Taxes On The Sale Of Vape Products

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headlines lately about bait taxes and

want to share some of my research with

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recent study by the National Bureau of

Economic Research looking at the impact

of e-cigarettes found that taxes on bait

products act as a strong deterrent and

estimated that taxing bait products at

the same rate as cigarettes could deter

upwards of 2.7 million Americans over

the next 10 years there is no federal

tax at the moment but nearly 20 states

in the u.s. do you have taxes on vaping

products with many being introduced late

last year in response to health concerns

the study looked at census data about

tobacco use to determine whether each

cigarettes actually helped adult smokers

quit the research takes a close look at

Minnesota where vape taxes have been

active for nearly a decade vape products

were originally taxed at 35 percent

until 2013 when the tax was raised to a

whopping 95% if you want to take a look

at the whole study there will be a link

in the description below so feel free to

check that out if you're interested

following this tax hike the researchers

found smokers kept smoking instead of

making the switch to vaping the state of

Minnesota was also seeing a strong

decline in smoking rates but that seemed

to slow down as well showing a strong

indication that vaping is actually

beneficial to adult smokers looking to

quit the study estimates that in the

state of Minnesota where 600,000 smokers

call home over 32,000 will be

discouraged from even trying vaping of

course the findings were met with some

controversy with one of the biggest

voices being Matthew Myers the president

of the campaign for tobacco-free kids

he said one has to be skeptical that

e-cigarette use including taxes on

e-cigarettes have been powerful enough

in Minnesota or anywhere to actually

have a meaningful measurable effect on

adults cessation rates keep in mind this

is coming from someone who's openly in

favor of high taxes and bans on bait

products to deter minors I'm all for

being against underage vaping but the

results here clearly show that although

taxes can reduce youth usage it's done

so at the expense of adults actually

trying to quit smoking

Henry Saffir and author on the study

said the research shows that e-cigarette

taxes would be bad for adult smokers to

stop youth use we know there are other

alternatives I appreciate the fact that

this study takes a step back from only

addressing youth like we constantly see

and give some perspective towards the

vape industries intended audience adults

will we see a response I'm not so sure

mostly because we know just how much the

and benefits from tax money let me know

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