The Damage vaping Do To Your Health VS Smoking

now Maury that's right Adam just today

the governor and health officials

introduced legislation and in urging the

state legislature to enact a ban on all

flavored vaping products this is a an

effort they've been trying to do


via executive order that has failed and

now they're going to try to do this

through the legislature that's just

today and for good reason

at least on their part because we've had

so many cases of vaping illnesses and

even death here in New York State

joining me now is dr. Kuzma Iqbal she is

with Rochester General Hospital

cardiologist and she is on the American

Heart Association Board of Directors

what damage does vaping do to your body

as opposed to smoking so these products

are being marketed as being safe but

they are very addictive the nicotine

content is very high in these products

so one part of a liquid is more than

more nicotine than pack of cigarettes so

these are highly highly addictive also

in addition to that it it doesn't

produce smoke but it produces aerosol

which contains fine particles and these

have toxic chemicals that have been

linked with heart disease respiratory

diseases and even cancers and there's

been research that is coming out and was

recently published this year with the

American Journal of Public Health which

linked it to you know causing high

increased heart rates increasing blood

pressures as well as heart attacks so in

other words you know this is doing

profound damage we've had people

hospitalized here locally right and

absolutely and then you know as a

cardiologist I have I've been seeing

these patients and that's why the

American Heart Association is advocating

that to ban all savoured products

including e-cigarettes including menthol


all right dr. Eko thank you so much for

joining us today we're gonna let you get

back to the phones our experts are going

to be here through 6:30 this evening to

take your questions perhaps you want

advice on how to quit vaping products

you want to know a little bit more about

what they are and what they're doing to

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