Top Quality Gear Innokin Kroma R Zlide Kit Review Simple And Elegant

need a really reliable 18 650 80 watt

mod well you might want to check out the

chroma arm from Innokin

welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony today we're looking at the chroma

are well this is a kit that comes with

these slides so it's called the chroma

our slide comes from Anakin this one

obviously is black and this is its you

know I gotta tell you at first I was

like okay another little internal

battery device then I started looking in

the our I think it's for a removable

battery or replaceable battery 18 650

it's very nice actually if you're

looking for something that's relatively

simple you can rent it with low watts

because the coil in here is recommended

up to I think like 14 watts or something

like that gonna get a lot of battery

life out of it from a company that makes

a really reliable device this might be

something to take a look at I'm using

some vinyl and vapor deep cuts today

this is side CPB party peanut butter

party three milligrams man I tell you


Eric vinyl and vapor just a really

really good guy and he makes darn good

juice too so I'm really diggin it if you

like peanut butter PB party man this is

that's the party you want to go to

inside the package once I took the

plastic off you've got this little thing

in here around London they had a bus

campaign how much do you know about

vaping which I thought was really cool

supporting advocacy and awareness and

you might not know this about Innokin

but they're one of the founders of

Sevilla USA that gets Chinese

manufacturers together to donate money

and resources to help us in our fight

for regulations here in the US and

elsewhere so I think that's cool quality

safety innovation and harm reduction

that is what they're all about a better

vape experience so as far as this device

try it now a leading edge it's a

replaceable 18 650 battery with durable

battery door curved organ Amma cos ein

crafted with premium zinc alloy the zinc

alloy is a little bit heavy I will tell

you that six to 80 watts great for MTL

or DTL it says enjoy z coils and ajax so

if you wanted to put the Ajax coils on

here you'd go with the higher watts but

these Z coils they're only rated at 10

to 14 watts

so yeah 1.2 ohms now while that kind of

does lend to mouth to lung I still kind

of use it as a direct lung hit but no

that's just how I use it it has micro

USB quick charge but it does use 2 amp

quick charge bright OLED screen man the

screen on this is really nice easy to

use menu and I'll tell you this near

instant coil heat up 0.003 seconds

response yeah I know that because I

burnt one of these coils I just took the

tank on there I was

let me just you know I want to get into

the menu is like as soon as they hit the

button burnt that coil so don't do that

make sure you prime your coils and make

sure it has liquid in there before you

do it advanced functions wattage and

voltage mode soft norman hard bypass and

curve so there you go so if you do get

some z coil replacement coils this is

how they come nicely wrapped each one of

them has their individual wrapper which

I always think is nice there's five per

box and they're really pretty

inexpensive so the outside of their

boxes are pretty simple they've got

their scratch and check over here for

security code tells you what's inside

the box and you know pictures and all

that kind of stuff pull this sucker out

of here so as Chrome on our slide open

it up it's like a little book here you

open this part here and we've got your

accessories in here micro USB cable

you've got a little baggie that has

extra o rings and an extra 510 driptip

this tip is a little bit different than

the one that's on there they've got this

one shaped and it's got some design to

it and I kind of like that one that's on

there so it's just a little bit bigger

and different shape you always get a

little warning and safety booklet in

here which I love that about Innokin and

a very uncomplicated manual slash guide

it's it's it's extremely easy to

understand and I really love that about

their stuff I mean they list out

everything in here and it just it's it's

really really easy quick setup charging

and safety over here where it says

innovation inside your mod is sitting

there tank is there extra glass and an

extra coil take a look at one of these

coils here a little spit back guard on

the top here this coil is 15 to 18 watts

kanthal 0.8 ohms so if you wanted to go

a little bit higher and your wattage you

could I've been over the slide tank

several times here in the channel so I'm

not going to spend too much time on that

it's a good little tank what's really

nice about this one is that it's super

easy to replace your coils you just

unscrew this right here and you can pull

your coil right out of there like that

pop a new one in there you can actually

take the whole thing apart and remove

the glass if you need to now this thing

doesn't have a whole lot of airflow

there's four little airflow holes there

and you know you can close them or open

them there's only one side of airflow

there you can take off the airflow ring

in case you want to clean inside of

there yeah I mean it's a good little

tank the slide is nice kind of has a

little bit of a child protective thing

on here because in order to open it you

can sit there and push on that all day

you have to pull off the tip and then

you can push it over or fill it up right

there right there

five ten there's a gold-plated pin

inside of there for your positive pin

the overall look of this thing is just

really really nice

it's fits in your hand perfectly it's

ergonomic it's got this kind of grippy

type thing back here it's not really

rubber it's it's just a I don't know

it's hard to explain but it is grippy

it's nice it's right there in your hand

your USB is down there and here's the

bottom of it they say it's got a super

secure battery door I would tend to

agree with them you push this back pops

right open take your battery out

positive is listed down there at the

bottom now if you can see that negative

right there drop the battery back in

there and we got again so right now it's

not on it actually has that little

proton thing right there I'm not sure if

the chip that's in here is basically a

version of the proton chip but it's

pretty full-featured for what it is

so three clicks just like most Innokin

devices one two three comes on within

akin right there and look at the

brightness of that screen man it is big

bold and bright and I like that a lot

its color so that's good too the buttons

down here they're kind of cool man I

mean you know a little bit of an accent

around them looks like a copper accent

or something like that

so this Innokin over here got some real

nice design flourishes for the shape and

you know while I don't like a lot of

Chrome I'm glad to say that this is like

a smoky chrome it's not quite as

intrusive I don't know for me chrome

just bright chrome is like intrusive to

me so if we take this tank off of here

and we hit that it's gonna say check

coil then we're gonna put this tank on

here and it's automatically gonna ask

you what you want to do the coil is 1.17

you could say same if you just want to

continue on the you know where you were

or you can get a wattage voltage curve

bypass and back to up to same so we're

just gonna do that for right now here on

the screen you've got your battery

that's telling you that it's unlocked so

you can adjust your wattage if you want

to adjust that you push and hold the up

or down button until it blinks just like

most Innokin products and then you can

adjust it from there it goes up to 80

watts you know do be careful because if

your coil is not rated to that this

thing fires fast and you might burn up

your coil so just make sure you know

what you what you want before you do it

12 Watts right there

oh let's see again your ohms are there

your voltage there your puffs right

there which are resettable and the

seconds of your your puffs right there

so it shows you that three clicks one

two three completely turns it off

or locks it however you want to look at

it three clicks again comes back on if

you push both of these buttons and hold

then you're going to get into the menu

and there we go so you can go in here to

wattage and if you hit that it's just

going to go back to the screen with

wattage if you go into wattage mode then

you can choose soft norm hard or back so

we're gonna go with back okay and then

voltage same thing put it into voltage

and adjust your voltage right there

we're going to hold these down again in

voltage you can go to voltage mode and

choose the same stuff back curve you can

set up a curve in here and there's three

different curves curve one two and three

bypass if you just want to put this in

to bypass cutoff that's how long it will

vape before it cuts off screen that's

just how long the screen is going to be

on until it times out and back so I'm

gonna put this back into wattage mode

there we go and I've got it in normal

for wattage mode if you hit the down

button in the fire bar then you will

lock it so now it is not adjustable you

can hit these all you want it's not

going to adjust all right so we'll do

that again and unlock it and then the up

in the fire bar or button what's it's

easier if you hit the button first and

then this uh boom and then you've got

your voltage your ohms

how many puffs and if you want to clear

your puffs you just go like that we just

cleared them that's pretty much it yeah

the chroma are from Innokin it's it's a

good little device I like that they're

always all about safety and I feel safe

using one of their devices and if you're

using it as this kit comes with the

slide tank you're gonna be running this

thing you know maximum as you saw the

other coil I think what was up to 15

watts or something like that so it

should be effective and long lasting

yeah so I gotta say as far as their

replaceable battery mods go from Innokin

this might be my favorite one aside from

maybe the the proton right now I've got

the wattage set at 12 watts on here and

I've got the 1.2 ohm coil I guess is

what it is it's rated up to 14 watts so

let's try that out

it is more of a mouth to lung type drop

and it's just man I'll tell you what the

coils are very good it's it's got a nice

smooth draw to it this vinyl and vapor

PB party is just popping man it tastes

really good lots of peanut butter flavor

in there Innokin is hard to beat for

reliability on their mods I have rarely

had one of their mods crap out on me

after six months or anything like that

they're very solid and this one has that

really comfortable just grab it and

squeeze in order to fire it it works

really good I like that

now being zinc alloy it's not super

light that that would be one thing that

I would say well you know I mean for a

small mod like this it's pretty heavy so

it could still be a pocket mod but it's

not as light as some of the other mods

that I felt does light tank you know

it's not it's not going to be a super

cloud machine or anything like that but

the flavor off of it is really good and

satisfaction is also very good so if

you're looking for something that you

don't have to have I mean the other day

I had a tank on here that within three

puffs this entire room look like a

concert if you if you don't have that

ability to always just vape with big

clouds or maybe you just don't want to

this might be a good option for you now

of course you could put whatever tank

you want on here they have the Ajax tank

and the Ajax coils and those will

actually pump out a lot of power you

could do bypass on this thing throw an

RBA on there and just go with the the

full wattage that's coming out of this

thing and bypass mode set up a curve you

know if you don't want to though you

just leave those settings alone I think

it's pretty darn sleek and good-looking

though I mean everything about this

thing is curved nicely it fits in the

hand just right I don't know it's not

for everybody but then again neither is

every item that's out there so if this

is something that looks like it would

appeal to you I would recommend it

pretty much any Innokin product I've

I've always been supportive of because

they they make good products overall I

like this chrome R I've been using a lot

of a iOS and squonk but you know if I

need something like this I would

definitely grab for it

that is the chroma our slide kit from

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