Teen Works To Stop The Vaping Epidemic

with more than 5 million young users the

vaping epidemic shows no signs of

letting up

now one teen has taken his story of

overcoming addiction on the road and

this week he's coming to a school near


sixteen-year-old Luca Canard knows the

effects of vaping all too well the High

Point North Carolina teen was once an

athlete an honor roll student but that

all changed his freshman year of high

school when he became addicted to vaping

and one year later Luca had a major

health scare le canard had enough she

sent her son to rehab for 39 days in

California it was a detox to change

Lucas life now they're helping others

change theirs and his mom has made

national headlines they've teamed up to

spread awareness about the dangers of

vaping and this week they're taking

their story to three different Dare

County schools and you can catch Luca

and his mom tomorrow at Cape Hatteras

secondary school Wednesday at first

flight middle or Thursday at manio

middle these are two our presentations

they start at 5:30 and yes it is free

and open to any students and families