The SMOK T-Storm Review|The Best Value Vape Mod ?

Today we're gonna be

going over the smoke t-storm this one's

for all you Star Wars fans out there

check it out

smoke tea storm in bling-bling gold

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it in gold and black let's check this

thing out you Star Wars fans are

probably gonna dig that kind of has that

stormtrooper look to it right I got the

gold one check that out

nice big big screen centered 510 looks

like 28 millimeters shouldn't be a

problem so check this thing out man a

little t-storm branding over here kind

of like a little wavy action I don't

know if you can see that little dip

right there definitely feels really

comfortable in the hand I like the

change in texture over there nice job on

that smoke over here man you can see

this thing's just picks up fingerprints

it's like a crime scene

it's unbelievable as far as being a

fingerprint magnet this looked like your

up and down buttons it's not they're

just staff of design right here and here

are you up and down buttons dish a

microUSB port for charging an update

fire bar mod nice and clicky nobody does

the fire bar better than smoke in the

middle you really can't click it kind of

got to be like 60% and above to click it

but it's got a nice click to it it

really does on the top here you can see

centered 510 stainless steel plate

stainless steel threading gold-plated

510 that I would say has a pretty stiff

spring with a medium throw to it but

it's got a nice stiff spring to it nice

job on that smoke on the bottom side of

the mod you can see there's your battery

door push down and over and it pops up

it's not spring-loaded it just pops up

manually all right over there you can

see there are your battery markings

black on black gold plated button style

battery contacts that's a bad job black

on black battery markings

and they are marked a and B but they

should be in a different color down the

tube probably can't see it but you do

have gold-plated spring-loaded button

style contacts and there is a red and

blue plus and minus sign alright there's

also some type of plastic in between

here that keep your batteries separated


speaking of batteries let's throw some

in positive side up on this side

negative side up on this side close the


push and snap it over okay it don't move

pretty solid battery door I put this

thing down on desks it doesn't pop open

five clicks turns it on there's your

smoke t-storm splash screen check out

that screen man check out that geriatric

font I absolutely love it alright let's

take a look at the screen and break it

down puff counter over there a and B

battery meters wattage preheat is in

normal okay there's your time of the

last puff resistance and voltage now one

thing I don't like about this mod is

when you do vape on it this little dot

thing here moves here let me show you

what I'm talking about I'm gonna take my

gold bulk which was basically looks like

it was made for this man I mean the bulk

looks beautiful on it and by the way

well we got the bulk out let me show you

28 millimeters in diameter

really no overhang on the back for some

reason there looks like there's a bit of

overhang but it doesn't look that bad on

the front I don't know why that's kind

of wacky that might bother some people

I'm gonna call it 28 cuz it doesn't

bother me but you OCD people might have

a problem with that now watch when I

fire it see that see that movement I

hate that man I absolutely hate things

moving on my screen it pisses me off I

don't want anything moving on my screen

smoke alright but it's a nitpicky con

but I gotta point it out because it's


alright typical menu system for smoke

three clicks right you can see I'm in

mode right

there long-press now I can choose

between wattage TI ni stainless steel

and memory okay if I go into stainless

steel long press now I can pick my

wattage right see the wattage -

scrolling I can scroll all the way up to

the full 230 watts let's put it down

because I don't want to vape in TC at

230 watts by accident if I long press I

can pick my TCR if I long press I'm back

in the menu system I can adjust my

temperature in stainless steel mode in

10 degree increments long press let's

put it back in wattage mode long press

now you can see I can adjust my wattage

and I can adjust my preheat there as

well long press preheat is normal hard

and soft I normally keep it in normal 3

clicks I can go to my screen long press

here I can pick my color I can go red

gray or white whatever that is green

blue purple let's leave it in purple

let's go a little funky with the gold

and purple long press now I can pick my

screen time let's knock it down let's

knock it down to like 20 seconds all

right long press now my screen will only

stay on for 20 seconds there's the

purple 3 clicks here's my puff

information alright I can clear my puffs

you know that it's all self-explanatory

long press long press 3 more clicks

here's where I can shut the mod on and

off long press it'll ask me I want to

power off or on I hit yes or no we're

gonna say no for now cuz you already see

me turn it on and that's it folks that's

the whole menu system I really haven't

been able to find any shortcuts when I

hit the plus + the fire bar or the - and

the fire bar or the plus and minus

button together

nothing happens alright basically this

looks like it's

same chipset as the D barrel and the

April just with a different skin on the

screen let me give you one last look at

it all put together with that gorgeous

gold bulk on top it just looks fantastic

together this is my bling bling setup

also included in the box we have the t

storm mod manual battery safety card QC

card and a micro USB cable for charging

and updates let's get into the cons and

pros for the smoke T storm first cons

gonna be this thing's a crime scene baby

it's a fingerprint magnet as soon as you

touch it it's schmutzie this has become

an inherent conrod smoke mods they just

don't do TC very well this one is no

different it's a con for all UTC fans

out there you know this thing has that

little dot that kind of moves when you

fired a mod I know it's a nitpicky ton

but I don't want to see shit moving on

my screen man it's a con I gotta chalk

it up smoke

I want my screens to stay still the only

time I want to see it move is when I'm

adjusting the wattage con but that's it

on the cons no real deal-breakers

let's get into the pros first pros gonna

be man build quality especially for

smoke real solid man feels like a nice

solid piece I gotta give them credit

this is not an expensive mod so for a 20

buck Chuck which is what I think I paid

for it you're getting a really nicely

built mod when you consider what you

paid for it it feels good in the hand

it's got all these nice little contours

and curves to it it's got different

textures on it again for a twenty dollar


feels really nice in the hand this one

holds 28 millimeters without any

overhang I got my bling bling bulk on

top of that I think it looks really nice

no issues at all works well I got no

issues with this one at all the fire

button on this nice and tight

not wobbly or anything like that really

clicky it's a pro I already mentioned

the price point already but I believe at


20 bucks which is what I've been seeing

this at I believe that's what I paid for

it I think I paid 18 and change of one

of those websites out there

can't go wrong man 20 bucks for a 20

buck Chuck this thing's an extreme value

nice big color scream with big fonts for

you geriatric people out there like me

you're gonna appreciate being able to

read the screen it's a pro let's put

this one on the charts let's score it up

with our new system and see how it fares

looks in the looks department I gotta

give it a 2 point 5 I'm not really I

know I'm gonna get a lot of heat on this

I'm not really a Star Wars fan I mean I

grew up in the 80s just never been a fan

of Star Wars for you Star Wars people

you people are probably gonna love it

but for me it's just me when it comes to

the looks so we're gonna give it a two

point five just an average score form

factor I gotta say man the nice curve

the nice feel in the hand

I'll give it a solid 3.5 because I like

the way it feels in the hand it feels

solid it's got different textures on it

I like that we'll give it a 3.5 total

score in the form factor category

performance I got to give it another

average performance score I'm giving it

a 2.5 only because it really doesn't do

TC well no smoke mod really does TC well

once they get their act together and

start taking TC seriously they'll

probably start scoring higher on my

chart for now it's a fine mod in power

mode but don't expect to do TC with it

as far as value goes though if you're

just a power mode vapor if you're into

Star Wars if you want something that's

nicely built at this price point at 20

bucks like I said before it's an extreme

value we're gonna give it a 5 in the

value category divide all those stars by

4 and you get a total score of three

point three seven five we're gonna leave

it at around three and a quarter right

three and a quarter stars is where I

would put this that's just about right

as far as I'm concerned let's get into

some of the specs on the smoke t-storm

mod it measures in at eighty five by

forty eight point four by thirty two

point nine millimeters it

- 18 650 batteries maximum wattage

output is 230 watts it will fire down

2.1 ohm in power mode and point 0 5 ohm

in TC mode it has a color TFT display

you also have preheat options and a

memory mode it's available in black gold

white blue chrome and rainbow be sure to

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