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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

The Most Popular Myths About Vaping And Uncovering The Truth

when it comes to vaping there's a lot of

misinformation out there what's

concerning is that some of the biggest

arguments and gets vaping are either

myths or situations that have been blown

out of proportion today I'll be breaking

down some of those myths my goal today

is to give you the facts so you can make

an informed decision about vaping and

see why it's been a helpful tool for

millions of people around the world now

let's start with a big one

exploding vapes we've all seen videos of

vapes exploding here on YouTube or

social media but what you really hear

about are the more important details

when devices explode it almost always

comes down to user error or misuse like

any electronic mishandling a device can

be dangerous fortunately when it comes

to vaping basic safety and common sense

or all you really need firstly

understanding battery safety is key the

batteries that vapes use such as 18 650s

are high output and need to be looked

after making sure the battery wrap is

intact the insulator is in place and

there's no damage to the cell is

important when batteries are damaged in

any of these ways are old their

potential to malfunction increases

always inspect your batteries and ask

for help if you're unsure it's often

that the devices you see exploding or

mechanical these devices don't have an

onboard chip that protect you from

errors or allow you to adjust power

settings with these devices and

understanding of Ohm's law is required

as they're made for rebuildable coils

when using a mechanical device you need

to make sure the build of your coil does

not exceed the output capability of your

battery if this happens your battery can

overheat from being stressed and

potentially explode finally one of the

most avoidable explosions are when a

battery is not stored correctly as a

live cell being in contact with metals

can short out your battery so it's

important to keep them away from

anything metallic putting a battery in

your pocket with loose change or keys

can be very dangerous if you want to

safely transport your batteries put them

in a case before we continue make sure

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now onto myth number 2 popcorn lung the

story of pop Kremmling is interesting

and revolves around a flavoring additive

called diacetyl originally diacetyl was

used to give popcorn a buttery flavor

eventually it started to be used in

making a liquids

that's when the world went crazy

essentially continuous inhalation of

diacetyl and powdered form led to

popcorn one thanks to sensationalism the

fact that diacetyl has been used in

eliquids directly connected it with

popcorn lung and led to a mass scare

about vaping there has not been a single

case of popcorn lung contracted by

vaping in fact cigarettes contain an

average of 750 times more diacetyl and

no one has contracted popcorn lung from

smoking either in case you're still

concerned nearly all Canadian eliquid

manufacturers have stopped using

diacetyl to ensure the products you buy

are totally safe moving on the myth

number three there have been claims that

vaping is more harmful than smoking when

in reality it's the opposite vaping has

been proven to be at least 95 percent

less harmful than cigarettes many people

think that the most harmful part of a

cigarette is nicotine although it is

addictive it is not the cause of cancer

and other major health problems that

come from smoking the main culprits here

tar carbon monoxide and the hundreds of

other chemicals you find in cigarettes

which have no place being in our bodies

with vaping there is no combustion so

you can't inhale carbon monoxide any

liquids have four main ingredients

propylene glycol vegetable glycerin

flavoring and nicotine with the first

three being food grade and safe for

consumption while nicotine is optional

and almost always consumed that lower

amounts than what a cigarette offers to

add on to this chemically nicotine is

very similar to caffeine due to its

stimulant properties and its uses cited

as a safe tool for quitting smoking by

the American Journal of respiratory and

critical care medicine myth number four

secondhand vapor with secondhand smoke

being proven to be dangerous it's easy

to think the same about vapor in reality

what you exhale is very similar to

regular air when nicotine is in vapor

form it quickly absorbs through your

mouth and lungs in 2018 the Department

of Public Health in England or Phe

reviewed the risks of vaping and were

unable to find any harmful components in

secondhand vapor there have also been

concerns about PG and VG inhalation but

both of these ingredients are used in

everyday products like foods and

sweeteners in the medical field these

are used in nebulizers which help

administer medication in vapour form to

people with conditions like asthma and

COPD either way it should go without

saying that if you're vaping in public

it's important to be courteous to those

around you even if what you're exhaling

is harmless now let

move on to our last myth vaping is more

addictive than cigarettes to debunk this

myth we need to understand how

vaporizers help with nicotine addiction

when someone starts vaping they'll begin

with an amount of nicotine that feels

comparable to how much they smoke over

time they'll decrease in the katene

intake often to the lowest amount or no

nicotine at all essentially you're

weaning yourself off nicotine by using a

method that feels similar to smoking

unlike patches or gum vaping feels

satisfying like smoking while giving you

choice over how much nicotine you take

in working in a vape shop I've seen many

people go down to no nicotine or quit

vaping entirely and it's inspiring to

see someone overcome an addiction

they've had for years with so much

misinformation out there it's our job as

vapors to spread the truth and continue

to help others quit smoking thanks for

watching we'll see you next time


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