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The Proposed Law Includes Banning The Sale Of Vaping Products To Under 18s

The Vaping Health Crisis

Vaping is inhaling a vapor created by an electronic cigarette or some other device.

Initially, vaping was intended to be a substitute for cigarette smoking,

however, we've found over time that vaping products have been altered so that

you can inhale other substances such as marijuana products, CBD oil and other

other things that kids want, and adults want to inhale. We find that you know

people who vape have something called

popcorn lung or a bronchiolitis

obliterans where the small little airways at the end of their lungs are getting

inflamed. What we're also finding is that if you buy adulterated products,

products that are not sold in a store, but from the street vendor or you're trying to

alter either the vaping device or the vaping cartridge, then you expose

yourself to having other contaminates put in like some chemicals like

diethylene, nickel, and other oils that somehow don't get burned off in the

process, and these pose another risk to you in terms of developing inflammation

in your lungs which can lead to either having a breathing tube put in some

cases needing cardiopulmonary bypass or ECMO support to actually stay alive and

you know these are happening in kids you

know - people in their 20s who have their

whole lives ahead of them. And once you

have this your lungs are never the same

and you're never the same, being put on a

machine to keep you alive for so long.

So these are real dangers and we're kind of seeing the dangers of vaping coming up front

as opposed to the dangers of cigarette smoking which have later on in your life.

If you are vaping and you notice that you are short of breath

you just don't feel like yourself, you're feeling dizzy, you're feeling winded, you

really should see a medical professional

you know and be evaluated.  If you can

catch it early you may be able to prevent some of the inflammation before

it spreads elsewhere.

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Let's be healthy together.


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