👆The Newest Ehpor Kelpie 24mm RDA Vaping With Vic

I know right there haven't been a whole

lot of new RDA designs out there lately

and part of that is because well it's

difficult there's everything's pretty

much been done well today we're going to

be looking at the eh Pro and vaping with

Vic project this is the kelpie RDA



welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony today we're looking at the kelpie

RDA this one comes from eh pro and it's

funny because on the box

it just says designed by eh pro and then

on the base of it it says designed by

vaping with Vic

now vaping with Vic has been around for

some time he's he's entertaining to

watch because his accident just cracks

me up so I guess he designed this yeah I

don't know well here it is okay it's

really faint down there and I'm actually

wearing readers now so maybe that's why

I see it

hey vaping with Vic project alright well

good enough okay so let's take a look at

a fresh one here this one's the blue one

I believe black stainless steel and blue

are the three different colours that

they have got your purchase information

warranty card here RDA over here in a

little accessories box right there each

one of them says what colour it is on

that right there let's see over here on

the back it says it has the RDA

screwdriver you know the typical stuff

and inside this little black box you've

got a 510 driptip adapter there's a bag

of oring 'z coils grub screws and that

right there is a squonk pin now I have

tried this in squawking mode what I

haven't tried is dripping modes so I

thought it would try that out today not

everybody squonk so I want to see how

this thing performs as a dripper and

I'll show you why in just a minute I

don't know exactly what this coil is but

it's a beefy coil and that's what I've

got installed in this one right here

and you also get a square of Japanese

cotton we'll pull this one out of here

I've been using this blue one here and I

was like I think this is actually all

one piece because this does not seem to

turn but you know what this looks more

like a division line on that and I gotta

tell you that does not turn ok so your

drip tip is an 8/10 style drip tip it

says kelpy oh and there right there and

on the blue one you got blue and black

hole ring is on the inside here so you

should be able to use just about any of

your 810 style drip tips airflow on the

side is the honeycomb and then you got

one little dot right down there same

thing on the other side and it looks

like you can't see through there right

it's like okay well wait a minute is

that closed or open well you'll see in

just a second so if this top part is

supposed to turn I have not been able to

get any of them to turn so I just

assumed that it was all one piece again

down here on the bottom designed by

vaping with Vic and eh Pro let's just go

ahead and put this on here so we could

pull it apart

Oh rings are pretty tight on that

alright so apparently that's a serial

number so immediately as soon as I look

at this I go okay well there's a few

other RDAs kind of mashed together here

recurve also the kyln had that that

skateboard ramp type thing I do like the

variation in holes that are in the

airflow there so you've got some ovals

and some small holes it is quite smooth

so the airflow is gonna go in there and

underneath and then back up let me

actually show you this picture that they

sent me it gives you a little better

idea of what's going on inside of there

so yeah airflow goes in from the side it

goes up underneath and out now it does

have a very deep well that's why I was

thinking for dripping this might

actually be really good this is why I

wanted the dirt I haven't dripped this

thing yet so I wanted to see how it go

with that so yeah I mean it's just very

compact now if you were to drip right

down the drip tip like you know straight

down that well it's just going to go

right down here on the coil roll off the

coil and right into those air flows

however those air flows do go right down

into the actual well so it might work

out I just you know I wanted to see how

it would work so it's not completely

closed off to the rest of the deck under

those air flows so air goes in there and

it's not like it goes through a chamber

and out through there so some can escape

and get down inside there but you know

you've got to get enough cotton down to

the bottom of this and it's actually

quite compact and tight so the reason

why there are four terminals on this is

because they wanted to make sure no

matter which way your coils were wrapped

left or right that you'd always be able

to get them seated in there so basically

the coil is sitting with the legs

underneath it pop them into those

terminals and screw them down get them

clipped off and you're good to go

now as a squawking RDA it does work well

just remember that your airflow holes

are down here towards the bottom of it

and you can over squonk this I did have

that happen you can see that it does

have a bit of a tunnel in there to get

it to the middle of that but it's still

open underneath this so that might work

out for dripping so I'm gonna use some

vape Crusaders blueberry cheesecake the

stuff is quite tasty through milligrams

and this is coming out to 0.33 ohms I do

still enjoy a single coil quite a bit

all right so I guess one thing that is

good is that liquid getting right onto

the coil and rolling down into that

airflow doesn't go directly into these


inlets more so down into the deck so

let's just try this right on top of that

not too shabby actually not too shabby

sometimes I do like to test things on

the fly I mean I already know it works

okay as a squawker so let's try it out

this way mmm all right I will tell you

that these o-rings are a little bit

tight and you know I don't know if

they're perfectly sized or not but

they're a little bit tight so make sure

you put some juice on there if it's dry

which this one is because I cleaned it

up last night

and would just line this up here now as

far as the airflow adjustment goes

you're not turning this to adjust it

you're turning the whole barrel and here

you can see inside the barrel I think

this right here is actually press fit in

there and locked in in some fashion but

basically what's happening is the air is

going in those halls hitting the little

wall and being directed down because

these little walls are cut so it

basically goes down as a channel and

into that hole and then you'll see the

little nubs that are in there those

little nubs are so that you can adjust

this back and forth like that inside of

this little channel all right so let's

put the one on there I've been using and

this one here it's weird because no

matter what I do I seem to have let me

just show you seem to have that little

thing right there just won't won't close

all the way up pretty close but it's

always wonky some way or another see

it's nice and tight over there and over

here not so much so basically to adjust

air flow you're just going to turn this

you can see the little tiny hole right

there that actually opens and closes so

I mean you know for me with an RDA most

the time I'm pretty much wide open so

that is the kelpie RDA from eh pro it's

a vaping with Vic project so ultimately

yeah it's kind of a mash up of a bunch

of different RTA's that we've seen out

there I will say that I really like the

depth of the deck on this thing I mean

the well it's it's a deep well on this

thing you get a lot of juice in there

and I had tried it first with the

squawking pin in there works just fine

with the squawking pin in there but what

I was really curious about was dripping

and I was thinking that when you drip

down directly into the drip tip here on

the top that it would go down and go

right through that airflow and come out

the airflows that actually is not the

case the air flows are actually down at


point where that little dot is there

right so that's where the actual airflow

is if you have a problem with over

squawking shut that off and you'll have

a whole lot less problems with it surely

you can over squonk with it though if

you just lay into that squonk bottle

it's gonna you know end up those

channels and out those air flows either

way I'm impressed with the depth of the

well and the fact that I actually can

drip directly down that drip tip without

pulling the cap off because those air

flows actually do go through to the well

you don't have to worry about it but it

almost feels like to me the intention

was to bring that air in the sides and

up underneath that you would have closed

that off either way it works so air flow

all the way open including that little

pinhole there and I don't know if you

can see this but yeah just it's really

bothering me that I can't get this one

to sit all the way flat now that

stainless steel one that one did sit all

the way flat but for whatever reason

this one doesn't so hopefully that's you

know just pre-production stuff so I've

got this at sixty Watts right now so I

gotta say the air flow is really quite

smooth I was a little bit surprised

because you know having them go in hit

that wall down and under and all that

stuff I was looking at but you know the

honeycomb style of airflow always seems

to smooth it out it's actually very

smooth and there's good flavor from this

so that's a good thing I didn't see a

lot of doming inside there like as

there's there's good amount of doming in


yeah flavor is good air flow is very

smooth if not just a little loud for the

airflow let's go ahead and I'm going to

turn this now so we've got the little

hole on the bottom closed and I don't

notice a whole lot of difference when I

turn that airflow as far as adjusting it

it seems to me like it's almost always

wide open perhaps I'm doing it wrong I

don't really know

flavor-wise it's doing a good job now

you notice I haven't had to drip and

those an amount of hits that I've taken

so far it's because that well is deep so

that's a good thing go ahead and drip

right down the tip here just just like

that and that will go underneath the

airflow and right into the well a little

bit of spit back there and that's

because well I just put liquid directly

on top of that coil but of course that

calms down after a couple of hits I

don't know it seems like I would want a

little bit more adjustability on the

airflow and I like I said I could be

doing it wrong I don't know everything

but it is pretty smooth it's a little

bit loud on that airflow listen to it

but still very smooth and it's got good

flavor so yeah I mean the kelpie it's

it's good I just haven't seen a lot of

new innovative things in RDAs lately and

this kind of borrows some of the other

things from other RBA's that skateboard

ramp type thing we've seen it in the

Kyle and the recurve and several other

RDAs so it's not super innovative and

for whatever reason the exterior to me

is kind of unremarkable it's just it's

an RDA so that is the kelpie RDA from eh

pro it's a vaping with Vic project he

also has the kelpie RTA which I never

did test that one out so I really can't

give you a comparison between the two

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