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The Best Charger For Uwell Caliburn | Vape Chager

today we got

something a little different we're gonna

be going over the Jamie P for you well

Caliburn portable charger yeah man this

is gonna be pretty popular cuz I know

there are a lot of Caliburn uses out

there days you will sold a ton of Calla

burns and people can definitely use this

before we get into the video click the

link down below in the top comment in

order to join our Facebook group oh yeah

baby check this thing out man those are

the specs on the back 1200 milliamp hour

alright charges at 1 amp measures in at

15 by 54 by a hundred and thirty seven

millimeters open it up just like this

comes in a package like that get this

little plastic PC here I'm gonna pull

that off and there it is

alright pretty pretty simple device

right a little bit of branding over

there Jamie branding okay over here you

can see that's your micro USB port for

charging you also have some stats here

I'm not sure if you can read that

alright but it basically gives you the

same specs that it gives you on the back

of the Box open this thing up like so

alright and inside you get a shorty

style charging cable real real short

alright and over here see that little

magnetic piece right here

that's a micro USB adapter that you're

gonna plug in to the bottom of your ul

Caliburn and once you plug that piece in

it just magnetically attaches alright so

let me show you what we're talking about

see you locate your micro USB port on

your Caliburn right and then you take

this little piece and you just pop it in

right so now you got these three gold

plated pins on the bottom of your

caliber and if you only con about that

and I don't know a lot of people

actually stand it up but it actually

makes you caliber and a little wobbly

because of that little piece protruding

right there it does make your caliber

and a little wobbly it's not really that

bad because something with the Caliburn

I just put it down on a table like that

when I put it down but for some people

if you're gonna stand it up see it's a

little it's a little bit more tipsy no

big deal in my book now let me show you

how this thing works

if you here's your battery indicator

lights right here you see I got four

lights that shows that I'm fully charged

each light represents 25% if you want to

charge your Caliburn just pop it in

there like that see all the lights on

bottom lights are on charging light is

on now you can close this bad boy stick

it in your pocket and you're charging

while you're walking around kinda cool

now one thing I wish they would have

done was see this part right here I know

a lot of Caliburn uses and most of them

don't own just one Caliburn they own

multiple two or three I would have liked

you've seen them and include two pieces

of this two of these so if I am one of

those users that has two caliber pnes

while I'm vaping on one I could have

another one charging alright that's that

that would have been kind of neat that

really would have another thing that

would have been kind of neat is if they

would have incorporated some type of

storage in here for a spare pod that

would have been kind of neat as well

that's not a deal breaker but the the

the micro USB adapter they should have

definitely put two in there because i

know most Caliburn owners own more than

one so let's put it back in there see

how it's all charging up now and there

you go the calibre pne's all installed

you're charged up you're ready to slide

this thing into a bag or a pocket let's

go over those cons and pros first cons

gonna be that little piece that I showed

you that goes on the bottom of your UL

Caliburn they should have included too

come on Jamie you got it you got it

include to the reason you got to include

two is number one if I only have one

Caliburn and I lose it I lose that

little piece I'm Sol number two is most

Caliburn owners don't have just one so

if I do own two I want to be able to put

each piece in each of

ice that I own and while one is charging

up I want to be able to still vape on

the other one without having to pull

this piece out and charge the one that's

dead so you got to include two in the

box you just weren't thinking it's a con

another con is gonna be the device

itself I'm not talking about the caliber

and I'm talking about the charger takes

about 90 minutes to charge so you kind

of got to know you know before you

before you go out for the day to put

this thing on the charger before you

leave if you're gonna be out the whole

day with your caliber pnes I wish you

charge a little faster it's a bit of a

con less cons gonna be I wish they would

have put some space in there some type

of space for me to carry at least one

spare pod that would have been a really

nice touch they may have had to make it

a little bigger but I really would have

appreciated the ability to carry an

extra pod I think they should have

thought that through a bit but that's it

on the cons inside is not a lot to

complain about here let's go over the

pros first pros gonna be when you put

your Caliburn in that case and then you

put your case in your pocket or your bag

pocket it protects the mouthpiece from

debris I like that

I think it's a lot cleaner than just

slipping this in a bag or a pocket so

that's a problem it also protects it

against accidental firing a lot of

people forget that the Caliburn also has

a push to fire feature on it and a lot

of times I'll have this in my pocket or

something and you know I'll go to take a

vape of it and my coils burnt or my pods

burnt and that's because I accidentally

brushed up against something and fired

it a couple of times and it burns out

the pod when you have it in that hard

case there's no chance of that happening

it's a definite pro I love the fact that

I could just carry this little case

around and get three charges I can

charge my Caliburn three times with one

full charge on this device that's a huge

pro especially if you're the type of

person that you know uses the cap

on a daily basis and it's your only

device you can take this with you and

when you're not using the caliber and

you can pop it in there and top it off

or charge it up from dead to full and

you'll be able to do that three times

huge huge Pro and the last Pro is gonna

be this thing is slim it's light it's

pocketable you can easily carry this in

a shirt pocket and inside jacket pocket

or even a front jeans pocket it'll do

well in a bag pocket it's just a super

easy carry let's score this one on our

scoring system and see where it lands as

far as looks goes I think it's sleek I

think it's classy looking we'll give it

a solid four stars form factor it's

light its slim it's an easy carry we're

gonna give it another four stars for

that as far as performance goes we'll

give it three stars because it does

exactly what it's supposed to do it

charges your Caliburn no issues

whatsoever so we'll give it a solid

three stars now as far as value goes I'm

gonna give it a two and I'll explain to

you why this thing is going for 30 bucks


I've regularly seen the Caliburn on sale

for $15 so technically for the price of

two caliber --nz

you can buy one of these I think it's a

little pricey considering the device

that it's going to be used for if it was

a little cheaper it would have gotten a

better score in the value department but

I'm gonna give it two stars as far as

the value goes now we add all these

stars up we get a total of 13 stars

we're gonna take those stars we're gonna

divide them by four and we're gonna come

up with three and a quarter stars as an

overall rating for this device which for

a charger is a very good rating I mean

how much detail can I really get into

it's a charger for crying out loud

it does what it's supposed to do I know

one thing if you're a Caliburn user if

you're a die-hard Caliburn user and you

use it all the time

this is definitely a must-own for you be

sure to click the link down below in the

top comment in order to join our

Facebook group for more exclusive behind


seems content don't forget insiders

click the thumbnail right here to watch

our best fakes of 2020 video and that's

it inside us that's all I got for you

today you keep living that vape life

we're out of here



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