Unboxing Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit Funky Upgrade|Lighter, More Durable And Comfortable

get a decade's thigh big bogan

back again for another dinky diary

review hope you're all having a pearler

gonna have a squiz add a little

pocket-friendly kit from vapor réseau

today the swag to kit a dumb name in my

opinion why don't they just call it the

Jen mini or the Ginny

it is definitely inspired by vapor SOS

previous jewel 18 650 mod the Jen and

this is its little mini single battery

version single 18 650 comes in a kit

with this little NRG PE tank which takes

the NRG coils this is not the drip tip

it comes with this one is from half moon

mods now I've got the point 1 5 ohm coil

in here which is sort of recommended up

to about 75 what I don't think it's

really the coil that I would recommend

for this single battery device because

it's 75 watts you're going to go through

your single 18 650 very very quickly so

I've been keeping it around about 50

I've got it on 65 watts now we're gonna

try at the point 5 ohm coil which is

only a maximum I think of 50 watts after

we do the up and close I'll see how that

goes but anyway decades let's get into

the fucking point 1 5 ohm coil that's

reading at point one nine

some really good cloud production there

and some great flavor as well as I said

though I think 65 watts on a single 18

650 probably not going to be an all-day

vape unless you have access to another

battery or you're charging it either way

we'll get into the bits and bobs in a

fuckin minute before we do that a little

vape advocacy nothing new today

dickheads as I mentioned every video our

industry our community is under attack

mostly from our own governments

particularly the United States they're

making way too much money off of tobacco

taxes that they are actively going after

vaping in a negative light in a lot of

places banning flavors and in some

places just banning products completely

which has really fucked up that

governments are putting their profits

and their money before their own

public's health so please do your bit to

get out there and advocate there's some

links down in the description to various

organizations that are fighting for your

right please jump on those calls to

action there's some links that it'll

help you write your own politicians and

tell them that you vape and your vote

and if you don't support vaping then you

won't be fucking supporting them and do

your bit to disseminate the proper

information the correct studies there's

a bunch of links to Royal College of

Physicians studies down there that will

help you educate the general public and

teach them that vaping is not what the

government is saying it's quite

literally the best thing to happen to

smokers and we should be advocating and

pushing it from our own perspective and

we should be urging our governments to

do the same they're doing it the UK

they're right behind it in New Zealand

they're pretty good too unfortunately

here in Australia and in places like the

US and the Philippines it's not the case

so do your fucking bit dickheads fight

the power let's have a fucking beer day

got an Aussie brew here from up in

Queens lenses from Currumbin Valley

Brewing a strawberry bubblegum sour yeah

a sour ale with strawberry bubblegum

four point six fucking percent brewed

using volcanic Springwater I didn't know

there was any volcanoes up in fucking

Currumbin went for a surf up there about

20 years ago myself it was a nice spot

don't see any volcanoes though let's see

a she tastes


have a look at the color on Latty kids

as pink is your dog's dick

oh yes Mel's like a strawberry sour to

me you can smell those sour notes and a

very pungent aroma of strawberries let's

see how it goes down the gullet yeah

that is interesting that is really


Wow it's got a proper strawberry

bubblegum flavor it's almost got like a

eye candy kind of feel to it very very

fucking notable strawberry flavors not

super natural though they almost taste a

little bit artificial I guess that's the

idea of the bubble gum element it has a

very Kant indeed strawberry kind of

flavor not heaps of sourness just a

teacher there it could do it a little

bit more sour it's very light and clean

and crisp and refreshing kind of got a

dry feel to it as well

yeah really quite different that

strawberry bubblegum is very much taste

like strawberry bubblegum with a bit of

a sour finish there's a little bit of a


kind of grassy feel to it as well

definitely could be a fair bit more sour

though to call a really a sour beer

let's pair it up with a liquid this

should be an interesting combo a bit of

sad boy shamrock cookie it's a delicious

chalk into cookie love this one from sad

boy not too sure how this one's gonna go

chocolate and strawberry is definitely a

good mix but I'm not too sure how the

mint will go in here with the bubblegum

strawberry let's say that's an

interesting mix yeah the strawberries

and the chocolate going well together

the mint is mixing not too badly but

definitely a unique kind of blend of

flavors yeah that's not too bad the

mints going quite nicely actually it's

not too bad at all it's definitely

creating a very unique kind of almost

creamy strawberry bubblegum flavor I

think the chocolate is making a little

creamy and mixing in not too badly at

all together but so certainly unique

flavor anyway enough fuckin

chit-chatting let's jump down the upper

bloody clothes we'll go through the mod

and the tank will swap over to the other

coil and then we'll talk some pros cons

of prices and everything else

okey fuckin dokey this is the packaging

your swag too will come in as the

specifications on the mod and tank but

we're gonna go through all of that in a

moment inside the box you'll find the

swag to mods and the NRG PE sub ohm tank

one spare point 5 ohms single wire coil

there'll be a jewel mesh coil

pre-installed a micro USB cable for

charging and updating a bag of spare

o-rings and gaskets a user manual

warranty card warning card and some

instructions on how to check you have an

authentic product but let's get into it

so you can immediately tell that it

shares the same sort of design as the

gen the dual 18 650 mod they released

last year this is very very much the

same sort of slightly rubberized a

little bit rubberized finish it's got

those sort of dimples in there here's

the original gen as you can see very

much that same sort of look to it

the original gen didn't have the little

curves or contours in here so a little

bit of a difference there but very much

the same sort of thing they haven't gone

for a copper colored button they've gone

for the same color as the rest of the

device but very much the same chip and

menu layout just doesn't do the same

wattage obviously the swag to will go up

to 80 watts which is pretty appropriate

for a single 18 650 mod weird name I'm

not sure what happened to swag one I

never saw a swag one I don't know how we

got to the swag to but either way here

we are so those that have been vaping

for a few years might remember the eleaf

picot it definitely has a little bit of

the e leaf picot kind of feel to it with

this battery cap here on the top so

you're just unscrewing that plunking

your battery in there positive and down

nice big marking there and then you just

screw the cap back on its so really

quite simple and easy to change your

batteries very secure you're not gonna

have to worry about anything coming

loose while it's in your pocket because

it is a nice little bottle cap kind of

screw system there well the 510 is a

little stainless steel thread gold pin

in there spring-loaded had no issues

with the connection in terms of what

you're going to be able to fit on here

the tank that it comes with is 24

five millimeters so no problems there

twenty six no problems twenty seven you

could go but twenty eight is about the

max it probably depend on the tank some

of them may be a fraction wider than

twenty eight millimeters but as you can

see I've managed to get the peacemaker

XL on here from squid industries and

yeah it does overhang the side so I

probably wouldn't see a lot of people

using large Eddie's on this mod but if

you wanted to twenty seven maybe some

twenty eighths depending on how close to

twenty eight millimeters

they are moving our way down we've got a

bit of branding a vapor esos swag too in

here you then have your positive and

negative buttons so negative positive

your fire button up the top here and

then you have a little menu select

button underneath the screen so you're

kind of going to use it I've been using

it like this pressing a button up there

it has that sort of two-tone color fade

that vapor a so I've done on the gen so

you've got the blue one here fading into

black then you've got the red that fades

into black really like the red

definitely a very nice red and those

have a plain silver no two-tone effect

here just a straight-up silver all over

and I think there may be one other color

like a black or something like that

micro USB port down the bottom here for

charging and updating down to the bottom

just a bit of battery venting it does

have the axon chip in here and that's

about it really

it's pretty clean all over really love

the look in the feel of this one the

contours are quite nice it's got that

nice sort of texture to it as well and I

think it's made of the same sort of mix

of metal and high-quality you know PVC

polycarbonate or whatever because it's

extremely light in the hand is really

not a lot of weight to it at all alright

let's have a quick look at the tank

nothing really new here it's using the

NRG coils that vapor Esso have been

using for quite some time

3.5 million strike glass window no spare

in the box which is a bit shit because

come on let's face it people are clumsy

they break their stuff you should always

always be including a fucking spare

glass section in every sub ohm tank so

definitely the ball dropped at there

paresseux but anyway 3.5 milliliters is

not too bad it is 25 millimeters in

diameter and a fairly short stubby one

at about 50 millimeters at all I think

it does have a 510 sized drip tip not

too bad now filling it it's one of these

push open systems it kind of swings back

on a bit of an angle you dump your juice

in there I haven't found it to be a

problem at all filling very quick and

easy this system here is not super stiff

on the one that I've been using the red

one I do find that it opens a little bit

too easily compared to some other sub

I'm tanks with a similar system so I

would have liked to have seen that done

a little bit tighter oh and just for

your reference the little top piece here

is actually reverse threaded on so if

you screw it clockwise

it'll unthreads I'm not too sure what

the point is if any on that but just

something to mention if you're wondering

why this is is loose you don't need to

spin it I don't think to make it do

anything I think it's just how it comes

apart down to the bottom you've got your

air flow control ring it does stop it

doesn't keep spinning all the way around

you've got one large Cyclops hole there

and one on the other and it's been

relatively smooth with the jewel mesh

coil that I've been using as usual a non

hybrid safe 510 pin and never ever use a

sub ohm tank on a hybrid mechanical mod

you will get a short because these pins

don't stick out far enough and even the

ones that do can very easily get pushed

in if the coil becomes unscrewed so as I

always say never use a sub ohm tank on a

hybrid mechanical mod pretty simple to

access your coils you're gonna unscrew

it from the base you won't be able to do

this if you have liquid in your tank

well you could have a tiny little bit

down in there but it's really not an

accessible tank

midway through because you will have

liquid leaking out now these are baby

beast threaded so if you wanted to use

other coils that are the same threads as

the Smok baby beasts you can use those

there's about six or eight different

companies that make coils of the same

threading so you will be able to use not

just the vapor air service but plenty of

others out there this is the point 1 5

ohm dual mesh coil they recommend 50 to

75 best at 60 to 70 and I found it to be

very good around that sort of 50 to 65

watts it's been a really

nice it is a little jewel set up so

you've got two little mesh coils in

there it's not too noisy for a mesh sub

ohm coil very very good flavor or for

this one maybe not quite as good as a

falcon king or a falcon 2 or something

like that

but getting a very very close very very

decent flavor off of these and coil life

has been pretty good as well now it also

comes with a spare point 5 ohm sort of

single wire by the looks of it maybe a

tiny little clapped in there but I think

it's just a single strand wire 25 to 35

watts is the recommendation so much more

suited to a single battery mod I think

we'll put this one in a second and see

how the flavour goes but as you can see

the airflow is a lot more restricted and

doesn't have the mesh coils we'll see

how far can goes in a bit one thing I

forgot to mention it is quite nice that

they have painted the tanks in the same

sort of color as the mod and it matches

really really well they've got a sort of

matte satin kind of finish to the tanks

and they do look quite fucking good a

little bit of matchy match action going

on with the tank and the mod but let's

have a look at the chip so one two three

four five clicks we'll turn it on you

get the little vapor wrestle logo and

you are on to the home screen so I mean

variable wattage mode normal at the

moment being displayed over here on the

right on the left hand side you have the

battery bar and a percentage which I

really like to see very very clear as to

how much you got left

you've got the resistance underneath

that point one eight is what it's

reading this point one five ohm coil at

you then have a little puff counter

underneath the resistance and as you

fire it it will also tell you how long

the last puff was because your what is

displayed in the middle there it is in

point one what increments it does go all

the way up to 80 watts a few specs for

you that I forgot to mention it will

fire down to a point zero three ohm coil

when it's in super player mode we'll

talk about that in a bit

five to 80 watts to amp charging so all

the fucking good stuff you want to see

in the specs so to access the menu

system one two three clicks of the menu

button over here you got DIY mode which

if you select that will then give you

the different modes so we're in variable


the moment if we go into that we then

have the choice between VW S which is

variable wattage soft okay then you've

got the normal so the soft will reduce

the power initially and then go to the

waters you've dial in and then normal

mode is just what you've dialed in hard

will give it a little bit of a boost

there's a pulse mode if you select that

it will scan the resistance of the coil

and give you a a pulse or a boost of

wattage at the beginning of your vape

according to the resistance of your

coils using some of that fucking smart

technology vapor s I talked about over

to eco mode that's basically a mode that

will reduce the power when you get down

to 40% so that you don't turn through

your battery too quickly you then have

smart TC which is basically tent control

and it's going to automatically select

the wire that you've used and used so

it'll check the coil and put in the

appropriate material if you go into the

DIY mode you then have the choice of

variable wattage which we've been using

you've got variable temp control so if

you select that you then can choose your

materials whether it be stainless steel

nickel etc and then you have a memory

mode as well you've also got variable

voltage mode which is pretty sweet for

the old-school vapors that like to use

voltage rather than wattage there's also

a wattage curve so you can dial in your

own wattages at whatever increments you

want there's a bypass mode which will

run it basically like a mechanical mod

it'll just dump whatever voltage you

have in the battery through the power

rather than of what did you've dialed in

you then have SP or super player mode

for all the players out there now this

basically will allow you to run those

very very low resistances of point 0 3

ohms so you need to chuck it into this

mode for those very very low builds

system settings all the usual stuff in

there puff counter resets screen

brightness flip the screen if you want

to orientate a differently smart

variable wattage and eco modes can turn

them on automatically check your version

and then exit and that's about it for

the chip it's very simple got all the

stuff that you want to see in there it's

basically the gentian in a smaller 80

watt version but that about does a stick

heads let's jump back up top talk pros

cons prices and everything fucking else

so they gave their kids the swag too but

a bad little micro fuckin mod now I've

got the 0.5 ohm coil in here now the

single strand wire which I didn't

realize when we're doing the up and

close is actually AC cell coil it says

for high viscous liquids on the vapor

SSO website for some of their other

ceramic coils but they don't actually

really have any information on this

point 5 ohm ceramic coil that it comes

with would have liked a bit more

information on this vapor air so as to

whether it's meant for thinner liquids

like your 5050 high nicotine low wattage

liquids or whether it's meant for

thicker juices at lower wattages I don't

know maximum water just 35 watts what

I'm running at out now definitely a more

restricted drawer I've got it wide open

and it still feels sort of a restricted

lung hit as you could see any up and

close there quite a small hole flavours

pretty good for a lower wattage 35 watt

vape flavour is pretty damn good

quite similar weight to what I was

getting out of the inner can i axe or a

Jax tank we were reviewed recently more

of a restricted lung nice flavour good

flavour not as much as the big cloudier

coils but pretty good and yeah if you

enter a restricted lung you might like

this one a little bit more definitely a

much smoother airflow then the the coil

that came with the eye axe at 35 watts

but let's talk the pros and cons on this

little kit what do I like what do I

dislike well I definitely love the form

factor on the mod it's really nice and

small and compact it feels really

comfortable in the hand a little

contours they've got around here very

very nice and yeah but if a flashback to

the pker I kind of like that little

battery cap thing there so it's a good

looking nice feeling little mod the chip

is fantastic in these vapor Esso mods

the gen and then this one no real

difference at all in how they perform

got all the bells and whistles that you

want in there but keeping it nice and

simple and easy to navigate so I do like

the chip that vapor a so have been using

it a lot of their devices firing down to

a minimum resistance of point 0 3 ohms

is really really handy not that you get

coils that are really that low and vape

them but often if you've got rebuilder

balls and you've got some handmade coils

they might say on the box

they meant to come in at point 1 1 but

when you're initially installing them

and pulsing and pinching they often come

in below point 1 and a lot of mods

struggle to fire them until they've been

pulsed and pinched so quite handy if

you're into the rebuildable side of

things accepts quite a decent sized

atomizer 26 27 millimeters even a 28

some of them you'll be able to squeeze

on here not that you really need to put

a big tank on a small mod like this but

it is quite handy because some of these

sort of battery cap on the side kind of

mods struggle to accommodate anything

bigger than 25 millimeters so got a

little bit of room there which is kind

of handy

I like that they've gone with a button

that's the same color as the mod it

wasn't a big deal on the gen but it was

just something kind of odd so I like

that they've gone with a more uniform

look cons for the mod I don't really

have much to complain about here really

really quite like this little fucker

gotta say though would have loved it to

have been a 21700 I don't think it would

have made it particularly big but it

would have meant that you get a little

bit more battery life particularly on a

single battery device 21700 are always a

fuck in a better choice in my opinion

it's a little thing but it kind of

annoyed me a little bit just the button

placements when I was adjusting things

in the menu system it wasn't really an

issue in your vaping but when you go to

use the menu having the positive

negative buttons kind of on one side and

then the menu/select button on another

side it just felt a little bit awkward

when you're playing around with the menu

not a big deal but something I'll point

out let's talk about the tank though

pros definitely always a pro being how

to use a lot of different coils in a sub

ohm tank this takes baby beast threaded

coils so you could use a bunch of

different smock coils and there's about

six or eight different companies out

there that all do coils with the same

threading as this so getting coils at

vape shops will be very easy and you can

get different types of coils so if

you're not happy with the wattages or

the performance out of the coils that

come with the tank well there's a whole

bunch of different choices out there and

some really really good coils from other

companies too so quite neat that they've

got the the baby beast threaded coils I

think it's a pretty good-looking sub

tank to be honest a lot of sub tanks

wait too many fucking crazy weird lines

all over them this just is nice simple

clean I liked a little bit of neural

England got around the AFC it goes

nicely where the rest of the fucking mod

I like that they've gone with a matching

colored tank and they've really done a

pretty good job of matching the body of

the mod with the the tank colour so it's

a little thing but I do appreciate

flavor is also pretty good

keely off of the higher wattage GT coil

that I was using initially it's almost

as good as a falcon 2 or a falcon King

or some of the Crown's from you well

maybe not quite as good on the flavor

but it's getting pretty damn close so I

don't think anybody's gonna be

disappointed with the flavor they get

off of this thing

if they were vaping it straight out of

the box but Khan so what do I have to

wind about with the tank not a lot the

filling method I'm not a huge fan of is

just not super stiff that system and I

find that it can quite easily open I'd

be worried about it opening in my pocket

not a big deal but something I will

point out would have liked a bit more

stiffness there or a slightly more

secure feeling method tank capacities

not huge at 3.5 milliliters I understand

you can't really put a bubble window in

here because you've got this battery cap

but it's not huge something to mention

that you might be feeling this fairly

frequently particularly if you're vaping

it at 60 watts or higher and it would

have liked a little bit more explanation

on that see cell coil vaporetto I would

have liked to annoying exactly what it's

intended for is it intended for thinner

liquids for thicker liquid but would

have just like to know a little bit more

about that one but that's about all I

really got the Waya cons for the tank so

price what are these fuckers gonna set

you back well I've had this for a couple

of months and I should have reviewed it

much sooner but got busy over Christmas

and all the rest of it so you can now

find them pretty much everywhere if you

do a bit of googling I found that

element vape in the United States had it

listed for $45 which is pretty damn

affordable mod tank ready to fucking go

can't really complain too much there in

the United Kingdom I noticed that custom

vapes they had it listed also for 45

pounds so again pretty affordable

wherever and here in Australia a bunch

of shops had them vaporize had it listed

for 60 bucks 69 95 should I say 70

fuckin dollars so again a very

affordable kit for most people to either

get started on or if you just a lower

wattage vapor looking for a new kit yeah

definitely one of my picks was a big big

fan of the gen mod and if you want

something a little bit smaller than that

this would definitely be one of the best

options currently on the market for a

ready to go fucking kit but that'll do me

so I'll get the fuck out of here I'll

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cheers for tuning in cheery fuck and I

hope you're all doing good you do hope

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EDG the hook

we're exhaling vapor did it happen

mm-hmm gonna have a big Daddy that

friendly mother from vapor that's a mud

it's a kid coil I forgot to talk about

it a bit more thing back this is the the

ceramic coil yeah