🔥The Link Between Vaping and Heart Attacks Proven To Be Incorrect

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pretty big waves in the academic world

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now let's get into it back in June of

2019 University of California

researchers stanton glance and dharma

beta released a study in the Journal of

the American Heart Association reporting

findings of a link between East

cigarette use and heart attacks the

framework of the study was to analyze

data from the population assessment of

tobacco and health also known as path

which is a long-term study on the

effects of tobacco products the major

finding in the study was that several

people who were identified as vapors had

experienced heart attacks

more specifically myocardial infarction

which is common with smokers the study

did not go unnoticed and was featured on

major news outlets like CNN Yahoo News

and USA Today glance even published the

blog post of his findings on the

university of california website the

study concluded saying that e-cigs

should not be promoted or prescribed as

a less risky alternative to cigarettes

and should not be recommended as a

method of smoking cessation shortly

after the release of the study in early

july 2019 Brad row do a tobacco

researcher at the University of

Louisville found a major flaw in their

research looking back at the information

from path the vapors I've experienced

heart attacks actually had them before

they started vaping which points to

smoking as the cause Rodo actually took

the original figures from glancing bout

a study and found that once he excluded

those who had heart attacks from vaping

the link between the two totally

disappeared he concluded by saying the

main findings from the battle gland

study or false and invalid and

recommended editors take appropriate

action like retracting the article so

the study was released in June and Road

who made his findings in July but no

action was taken until recently because

the study was getting more attention and

more criticism

fast forward to January 20th 2020 a

letter was sent to several editors and

the president of the American Heart

Association from 16 major tobacco

researchers from around the world to

show concern from the inaccurate

information provided in glance and

baddest study after being called out not

only once but twice the American Heart

Association finally responded as you can

see here the response was pretty

unapologetic and explained that the

researchers were on a deadline and did

not have consistent access to the path

study which was the basis of their

research they end up saying they

understand the research is unreliable

and kind of just leave it there

so we have a retraction but what now the

study was responsible for spreading a

lot of misinformation

although retraction is good on an

academic level it doesn't do much for

the general public since the damage has

been done already I'd like to see a

corrected article published but I wonder

if this will actually ever happen since

Corrections or even positive news about

vaping seem to get brushed under the rug

this just serves as another example of

why it's so hard to take what the media

presents to us at face value for months

this study was taking this fact but

ended up being totally wrong let me know

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