looking at

these complicated things and getting

stuck in the wrong mode and having to

call a friend or go to a shop and say

how do I get out of this mode is this

dangerous to use it this way or whatever

this is perfect for that type of thing

and really for these small portable

devices like this what it works just

fine you're also going to get a card in

here showing what a qualified battery is

if your battery looks anything like any

of these do not use it and a little card

in here about verification and quality

control there is a USBC cable in here

but since this is a removable battery

mod I do recommend that you charge your

batteries and an external charger but

you never know there might be firmware

updates for this thing and then there

are two pods one there and one there

the pods himself looked pretty much

identical right but they do have a red

tab or a red fill port on this one and a

black one on this one it kind of helps

it to easily discern which one is which

and you can see where the coil goes is

just a little bit different okay this

one has adjustable air flow this one

does not and this is the one that is 0.4

ohms right and this one here is the one

that has the mesh in it now I can't pull

this out of here but we've seen the coil

before it's a very small coil and this

one actually this tank can use the RPM

RBA so if you want to rebuild which i

think is a great thing for you to learn

how to do you can buy one of those

separately and you can use it inside of

this now see that is my only point

because this is a pro

kit right so if it's gonna be pro I

would think he'd just include that RBA

in there instead of making people buy

one separately right because Pro is like

your building and stuff I mean I get it

you can remove the battery and put a new

one in there so somewhat pro but I mean

if you're gonna call it pro why not just

throw the RBA in there I think there is

an RBA that's coming for this larger

coil and I'm gonna show you how this one


on this one you're just gonna grab right

here you see where the airflow is right

there you just pull it out and not

adjustable right on this one you have

air flow adjustment and you're gonna

probably need it because this is a big

beefy coil here so we'll just pull that

out you can see that the other one is

about half the size of this so it's zero

point one seven ohms and it's rated at

40 to 80 watts and you can see that mesh

that's inside of there it's a nice mesh

that's inside of there yeah it's not

like not like it just a chain-link fence

looking mesh it looks like a sheet that

has the holes punched in it when they

say conical at one end of it it's going

to be narrower and that helps to to

concentrate the flavor so to replace the

coil you just drop it in here there's

like a flat side right there you see

that you just drop it in here you can

see where it has these two kind of flat

sides and it goes in just like this

there we go

and of course you can adjust that air

flow to fill it you just pop this open

right here fill it and you pop it back

in drip tip does come off if you're

gonna say standard 510 size with dual

rings you can stick another one on there

but you know it's got that knob on there

already kind of sticks off of this thing

it's a little tall so why not let's go

ahead and fill it up man this stuff

smells so good

and it I don't know if you can really

tell on camera here but you can really

see that level in there quite easily so

that is nice

now of course anytime you put a new coil

in any of these vape devices you want to

make sure that it sits for a little bit

so it can saturate that wicking inside

of there

you can see when it's on the mod you can

just completely totally see your level

and I think that's nice pull this out of

here and that's where the connection is

there are four magnets inside there and

they're strong magnets I mean it pops

right in there it doesn't come right off

got your contacts down there those touch

to that and we just drop it in and when

you do when you take it off it says pod

detached you get this it says no

atomizer you can stick it on there and

it doesn't do anything we can put it on

but when you take it off it says pod

I thought the other ones when he did

this is said pod connected or something

but we'll hit that and it says it's 0.4

one ohms which that's pretty accurate if

they're saying it's you know 0.4 ohms so

this particular one it's called orange

it's orange and gold and this part of it

I don't really get any fingerprints on

it which is pretty cool it's I don't

know if it's glass on there some kind of

a plastic finish on there but this part

does get quite a bit of fingerprints on


I find myself wiping it off a lot of a

little bit OCD about that maybe you know

if you could see all the fingerprints on

that maybe not you know I can see them

airflow inlets are right there and right

there and you can see in there I don't

see the actual air flow on the coil and

a kind of concern me at first because

they point the opposite directions

instead of being like this they're like

this but as I found out it just doesn't

make a difference there's plenty of

airflow with this it says fetch pro

designed by smoke got your display right

there up and down buttons right there

your fire button right here USB see

right there and down here at the bottom

got your battery yeah comes right out of

there clearly marked for positive to go

up drop it in there and when you do it

comes on and says that and it's not on

yet you have to click this five times

one two three four five

it comes on so yeah I see that they have

the firmware number on there so I'm

gonna guess that there may be firmware

updates in the future I don't know

what's good about that is if there's

ever an issue with it they can fix it

you know with an update on the display

you've got your battery meter right

there it's a smoke right there 15 watts

is all I'm running it out with zero

point four ohms that's a little coil

that you can see right there this right

here is the duration of the last puff

you can see that and then that's the

amount of puffs which is resettable got

a little lock symbol right there and

that right there is your amperage if you

want to lock the wattage you just hold

those two buttons down real quick and

it's locked now so if you try to adjust

them it won't and you can unlock it just

like that super easy if you hit the fire

button and the I guess this is the down

button if you hit the fire in the down

button it clears the puffs now my puffs

have been cleared take another puff

there we go clear the puffs there we go

if fire is pretty fast so you do have to

be careful if you hit the UP button and

the fire button then you can change the

colors on the display

it kind of like that one it's pretty

simple and you could see there's a lot

of little design flourishes you know

you've got a little bit different

pattern over here and a lot of times I

don't like a lot of big marketing and

stuff on there but this kind of melts

into it so it doesn't really bother me I

know I could be a little inconsistent on

that but if the marketing that's on it

doesn't bother me then it doesn't bother

me I mean you know it's just all I can

say and then this is a big fire bar so

when you're holding this you can fire it

just just like that now I like that the

just your wattage up and down it goes

all the way up to 80 watts and it goes

pretty fast and then when you get there

around Robbins again I got to tell you

with this coil in here I only need to

have 15 watts maybe up to 20 watts then

we can just drop this one in here and

now that's saying 0.18 so again that's

pretty close to 0.17 15 watts so it's

barely even gonna get this thing going

if you remember it said 40 to 80 watts

so basically however you like to vape

you should be able to do that with this

thing and it does man it works really

good the airflow on this thing is good

and again on this one you can adjust

your airflow if you like it's a pretty

nice little device so that's the fetch

Pro and really the only complaint that I

have with it is that if you're gonna

call it a pro model you should probably

put the RBA in there and I understand

there's going to be an RBA for the

larger coil there's already an RBA out

there for the RPM coil that will work

inside of the tank for this I understand

I mean it's one of those things even

with the Tony be project with the pal to

from artery same thing kind of happened

I told him I said I don't think it's a

pro unless you put the RBA in there that

was the name they wanted to use I said

you know I was like maybe it should be

the PAL two-plus so maybe this could be

the fetch plus but you know either way

it's just what they want to name it the

fact that you can swap out the battery

does make it a little bit more

professional you know if you have an

internal battery mod eventually that

battery will stop taking a charge and

then it's a paperweight I know I have

one of the original fetches around here

and I couldn't find it when I went to do

this video that's just how it always

happens isn't it but this is slightly

larger than the the original one of

course because you've got an 18 650

battery in there it does have a nice big

display on it which i think is great and

while it looks a little bit different

than the rpm and the rpm

well it's it's pretty much the same

thing as far as the way that it operates

so I like that they're kind of keeping

things consistent when it goes you know

as far as that the operation of it is

sorry I'm kind of tripping over my words

today I had to take some sinus

medication and makes me feel a little

funky but yeah so right now I've got the

0.41 ohm coil in here at 15 watts and

this is an 18 milligram Nick salt juice

is called goo shoes and man this stuff

it's really good so when it comes to

Nick's odds I get it some people are

like now just no Nick's all it's that

kind of thing well Nick's salts are

actually there they're smooth they're

mellow I can hit an 18 milligram no

problem I'm with you if you're saying

that I don't like the 50 milligram and

all that kind of stuff that's bad we

don't need 50 milligram but this company

they do an 18 and I to me that's perfect

now I will mention that it does make

listen to the sound that it makes I

don't know if you can hear that it has

kind of a slight buzzing sound to it

from what I understand that's normal

with some chips and that's just it's

it's just a byproduct of the actual

functioning of it if you've been around

for a while and you remember the PWM rpm

W pulse width modulation chips yes it's

a PWM they would make that sound it's

kind of like a just a buzzing like a

pulsing sound so it shouldn't be

anything you have to worry about flavor

off of both of these coils is fantastic

it's really good you know I'm really

pleased to see the direction that smoke

has been going lately the for a while it

was just like okay I've seen enough

right but these little devices that

they're doing in the coils that they're

doing are actually quite good I haven't

had any leaking or anything like that

which is extremely important especially

because well if it leaks is going to

leak down inside of there and you don't

want that at all so we're gonna swap

these right now and right now I've got

the beats Suites in here and this man

this stuff is really really tasty this

one is called beats biggie

and the profile is Grand Marnier blended

with pralines and cream spooned over

vanilla bean ice cream not to mention

the guy that makes this stuff makes

fantastic jerky and he's a good guy too

so yeah Ron Nichols his name

you know what I didn't even turn that up

that's at 15 watts that's really not

that bad all right we're gonna turn this

thing up now it says 40 to 80 watts I'm

gonna tell you I don't think so man I

think 35 maybe max on this thing

let's try 35 35 watts is to me enough I

mean it works just fine the reason why I

say I don't know about all that 80 watt

stuff is because if I go to 45 I start

getting on the edge of maybe burning up

the you know burning the wicking in here

I don't know maybe it works good well

let's just let's go for this let's go

for 60 watts that's pretty much as far

as I push it and really on a single

battery mod you don't want 18 650

especially you don't want to go much

over 60 watts cuz you're gonna use up

your battery it's actually not that bad

this juice man it has nice dense clouds

there's a lot of flavor in here I

definitely get that Grand Marnier in

there and the pralines the cream the the

vanilla bean ice cream it's it's good

man good job Ron so I guess the question

is do you need to do a full-on sub ohm

vape out of a small little thing like

this if that's what your thing is you

could do that at least they give you

both of those tanks so you have both

options both different coil options both

of them work really good if you've

watched this channel for a while I hate

tanks that are like towering tanks I

don't hate them I just that then I don't

like them so a device like this really

solves all that problem it's really

pocketable it's really not that heavy

you know the battery is what adds the

weight to it really go back to this

gushers real quick we're gonna take it

back down to 15 watts you know 15 watts

at high nicotine level is gonna be more

than enough it's gonna last you all day

this tank is well at four point three

mil that's a lot of juice I might get I

don't know I might get two days out of

this tank and one full day out of the

battery at 15 watts

yeah yeah that is really good like I

said I don't have anything to complain

about with the fetch except for the fact

that if you're gonna call it pro I think

maybe you should throw the RBA in there

so that is the fetch pro from smoke and

I and I need to get a little bit of rest

obviously I got a rest my voice right I

mean maybe not it sounds kind of like

Barry White how you doing baby yeah I

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