Smok RPM 80 VS RPM 80 Pro Small And Lightweight Pod Kit Review| Full Sub Ohm Hit

well smoke Tech says it's a real

game-changer but is it well we're going

to take a look at it today the RPM 80

and RPM 80 Pro

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony taking a look today at the RPM 80

and RPM 80 Pro from smoke tech or smoke

I mean yeah it does have these nice

satisfying little plasticky things that

take off of there ooh nice very nice

other one over here I don't know why

that is so satisfying but it's like yes

in case you're wondering yeah that is

pronounced smoke I had to ask the CEO of

the company because I was like alright I

want to end this for once and for all I

mean is it smock smokes whatever and he

said it's smoke without the E and that's

because over in China that's I guess

meant to prevent any confusion with

actual cigarettes anyways smoke Tech is

their full name so this is the pro

version of it there's two versions of it

there's actually the pro kit and the

just standard rpm 80 kit now one of them

has a built in battery this one does

it's built in 3000 milliamp hours this

is one I've been using because they're

both exactly the same but I wanted to

test it with an 18 650 in here just to

test that functionality out seems to be

working real good but this one's taller

I'm going to show you in just a minute

take a look at the box here it says

variable wattage fast charge air flow

adjustable with the new rgc pod which I

guess is real gamechanger which is I

just wondered why it wasn't called RG C

80 or RG c 80 pro right but anyways this

is the pro version of it single 18 650

battery seven color resin it's not

really resin this is it's a plastic you

know I mean it's not real resin but its

resin looking and this one says it's

fluid blue it's the standard one so I'm

gonna show this one to you but they're

both exactly the same except for the

fact that this one's shorter and you

can't replace the battery it's open this

up I'll leave this up here for a second

in case you want to read that it does

use an RBA coil for DIY fun it says that

there's an rgc RBA coil so that's good

but you can also use the one from the

previous one this one right here which

is the RPM RBA coil this one does fit

inside of the RPM pod that they've got

inside of here so the pre-installed coil

is a zero point 4 ohm coil mesh coil 5

mil for the tank and they have an RPM

ATR GC well basically what I did is I

didn't use the one that they had and

and I put this one in here the rgc pod

with the conical mesh coil so yeah it's

coming in at 0.16 ohms on this one so

technically that means there are two

RBA's available for this one but I don't

know why they wouldn't just include one

inside the package I mean this one is

the pro version of it right so if you're

having the pro version of it you'd

probably want to have the RBA alright so

inside the box you've got your

verification card telling you how to use

their verification the original high-end

product by smoke a warranty card love

that they include a card in here that

shows what a good battery and what a bad

battery is too many people don't know

that sometimes I'll check out their mod

nobody like dude I don't want to use

this you need to replace these batteries

pronto and this is kind of interesting

they've got a giveaway going on for up

to five thousand dollars US dollars in

cash this is only available to u.s.

residents if there happens to be one of

these cards inside of a package that

goes to the EU it's it's not qualified

apparently I'm gonna guess that they

only put these inside of the u.s.

packages unfortunately for the EU this

type of giveaway is not allowed right

and then you've got your manual and the

manual covers both of them alright so

they've got the RPM 80 Pro and the RPM

80 here again the RPM 80 has a 3000

milliamp hour battery it's a pretty good

battery for a you know for a pod mod

then again you are gonna be doing some

some stuff with this most likely so

you're gonna need some battery I'm gonna

leave this up here for just a second if

you want to read that it's basically

what is included in each one of the kids

with the you know the pro and the

standard one so if you want to read that

go ahead and pause it now the our GC is

a conical mesh coil powered by next mesh

we know that next mesh makes very good

mesh coils at 0.16 ohms and I will make

a note one of the messages that they

sent me is for their DIY for the RBA

coil if you buy the rgc RBA base you'll

also get a base I guess so that you can

put it on a 510 that's that's the way I

understand what they were saying so

here's the actual specs for the RPM 80

right there and up here

both of them have 5 mil for the e-liquid

capacity which is that's fantastic

charging current 1.2 amps it's not

really that much fast charging I thought

two amps was considered fast charging

and then the single 18 650 you got you

know other specs right there for that

I've got a standard microUSB cable

inside the package and this is the pod

that was on it when I got it and I took

this out but this is you know the

standard one that you remember from the

RPM with the standard rpm coil in here

which is a zero point 4 ohm it's best

it's just as best at 25 Watts all right

so same type of thing as the previous

one with the little straight walls on

there right there in magnets there to

fill this one it's a top fill you just

pop that open fill it right there and

close her back up the tip on this is

actually part of the cartridge so you

can't replace that by the way the liquid

that I'm using in this is anarchist this

is pink lemonade straight up and it is

so good I know that ohm boy OSI has

something to do with this one because

well that's who sent it to me it's

really good though man it's fantastic

4 milligrams which I thought was an

interesting choice but since I'm using

this in pods and things like that I've

found that it's actually pretty nice a

little bit more than 3 milligrams less

than 6 all right so let's pull this one

out of here now so this is the RPM 80

with the built-in battery and it's also

very nice I mean you know it's it's it's

got a good look to it the weight of this

is really about the same as the one

where you can replace the battery the

pro but the devices are definitely

different sizes the pro version of it is

taller so just put that down here right

next to each other if you'd like

something shorter and you're not worried

about replacing your batteries then you

might just go with the regular rpm 80

they both have the exact same cartridges

the same board and everything else so

the only thing you're sacrificing is not

being able to change out your battery

you know if you look at this let's see

here take this battery out of here you

can see that plus that's down there

that's about right here okay let's put

the battery next to it so all that space

above that is just you know the inner

workings of it and if you don't have

this battery in here then you can

actually make it it just rolls on when

it says smoke on there after you put

your battery in there but it's not on

yet and we'll check that out in a minute

but if you don't have to have all that

replaceable battery stuff then it's

actually a little bit shorter and I

think I prefer that if I'm carrying one

of these I'm usually carrying it because

I need something that's small and

lightweight so the smaller the better

but being able to subohm vape on one of

these things it's pretty cool so the

cartridge that I have inside of this one

is this one right here let's take a look

at that

peel off again both of these pods or

cartridges come inside the package this

one's a little bit taller because the

coil is bigger you notice one of the

differences right off the bat is

there's adjustable airflow on this one

this one you can turn it there we go and

adjust it either way this one no airflow

adjustment it's just it is what it is

again the coil pulls right out of this

one small coil you see the size of that

the coil pulls right out of this one as

well like that but it's a much beefier

coil you're that so this is zero point

one seven ohms 40 to 80 watts for that

one and that's your conical mesh right

there so it's basically a bit of a cone

it funnels down big big wicking holes on

that lots of cotton as a minimum fill

line on there but I got to be honest

with you you can't really see that when

it's inside here anyways by the way

there is an indicator because this does

have the flat sides and you'll see

there's a flat side right there and

right there so it just goes in like that

that's it just press fits in I guess you

could see that minimum line in there if

you looked for it these are nice and

clear so you can see your juice as you

can see on this one it's getting a

little bit low so that's the difference

and on this one it says our p.m. and on

this one it says our GC I don't know if

you can really see that but this is our

GC on there these magnets are strong on

here but they do make it easy enough for

you to tell which one you're using just

by looking at the top of it and they

both fit in here just nicely like that

there's a slot right there and a slot

right there for air flow so either way

you're gonna be able to get air flow you

can see through there where the air flow

control is on that I've got it all the

way open if I close it a little bit like

this and we put it on you can also see

that so it's not on yet we're gonna

press this fire button five times one

two three four five comes on with smoke

your version number and all that and

then right to this screen so you've got

a battery meter there that's your watch

you've got your ohms right there your

volts right there your puff counter

right there which is easily resettable

let's see the time for the last hit that

you took is right down there and then

you got colors down there if you want to

change those colors you just hit this

button and this button I'm sorry is it

this button yeah so you just hit the

plus button and the fire button and it

cycles through the different colors that

are available I like the purple and if

you hit the minus button in the fire

button then it clears the puffs there

you go so now it's zero puffs if you

want to lock it or unlock it it's three

clicks one one two three there we go

power locked and when you hit it it says

to unlock press power button three

times in succession so one two three and

now it's unlocked

and when it is locked like that one two

three you can't use any of the buttons

if you want to lock just the wattage on

it then you can just hold those two and

it's now locked you see a little lock

right there above the W and now it's

unlined and it's pretty basic with the

on and off it's just five clicks on five

clicks off so it's kind of nice that

they came out with both versions at once

instead of just saying well here's the

RPM eighty and then two weeks later

here's the RPM eighty pro yeah you know

I could appreciate that I definitely can

so you can make your choice do you want

to be able to replace your battery or do

you not care and just have a built in

battery and have it be a little bit


that's probably my choice in the end but

didn't want to test it out with the

actual 18 650 in there so again since

both of the devices are the same aside

from the fact that you can swap out the

18 650 battery on the pro version of it

this is the one that I've been using and

that's what I'm testing and I've already

tested the RPM 40 coils in here and of

course I have determined that the RPM 40

RBA will work for the you know in that

appropriate pod and they give you one of

each pods but this has the new coil

which again is the RPM 80 rgc which I

guess is real gamechanger pod with the

rgc conical mesh 0.17 ohms and it's

powered by next mesh the pre-installed

coil five mils on this tank and it it

can run up to 80 watts I got a 45 right

now man just cranking it out as if

you're using you know one of their tfv

12 or 18 or whatever the last tank was

you know the big prints tanks the big

sub ohm tanks its cranking it out at 45


alright and it's showing on the screen

here at 0.16 ohms which that's pretty

good if they're saying 0.17 and it's

coming out to 0.15 1:6 it just changed

to one six so we're going to take this

up man I'm just going to go to 70 watts


very deep very warm vape on that one and

I start to detect a little bit of a

potential for a dry hit and burning on

70 watts so like I say just because they

say that it's rated up to 80 watts

doesn't mean you got to run it to 80

watts whatever works best for the flavor

that you've got in there and usually

what I suggest is if you've got a new

flavor or a new device with a new coil I

suggest that you start low like say

around 4045 and work your way up until

you go okay that's about right because

there the flavor changes with different

heats and stuff like that so 50 was a

very pleasurable vape without having to

you know crank it all the way to 80 got

to tell you this anarchist juice is

fantastic this is an own boy ocg right

here it's basically pink lemonade and

they do this at 4 milligrams of nicotine

instead of 3 which I was like that's

kind of weird but you know if I've been

using it in billa box and other a iOS

and stuff like that it's actually kind

of nice just to bump up from 3 you know

but yeah it's it's good the device

itself is pretty lightweight it looks

good that display on there is fantastic

overall there's not much to not like

about it but I will say this OK once you

start making your pods almost as you

know tall as a mod and a tank to me it

kind of defeats the purpose I want my

pod systems to be smaller so what

they've done is they've got the 18 650

battery in here and then you have to put

all that space up here for the rest of

it it's not a deal breaker or anything

like that but it's it's a it's a pretty

big mod it's just tall it fits in the

hand nicely though but when you're

talking about sticking things in your

pockets now we're getting into bigger

things it's it's basically an all-in-one

with the tank sort of built in and

sitting on top of it I will tell you

also these magnets they're super strong

I like that yeah you know it works

really well and the RPM 80 is the only

difference is that it's got a built-in

3000 milliamp hour battery inside of it

so you know you're not too worried maybe

you you want to get one of these things

you want to go sub them but you don't

want to have to worry about what battery

do I get does it have

have a tip on it does it have to be

flattop you know which brand do I get

and all that kind of stuff takes the

guesswork out of it and some people just

don't want to fuss with all of that and

that's perfectly okay there's a fair

amount of vape shaming out there people

were like ah why would you do that and

oh those devices sucked because of that

and this and that don't worry about it

man look if somebody is telling you that

what you're doing is wrong don't worry

about it

especially if that's getting you off of

cigarettes that's all that matters to me

particularly yeah so the verdict for me

on this is it's actually pretty nice

it's a little you know tall nice thing

is that they do give you two different

pods so if you've got one of these rpm

RBA coils no problem you can still use

it and you can also use the the standard

coils if you like those RPM 40 coils

options are great and I love that they

included both of those in there I will

say this though if you're going to do a

pro version why wouldn't you just throw

that little RBA in there with it I guess

they're considering it pro because

you're able to replace your battery so

that is the RPM 80 Pro and the RPM 80

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