UK Study Has Found Vaping To Be Twice As Effective Than Gum, Patches And Sprays

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again with another video a new study has

found that vaping is not only a viable

means of quitting smoking but it's also

nearly two times more effective than

nicotine replacement therapy before we

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released in the New England Journal of

Medicine a British study has found

evidence that vaping is nearly twice as

effective than nicotine replacement

therapy products such as patches or gum

in helping users quit smoking the study

consisted of nearly 900 British adults

with an average age of 41 so we're

talking about adult smokers here these

are typically going to be people who

have been smoking for extended periods

of time

participants were recruited from a

government smoking cessation program so

that means that the people involved in

this study actually showed some

motivation to award quitting smoking

they were split into two groups one

group received an e cigarette starter

kit valued at $26 and the others

received 3 months worth of their choice

of NRT which was worth one hundred and

fifty-nine dollars all further supplies

were to be purchased by the participant

all participants also received in person

smoking cessation counseling for four

weeks leading up to the study the study

aims to set itself apart from others by

providing new information many other

studies simply analyzed stats which can

be a great tool for understanding trends

and drawing conclusions but this new

study took it a step further by using

chemical breathing tests to monitor

carbon monoxide levels to see if

participants had actually quit in the

results 18 percent of e-cigarette users

totally abstain from smoking for a year

versus ten percent on NRT now this may

not sound very impressive on its own but

looking deeper into the numbers reveal

some interesting information after 52

weeks 80 percent of those who used

e-cigarettes were still vaping while

only 9% of NRT users stayed on their

products dr. Ryan Courtney from the

national drug and alcohol research

centre in Australia commented on these

findings indicating that energy users

tended to stop treatment prematurely and

had higher rates of relapse

he states that vaping is much more

satisfying and enjoyable for smokers

looking to quit versus NRT some adverse

reactions were noted over the course of

the study for NRT the most common

complaint was nausea and for vaping

throat irritation was reported but

long-term findings like vaping with

reduced coughing and phlegm production

compared to smoking

overall the results were seeing here are

very positive for vaping in comparison

to NRT vaping is shown to be more

effective cheaper and users are more

likely to stick with it hopefully with

this information other studies that come

out this year will see other countries

about vaping as a legitimate method of

quitting smoking like the UK let me know

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