Spreading The Gospel About Vape Dangers At Schools

there's been such a big stigma created

around smoking cigarettes that stigma

isn't present for vaping yet with high

schoolers so I think this is bringing

awareness Montville high school 70 year

old Elena McGovern learning about the

dangers of vaping at the save your

breath presentation by addiction expert

Timothy shoemaker

I go to schools where the district has

enacted policies where they can't wear

long sleeves anymore because of the

vaping is so bad I go to schools we lay

over those patrols for the bathrooms

shoemaker travels the country targeting

kids in grades fit through 12th where

teen vaping is popular and considered an

epidemic by the Centers for Disease

Control he says his goal is to educate

students about everything ranging from

propaganda to how vaping affects your

brain and body if you'll gradually lead

them through down the path then they can

understand through the context of just

mass media marketing in general now I

see how Big Tobacco and Team nicotine

I've been using it they're ready for

that message whereas if you to say

they're predators they exploit people

you just you're saying words I think I

was most shocked at how similar

cigarettes are to vaping and I really

didn't know that before this because

everyone thinks cigarettes are so gross

and they would never do it and really

vaping is like the exact same thing I

think all the information was very valid

and the fact that he said like it's okay

that you don't know it's kind of like

reassuring and it's still it still sets

the point that it's bad and you should

stop almost all of the students I spoke

with say it was the graphic videos and

photos shown during shoemaker's

presentation that really struck a chord

with them what was something that stuck

with you the other kids in the hospital

like the respirator that they were on

which was little intubated probably the

explosion part of it definitely all the

facts information specially comes from

1920s which is hundred years from now

and January New Jersey became the first

state to permanently ban flavored vape

products including menthol the

aggressive approach was in an effort to

combat a growing number of minors using

electronic smoking devices

which is believed to cause nicotine

addiction among youth my point is not

that anyone who's selling these things

are even offering them are evil or

monsters my point is that our kids need

to know better and they need to make

better decisions on their own whereby

these threats potential threats become

irrelevant this afternoon his audience

was filled with more than 600 students

tonight it's their parents in Montville

Raven Santana NJTV news