The Vapefly Kriemhild Sub Ohm Tank Review |Childproof And Top Filling Design

got another one from German 103 and vape

fly this is the crime Hilde sub ohm tank

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony yep this is what we're looking at

today it is the crime hild I think is

how you pronounce that I don't know my

German is real bad so sub ohm tank from

vape fly and German 103 the German 103

is a group of a hundred and three people

that's all their names right there that

are a German team of designers creative

dreamers and of course vape fly also

cooperating on this project I'm using

this on the swell mod right here with

these nice custom panels I got that hat

on there and Tony B project at the

bottom down there these were done by CS

wood designs he made these ones out of

all acrylic those so that the mod could

still be waterproof yeah this is a lot

of proof mods as well but this is a

standard size mod and I'll just say

right off the bat look how big that tank

is on here man I mean let's just pull

this off here for a second from the

bottom of the 510 to the top it's nearly

as tall as the mod so that's just you

know you know me if you watch this

channel a lot not big on real tall tanks

but I got to tell you the performance on

this thing is that's pretty darn good

liquid that I'm using today comes from

vape Crusaders this is a three milligram

blueberry cheesecake and man this stuff

is spot-on it's very very good I highly

recommend that you check out vape

Crusaders if you get a chance so they've

got three different colors of these this

is the gunmetal right here there's also

black and stainless steel so take a look

at these stainless steel let's look at

the black one real quick here first they

do have these seals on the box right

here so that's what the black one looks

like my personal favorite though the

gunmetal it looks really good and I

think it'll match just about everything

I'm you know gray it matches everything

and then we'll open up this one the

stainless steel one will go through this

one here okay so you're greeted with

that card right when you open it up on

the back of the package it says designed

by German 103 and vape fly aesthetics

and craftsmanship easy to fill top fill

with child lock and this one's pretty

actually good for a child lock I'll show

you fabulous flavor was single dual and

triple mesh coils plug pull easy coil

placement and big 5 mil capacity yeah

it's got a lot of capacity so when you

open up the box you got your extra glass

right here and your tank right here pull

that out underneath all of that you've

got a spare coil it's not wrapped or

anything like that which is kind of a

concern to me but this is actually the

coil that I used I mean look how big

this thing is

and look at the mesh down inside there

it's a nice big wide mesh now they have

dual and triple coils but I like the

single because it's just one big sheet

of mesh just contacting all that cotton

and creating just a wall of vapor and

flavor and it's it's darn good now to

tell you that it'll baggy with extra o

rings and seals and you do get a manual

in here although I mean you know you

pretty much don't need it but it's in

German and English let's look at the

English one over here here are the specs

I'll leave that up here for just second

if you want to read those go ahead and

pause it 26 millimeter it's fifty five

point five millimeters tall five mil

capacity has an 8/10 style driptip

single triple and dual but if you look

over here the dual mesh coil sold

separately it's not in the box doesn't

even have specs on here so none about

that it did send me a couple of spare

coils let's go ahead and break these out

we'll take a look at them up close once

again me single coil and here is the

triple coil see so they're just smaller

little mesh coils for some reason I just

I prefer the single big big quasi look

at that thing okay down here at the base

it does have a serial number on here

crime hild and designed by German 103

team manufactured by vape fly air flows

down here to huge air flows you know I'd

like a lot of airflow but I tend to

close these off about half way that's

where I'm running it right now yeah

there we go see so yeah if you like a

lot of airflow you're gonna get it

that's for sure

take this off down here alright and

that's the inside of the base just wide

open positive contact right there

gold-plated and then gold plating here

on the coil itself we'll pull this out

and it does have some knurling on there

so you can grab it pull it right out

like that the o-rings are what holds it

in there Crime Hilda triple mesh 50 to

80 watts at 0.15 wait a second this is

different than what I had yeah the other

one that I opened that I'm using

actually has the 0.2 ohm coil 50 to 80

watts so I don't know what that's all

about that's well it's interesting 0.15

that's not even listed on their stuff

but the ratings 50 to 80 watts so maybe

that was a misprint

I don't know so when you look inside

here this is actually spring-loaded and

it pushes up when you put the coil in so

you can see that that is closed right

now the juice flow is closed

the way around and when you put the coil

in it slides it right up see that you

can turn your coil so that the cotton is

sticking right out to the hole there but

I don't think it matters because big

chamber so there we go closed up put it

in opens up all right then you can take

this off and there we go that's how

you'd replace your glass now there is a

benefit to this being like this check it

out because sometimes if you fill your

tank you know with the airflow open when

you do it pushes juice right down into

those holes but if you look at this so

in order to fill it see that little

arrow that's right there you pull up and

then push over that's the childlike

thing now nothing is exactly childproof

but if you wanted to say child resistant

you could do that because I sat there

for a while spinning this sometimes I

like to try without looking at the

manual spending this trying to unscrew

it trying to push it over then finally I

looked at the manual and OH boom boom

there we go

big big fill hole so you're not gonna

worry about juice backing up because

it's big but look down inside there see

how it's just flat down there so when

your juice goes in it's going to hit

that and then roll down into where your

coil is so that's good it keeps it from

forcing the liquid right into the

wicking holes of your coil at least I'm

sure that's the theory and it tends to

work well kind of water falls down the

sides of that into the area where it's

going to get to your coil so when you're

done filling it you just slide this over

and that pops right down by itself so

yeah you can just assemble it clean it

all that and then put this back in there

put your base back on there turn it back

a couple times there we go the threads

on this you know they're they're not

super buttery smooth and last is the

drip tip up here it's got that kind of

tapered drip tip on it dual overhangs on

the tip itself and then there's also a

ring in there if you want to use a

standard 810 tip and there we go that is

the Crime Hilda sub ohm tank so of

course the first thing that struck me as

soon as I took this thing out of the box

is man that thing is well it's it's like

a skyscraper on top of my mod its almost

as tall as the mod itself it seems to me

though I've seen a lot of stuff that

comes out of Germany and I've seen

taller stuff coming out of Germany so

maybe that's a thing now it does hold

five mil of liquid so that's kind of a

big deal if you're somebody who goes sub

ohm tank all day you don't want to keep

refilling it well five mil that's gonna

be helpful however these coils are

humongous and they do suck through that

juice quite a bit

the diameter and this is 26 millimeters

and it does come right to the edges of

this mod so yeah this is pretty much a

standard size for a mod if you're

worried about overhang there is just

like a little hair of overhang on this

thing and I know that that can be enough

to bother some people aside for the fact

that this thing's like a skyscraper the

only thing that really bothers me is

that well the glass while being small is

good because well you know you have less

glass to break it's harder to tell how

much juice you have in there you kind of

gotta tilt it and like I said if I guess

if the juice gets that far down well

then you know it's time to fill but in

between there like in the morning you're

gonna open it up take a look and go yeah

okay it's right there to the top it's

not that big of a deal but if you're

like in a hurry in the morning trying to

get out and you're like oh geez okay

grab that is there juice in it it's just

nicer to be able to this boop see it all

the way but the added protection of

having all that metal up here it can be

seen as a good thing yeah and you can

see the amount of clouds that that are

coming out of this thing well the flavor

is equal to that the flavor is very good

off of this so it's kind of like ah man

it's really big and all that kind of

stuff but damn it does give a really

good hit and the flavor is really really

good so the coil that I have in here

right now is the NI 80 single coil mesh

at 0.2 ohms

it's 50 to 80 watts and I'm only running

that at 65 watts let's take this up a

little bit we'll take it up to 75 I

never need to push something all the way

to the end of its suggested range

because I just never end up needing it

you know as soon as I find the zone

where the flavour is good for me and the

amount of vapor and the heat

well then I'm good right

but I got to tell you that that's pretty

nice actually at 75 watts not even a

hint of possibly burning that coil up

man I got to tell you now with some

juices combined with some tanks hold on

whoo man some juices combined with some

tanks you just I don't know they just

don't give flavor you know what I mean

sometimes I'll have one tank and I'll

use a juice in it I'll be like this is

really good in here and then I put it in

another tank and it just doesn't seem to

do the same however the reverse could be

also the case well this one right here

vape Crusaders this is blueberry

cheesecake and whatever this tank is

doing for it man I've had it out of

other tanks and it was good but it's

just better out of this one it's it's

really rich and deep and get that

cheesecake in there and the blueberry

I'm diggin it mmm in fact the flavor is

so good that my stomach is growling

because it's like dude that's making you

hungry that is really good I guess the

only thing to worry about is that we

might be setting off a smoke alarm or

something like that so Wow okay well it

does work really good like I say it's

just you know it might not be for me on

my daily carry type of thing but maybe

for around the house sure

although the cloud production from this

thing is gonna drive my wife crazy and

she's gonna be like dude you can't do

that one in here she doesn't hate but

she never smoked or anything like that

she's just happy that I don't smoke

she's like yeah instead of you tasting

like an ashtray when I kiss you you

taste like blueberry cheesecake I don't

mind that at all

yeah that it you know it's it's kind of

one of those conundrums for me okay

tastes really good the vapor is really

good from it it's a little bit wonky as

far as the way that it looks it's super

tall so it really comes down to personal

preference if you like sub bomb tanks

and you like a lot of flavor and vapor

and you don't mind that it's a tall tank

I am man I tell you what I'd recommend

it for sure

now this coils been in here for two days

I did try the triple coil one I just for

whatever reason maybe it's because when

you have a single coil with all that

mess just one big surface for me it just

works better and the single coil to me

does work better than that the triple

coil now there is a dual coil that sold

separately it says here on this on the

sheet and it doesn't give any specs on

it just as dual mesh coil I mean in the

manual so yeah I don't know if that's

coming in the future

prep maybe after Chinese New Year or

something like that because you know

I've talked about this before when it's

time for them to go to Chinese New Year

everybody just shuts down so that is the

vape fly crime hild from vape fly and

German 103 and yeah I mean it's a good

sub ohm tank and as long as you like the

looks of it I think you're gonna be

happy well I want to thank you so much

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