The Billet Box | RBA Really Works Well

alright I'm finally feeling a little bit

better a little bit more like me and

I've got a ton of requests for this one

today we're looking at the bridged for

the billet box from wikked



welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony and yeah my voice is actually

sounding a little bit better today man I

tell you what it since the last video

that I did last week

I have endur'd some serious sinus

infection stuff and I usually don't try

to go to the doctor but I ended up going

to the urgent care this weekend and

found out it is just a sinus infection

but when you say just a sinus infection

it sounds minor but this is a whole it's

been rough anyways trying to get myself

back into the flow of things and I

really wanted to get this on here

because well the people that put this

thing together the bridge is well it's a

group of very passionate people that

just from the admins to RJ to Jesus and

the rest of the team they put a lot of

work into their stuff now we showed you

the relinked rdta

before I went on my vacation and this is

the same group this is from the wycked

group on Facebook a little bit more

difficult to get you got to join the

group or you can buy one secondhand from

somebody they are gonna do another run

of these very soon it's made in the

Philippines and it ain't cheap man it

sells for $145 but there's a lot of

value and I'm going to show you that

here this is the bridged well bridge for

the billet box I'm gonna be putting it

inside this bill a box today I got these

panels from Poland and I have a hard

time saying the name I think it's kind

of Co kind of cold yeah he did these

cool panels here and I tried the villa

box a couple of years ago wasn't real

happy with the bridges that's what they

call the part that goes inside of the

Boro tank that's what this little tank

is right here the bore oh right I just

wasn't happy with any of those but

lately the air the mission karma bridge

and some of the others that have come

out have just been fantastic and I tell

you what I can't get enough of it I will

tell you that the Billa box is a bit of

a rabbit hole maybe I'll do a video on

that in the future but kind of hard to

get a little bit more expensive but

they're made in America they have a DNA

board in them total customization like

these little screws this little plate

right here even the little click ease on

here or I'll customize I put them all in

there but yeah I'm gonna be putting this

bridged inside of here I'm gonna go

ahead and build them wicked today so

this video might be a little bit longer

I'm still on these medications and stuff

how these are James McCullen coils he

made these specifically for the bridge 3

millimeter diameter and 0.55 each

they're alien coils and I have a fresh

Bora that I'm going to use for it now if

you're uninitiated with the whole billet

box thing $145 for

RBA basically it sounds like a lot of

money but it isn't because you know what

billet box stuff is not cheap it's

expensive and this is very well made

made in the Philippines so let me

explain what you got here you've got

this little bag you've got this

container that's inside of there

everything comes in its individual

little baggies inside of there so

nothing gets scratched up or anything

serial numbered this one's 348 you get a

couple of these little grippy pads in

here which may come in handy I'll

explain that a little bit later this is

what it looks like completed let me take

this out of here though this is an

airflow and it's a 510 so each one of

these little pieces that you get here

there are five different ones here are

different diameters for airflow in there

so that's a nice tiny one from out too

long so basically you've got a one

millimeter two millimeter 2.5 millimeter

three millimeter a 3.5 millimeter that's

all of these right here get a little bag

it has extra o rings and a couple of

extra grub screws in there there is an

integrated drip tip now this drip tip

this is an integrated drip tip right

here as well this one's from mission

this is awesome and I love these Teflon

but if you take this out of here on a

billet box normally there's a nut that's

right here and then a 5-10 will go

inside of there but in this case you do

the integrated one that's actually what

holds everything together is that nut if

I take it out of there that can come out

but we'll just put this in here now you

can see that moves but when put this in

here now that integrated tip holds

everything together and there we go so

you get the tip and a lot of times these

tips will cost you know 60 70 bucks for

these things these teflon ones for

mission are really nice though because

you've got this little insert that's in

here and it comes with different inserts

it's hard to get that out of here right

now but you can put tighter inserts in

there if you want and this teflon just

feels so good on your lips yeah so we're

just gonna pop this out of here so once

you take the boron tank out of there

that's what it looks like you can see

that nut right there is what holds

everything together like I said I might

do an actual video explaining the billet

box phenomenon and all that stuff but if

you're looking at this like whoa okay

there are other AI O's out there but

this is an American one that you can do

a tons of customization and even this

little button right here this button

came with this bridged and that's pretty

nice sometimes they charged quite a bit

of money for these buttons you know

twenty twenty-five dollars for those

things I mean everything can be

customized in here I put titanium screws

in here

and a different inner in all of that so

and this one's kind of cool because you

can just pull this off to replace your

button so yeah but yeah well maybe we'll

do a video talking about all of that

later all right so you do get all of

these different airflow inserts and I

like the biggest one here let me pull it

out of here

I don't know this one's the biggest one

I think I'm gonna go with this one right

here which i think is three millimeters

you also get this little tool in here

now this tool is a multi-tool because it

can be used to take this whole thing

apart you can just put it on there and

take that off and you can take the whole

deck apart if you want to and it also

works for the locking nut that normally

is in here if you don't have an integral

tip you can just stick that in there to

use to unscrew that nut that's pretty

nice you also get a little 510 adapter

for when you're building and stuff all

right so I'm going to go ahead and put

this airflow in here and the air flow is

also the positive pin and you can see

that it's raised a little bit right

there see that so this is also the

positive pin they all kind of work

together this is going to go in there

and what's really cool is that once this

thing is completely assembled and inside

the bar oh you don't have to take it

apart to replace the air flow on it you

just pull the Baro out take this out and

you put a different one in just like

that tighten her up now the reason why

you have these little pads right here is

because sometimes if you don't put this

onto your mod or your five-to-one tab or

whatever first and then screw this on if

you screw it all together and you screw

it on to the things sometimes that

airflow piece the positive pin can get

stuck in here and you can use this to

pull that out of there just unscrew it

so I mean they thought of everything I

think that's that's really good and

you're probably looking well why is

there two of these well two chimneys one

of these four mounts along you got a

nice tight one and then you got a nice

loose one for everything else you'll

notice inside of here that there's an

area right there and right there for the

posts the positive and negative and then

this area right here is routed out and

that's just in case you put a big coil

in there they want to make sure that the

coil doesn't touch the top cap or the

chimney and they tested this thing with

everything from tiny coils to big three

millimeter coils in the coil that I'm

using today is actually a three

millimeter alien so that's what we're

gonna do so it's nice that you get

choices there a lot of options with this

when we pull this off of here and that

is the deck it's a very simple deck and

at first I was like okay it looks pretty

simple and but one thing that they did

that is great is if you've ever had to

build on a deck like this sometimes it's

hard to get your lead just

right or whatever look so this side has

one hole in it and then this side has a

slot so you put the coil in there and

then you just drop it in like that so it

does make it really easy to build I have

had a build in here I did clean it up

but it came really clean just right out

of the box or you know out of the

package it's decided I figured well with

this one maybe I'll do a build and work

on it on camera I know I kind of suck at

it it takes me a long time to do it but

will kind of forward through some of

that stuff so yeah there's a lot going

on here you get a lot of stuff and it's

$145 no question about that it is not a

cheap piece of equipment but it's all

together really quite nice you know you

get your five ten adapter you get a

multi-tool you get the integrated drip

tip you have two different chimneys you

get five different inserts for your air

flow for me I think that's a lot of

value now one thing that I did notice

and I was like we're gonna see how this

thing works

by the way this kind of snaps together

you can see there's like a little notch

right there and it locks it just kind of

see it kind of has a snap listen so

that's nice but I noticed that these

holes were a little bit high I was like

why aren't they down here or whatever

and it is serial number down here in the

bottom and really it's capillary action

okay when you're drawing on this thing

just from hitting on it and drawing on

it it pulls that juice up and I've

gotten this thing all the way down to

the very bottom of it and was like dang

it's actually still wicking so it works

really good and some pull that off of

here this is not the one I'm going to

use this is the one that I'm going to

use I'm just gonna put that one aside

I'm not going to need the tool right now

but if this had a locking nut on it I

could use that to unscrew it and when

you disassembled it it's actually quite

easy you know you take your airflow out

of there you use that nut right there

and it just basically this piece comes

out and got a peek insulator all the way

around that so I'm just going to tighten

that in their thumb tight this is one of

the keys to building this thing there's

your positive down there I'll

gold-plated without having the airflow

attachment gets stuck in here or the you

know the positive pin / airflow and by

the way there are little grooves on this

thing in order to you know get a grip on

to pull it off so I'm going to tighten

that on there real good if you put that

on first and then put this in here there

we go

that works out just right just snug it

you don't have to get it too tight got

one of the james Mechelen coils here

looking good right here that's an alien

coil the legs of it are pointing the

opposite direction so what we're gonna

do is just back out these screws see

we've got a nice hole there I'm gonna

back out this screw here and

you'll see that it leads you know it's

kind of like a vice it's more of a slot

that's that's there we'll just take this

leg we'll put it in there just like that

and then look that leg just falls right

into place there so that is pretty nice

once I put this one in that just falls

in sometimes it can be so fiddly trying

to get that one in and that one and I'm

like ah all right then we're gonna get a

post I'm gonna stick it through there

this is a three millimeter post and then

we can just kind of hold the post there

and what they tell you to do is just

make it so the post rests on the deck

just like that and we'll just tighten it

up I mean it couldn't be any more simple

than that boom I like to bend this one

over just a little bit so that I can

hold it in there and then tighten it

down there we go again you just want the

your post to rest right on the deck like

that now of course you can use whatever

coil you want but I'm showing you that

you can use a nice big beefy coil inside

of here three millimeter diameter on

that sucker and this is the kind of coil

that they were using when they were

showing it on their Facebook group so

why not I have actually put just some

simple round wire in here and it worked

just fine now one thing you do want to

do is make sure that you clip that as

close as you can to that and if there's

any excess make sure you tuck it around

somehow all right so we're gonna get in

there as close as we can tell me man

these medications they make me shaky and

stuff I'm like bang it click this one

this one's a little easier to get to so

you got to make sure that there are no

strands or anything sticking out there

this one is that one's good right there

this one's a little wonky I think I need

to get some new Clippers or a little

little tighter I'm just gonna push it

back around like that this is to make

sure another thing is going to touch

that cap

yeah warned you I might take a while to

build alright once again positioning

that coil I like to space my coil out

just a tiny bit so I'm going to do that

alright got a nice even glow going on

there well 0.55 is what he's saying 0.5

4 not too bad now you see there is an

insulator right next to that post right

there so you want to make sure any stray

wires or any kind of strands or anything

or either rolled around or so

then you don't want it to touch because

you don't want it to short out don't

stick those back in there and once again

push it down so it's just even with the

deck it'll be wicking this with some

cloud9 cotton this comes from Australia

and I've been using it in just about

everything I do love this stuff man it's

really really good not only that but

when they send it to me they send me

treats from Australia and I love that

too gonna trim that a little bit it's a

pretty big coil so we can use quite a

bit of cotton in that just put it

through the coil and you want your coil

to be pretty centered in there okay

right over that airflow you see the

airflow that's in there and cut it out

about right here right there pretty much

right at the outsides of the deck so now

I'm gonna take these tweezers and I'm

just gonna stuff this down right down

inside there this medication alone makes

me all shaky it's a lot harder to do

this when I'm shaky like that all right

so you can see that the cotton is gonna

be right inside of there and then right

inside of there those are your wicking

holes I've been using this quite a bit

it is a salt liquid but it is only 18

milligrams it's a low milligram Nick


it's gushers it's watermelon gummy candy

and it's quite tasty so I'm gonna go

this is what I was using in it before

I'm gonna go ahead and use it again I

can see my ohms jumping a little bit

because I needed to be tightened up it

was good and pretty fire a little bit

just to get the get the wicking started

all right and this is key you want to

make sure that you put this cap on here

before you start trying to put it inside

the bar oh just to make sure that

nothing is touching and shorting out and

that it is right now yeah so we got to

work on that a little bit I guess my

only suggestion would be to get these

posts just a little bit further in so

that they're further away from the cat

all right it's working fine all right so

now we're gonna take this off of here

and it stayed on there now had this

stayed inside of here or somehow you

know gotten locked in there you can use

one of these little pads that they gave

you to pull it out I need something to

make sure that's tight okay

nice fresh borrow that I'm putting this

in here okay because this one is fresh

I'm gonna want to put a little bit of

liquid on the o-rings on here okay then

we're gonna take this piece that's the

one that I'm going to use the chimney

that I prefer that's the thing about

borrows they can be a little bit finicky

you got to you know do two pieces like

that this one goes in just nicely like

that and we'll drop this one in its

gonna sit over that hole and we're just

gonna put it all together just like that

ah perfect

that's what she looks like just like

that boom again fresh bore oh this one's

never been used so I'm just gonna put a

little bit of liquid on that oh ring

that's on there like this slide on

little easier

we'll fill her up just like that and

those little bubbles that's what you

want to see you right there happy

bubbles little bubbles mean that it's

wicking just right that's a good thing

all right then we just drop this in like

that and we're gonna use their

integrated tip that comes with it the

integrated tip basically means that the

tip has the threads on there and an

o-ring that you know prevents you from

having to use the the nut that comes

with it there we go

see what this is saying here 0.5 ohms

that is nice it looks good in there now

a little tip I didn't do this but

typically when you do one of these kind

of square type of RBA's you want to set

it a little bit that way so that when

you screw this on it'll twist it and

it'll be even but that's just fine slap

on our little panel right there and

we're good to go and again that button

does come with it which you know that's

that's pretty cool man you get

everything you're gonna need to to Panda

yourself out with the bridged and again

one of the things that's cool about this

is if you put it in there and you're

like you know I don't like that air flow

real easy all you got to do is take it

out do that so if you don't like the air

flow that's in there I hold it right

here like this then you just unscrew

that airflow positive pin put a new one

in there and you're good to go just make

sure that you hold on up here because

all the Boro tanks

a lot of them have different overing

tolerances of the seams and sometimes

you might push a little bit too hard on

this push it up and then well you're

gonna dump your juice so there we go

put it back in just it back on test it

out we're good to go

so yeah maybe I'll do a video on here

about the ins and outs of the billet box

the billet box has been around home and

since like what 2012 2013 something like

that it's gone through some revisions it

has a DNA board in it it's a great mod

it's kind of the grandfather of all

all-in-one devices you know and it's

super customizable but I'll just warn

you it's a rabbit hole man it's it

becomes like crack you get one of these

things like I got to have one of those

things I gotta have some panels I got to

get inners for it I got to get clicky I

got to get all the stuff you know and

it's just wow it becomes like I said a

rabbit hole in this case though instead

of a rabbit it's a panda and I got to

tell you this thing is nice one of the

things that I really liked about it

first of all wick to the Facebook group

that did the wick RDA the reworked rdta

that I showed the other guests so it was

like two weeks ago I think the owner of

wick is RJ DeJesus R de Jesus and he's

got some great admins and other partners

and stuff that really work hard on

making these things really good so they

think of all the ins and outs all the

little things they test them over and

over again and then they put them out

they put them out in limited release

though so it is one of those things got

to be at the right place at the right

time or at least be following the group

and know when they're gonna do their

drop and all that kind of stuff but it's

one of those things that even if you

don't get it in there you might be able

to find it secondhand although I don't

see a lot of these for sale right now

secondhand that is most the people that

got them or like no I love this thing so

yeah one hundred and forty five dollars

it's a lot and there's a lot of times

where I've said wow this is just way too

much I'm not gonna pay that or whatever

in the past but once you go down that

billet box rabbit hole if you know you

know you know what I'm saying the $145

it's about the price of what you might

pay for a high-end RDA in this case it's

a high-end R b/a and it comes with a lot

of stuff when you get into the stuff

just the integrated drip tip that's on

here those things can cost 35 to 60

dollars for something like that a little

panda button it's on here that might

cost thirty thirty five dollars for one

of those and then you get all those

airflow inserts you get the little tool

I guess what it comes down to is if it's

worth it to you it's worth it to you you

know I've got a friend that spends $300

on a pair of sneakers and I'm like

and sixty to eighty bucks is about as

much as I'll pay so they totally get it

and there are some great a iOS out there

like the dot a IO and there's something

for everybody in this case the bridged

it works really well and that's one of

the things previously when I had tried

to get into the bela box I got one and I

was like yeah I don't really you know

because they have bridges that you can

use like the EUC coils or the occ coils

from Kanger or you know there are many

bridges out there the bridge again is

the piece that goes inside that little

white boar tank but it wasn't till

recently with the mission karma bridge

also the air bridge and now this one

here man I tell you what once you get a

good bridge in there and it's easy to

build on and all of that stuff it makes

the billabong it makes a world of

difference with the billa box and

probably one of the best things about

all these things including this bridge

when it comes to billet box stuff is

usually you can sell it for about what

you paid for it if you want to sell it

later on because people want this stuff

so yeah it's almost like an investment

so let's try this thing out now I've got

the second to the largest airflow on

this thing might actually think about

putting a tighter one in there but I

usually like as much airflow as I can

get I previously had the largest one in

here and that one was a lot of airflow I

mean it's it's only like a 0.5

millimeter difference between the one

that I had in there and this one but it

works great flavor is really good off of

this thing and yeah again that is a

Nick's all that's in there but it's 18

milligrams it's it's very much not harsh

at the flavor on it is really good

I would even venture to say that the

flavor on this is a little bit wetter

and denser if you will than some of the

ones that I've tried but it's really

good you know personally the way that

you build this thing just makes it so

easy some of them can be so fiddly

you're like I can't get this thing you

gotta twist it around no problem you

just put one lead in drop the other one

over clip it off the only thing that I

would say is that those posts remove

just a tiny bit away from where the

actual top cap goes on there it would be

helpful because you really got to get in

there and clip that wire out there make

sure there are no little extra strands

hanging off or anything like that

because if there are it's going to touch

the sides of the top cap you know the

chimney part and you'll get a short now

these guys did a collaboration with BM

for the stash box I did get one of those

ordered thanks to Charles Rowe so I will

have that on the channel here as soon as

I get it I think around the end of March

is what it is and with that

collaboration they put this inside of

that stash box and you could even get

like the whole panda design on the stash

box I'm really looking forward to that

but this bridge it's good nice nice I do

want to thank them for sending this over

here for me to try out Ross is one of

their admins on the wikked group and he

was like dude you're gonna have to try

this thing and I'm very appreciative of

you guys sending it over here if they

hadn't sent it to me and I had to get on

a group buy and buy it

knowing what I know now oh I definitely

buy 145 bucks no problem all day plus it

actually looks cool inside there so that

is the bridged RBA for the billet box or

borrow any kind of mod that uses a

borrow tank and I dig it want to thank

you so much for your support here in the

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