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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Tesla Punk Mod Review|You’ve Never Seen A Vape Like This

hi guys welcome back to another video

we're starting it off right here today

at Hall enterprises which is my digital

marketing business look here we got

business cards we got business pins we

their son and a business iPad business

phone and a business a spot system now

before guys this is the Tesla Punk pod I

think it's gonna have like the dr.

steampunk designs you guys know what I'm

talking about like the gears and stuff

on it and it's made by Tesla and we

usually like things that Tesla make so

we're gonna go down to the caste store

today we're gonna try this out with

who's there okay game we're gonna try it

out with Kane and we're just gonna have

a good time man all right so let's

freakin do it so this is gonna be really

cool but before we get into bats come

look at this house going try this it's

going yeah bulls look at our acoustic

padding so whatever this this mythical

podcast you keep hearing about that is

coming whatever we do it listen listen

to it you hear that you're that sounds

good at it sounds good in here look I

screaming to this corner

it ain't bouncing off that wall over

there and coming back three point zero

zero three seconds later it's staying

over here that's what we want

so yeah whole other problems we've had

so many productive meetings at this

table guys we're doing some really cool

things with this digital marketing

agency and we're gonna be talking about

it more in these videos as time goes on

but for now we're all faith so let's

freaking go to the candy store with Kay

okay yeah you are our best employee our

new this that doesn't wear his mountain

paper to work okay yeah saw the fat

building up it's condensing today we are

talking about a new device from Tesla

you know all about Tesla yeah remember

like the steampunk

designs on like make mods and stuff with

the gears and stuff well this is their

attempt I think that the Tesla part open

it up you see what color I'll open this

one ok so right off the bat I like the

packaging it is packaged in a way that I

like it look here Bulls the Tesla pump

pod looks like a little quarter yeah

there we go hey boss that's a little

peak that's a little block achiever this

right here son now I like this I don't

care if it bakes or not bulls I'm going

to keep this I'm going to use it as a

damn paperweight actually would look

cool under dad yeah this is this is cool

look at the steampunk design that's so

anyways this feels like a stack of

quarters something reminds me about

quarter the way it feels the way that

it's like engraved and stuff this feels

good in your hand and it really does it

feels heavy it feels like you got a hunk

of metal I'm excited to see how she

vibes let's see what else we get in here

we got this we got two pots two pots we

got this which is what you've got there

what the heck is that it's a chain dude

it's a chain dude okay so yeah it looks

awesome it feels awesome let's talk

about what goes on inside of this and

what makes this the pump pod special

here's a very up close look at the Tesla

Punk pod by the way this is the tiny

little charging cable that they sent

what the hell well the Hank you supposed

to plug an inner fret and reach

something Lord goodness anyways this

thing has a 600 million power battery in

there which is pretty good for that size

as you can tell if you look right here

it looks awesomeness crap it comes with

two 1.2 milliliter refillable pods and

inside of here you've got some 1.4 own

coils which works well with salt neck or

even regular freebase nicotine now if

that boy right here is made out of zinc

alloy and

pushes about 10 watts of purge you hear

that boom here - superb - superb and Tim

welke Japan in half in the half every

half cube a copy man and the price tag

on this thing it sells for about 35

buckaroo knees ok what am I gonna be

filling up this little bitty tiny pond

with you ask strawberry from Signature

Collection from vapor stockroom our

favorite eliquid manufacturers in the

whole world they make the best eliquid

ever especially this league a liquid

called strawberry from the Signature

Collection which you can find on our

website hey yeah you can use my code

little strawberry candies the wrapper

looks like a strawberry it has got the

goo inside yeah grandma gives them to

you every time she sees you get one of

those get it a little bit wet and then

smell it that's what this you know it

tickles your brain really small capacity

and deposit so you overfill the fill

hole in here by the way is small yeah

but the tips fit me the tip fits in it

but I like my fill holes just a little

bit bigger

why play round one yeah you know

whenever I go to feel a hole I feel that

hole how do you know why I like just you

so much why cuz it tastes spectacular

does it yeah it really like you might

think it smells like a one of those

strawberry candies that's wet I think

this smells and tastes like literally a

fresh strawberry plucked straight from

the vine the best rugby player I've ever

tried them all up

honest to god unless it's like compared

to like a desert strawberry but there's

two different categories this right here

the amazing stroker that's a big

statement that's big state and I try a

lot of juice because there are a lot of

strawberries every company has their own

strawberry mm-hmm and if that's the best

you ask me you ask aid us Jared this is

the best and that's a fact jack can ya

hit this vape tell those people what it

was like to hit that thing all right you

ready there we go take a big inhale on

the Tesla pump I with the gears we think

about that it's a good puzzle it does

what it's supposed to do it's not the

best in the world but it's good for the

form like a 10 watt output it hits

really good try it once Jeff Jeff Watts

by the way you saw that vapor production

rig it

just for 10 why on earth and in his part

I'm fully charged right so we gotta

think about that and also the flavor on

it was actually you kind of blew my mind

not saying that blew my mind to the

point where like it's the best player I

had a boom in mind that it's not a

mashup on and it tasted really shit and

especially coming out with a strawberry

right here for my dick heart

alright it's my turn yeah no big

surprises there that hits really good

like a good pot system sure but what

really makes this thing stand out man is

the looks I mean just look at this thing

it looks like the inside of a freaking

clock you know what I'm saying tick-tock

on the damn clock right there it is you

don't think it'd be cooler though what

if it actually had moving parts on it

and what do I associate clocks with

fanciness do you want to be fancy and

had the inside of a clock on the outside

of your vape there you go son

you know what else this looks like Sun

gears gears like hard core gears here

Watch gears I'm talking about bigger

gears are you industrious are you a man

only men like gears are you ready are

you willing to take your life and shift

it into the next gear well then this

vape is for you okay don't have fear

ship your gear okay you got a draw

pretty hard on it but I like it's known

as the area's over to be but you can't

expect it to be you know they paired

like Barbie in right it's 2d it's a park

mod this is just a little tiny part sits

and smiles you know I don't áown yeah I

mean they just need something you know

to give them food they don't give them

nicotine they'll be all right you'll get

satisfied but it's something small you

know that you're keeping their fucker

out there

what are they keeping I'm a little

change stylist or change and yeah do

gotta agree with Kane on the flavor on

that really good flavor for a non mash

kind of one point 4 ohm coil with just

10 watts of power this stuff right here

comes out magnificently it always does

but especially on this pod if you

haven't tried this by the way go try go

to our website add it to your cart use

the discount code cane 11 and 11

kilo-alpha november echo 11 okay yeah

all right mm-hmm and please use it

because I might be buying a new car soon

but not new new to me but like you know

I need all the help I can get

because you no longer loans yeah so if

you buy this juice it's already really

good price at 11 percent off Cain gets

Commission that helps him out you save

money I stay in business it's a win-win

for you you you you you you you maybe

you yo you can't yep yep

you ain't you good you can't you can't

you hey you got a subscribe bitch try to

subscribe bitch do it how to subscribe

bitch see you next time


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