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Users Of Nicotine Will Not Be Considered For Employment Of U-Haul

what's going on guys

nick forbade meet here got some

interesting news for you today it seems

using they continue may actually stop

you from getting a job Before we jump in

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with our latest videos now let's check

out u-hauls new policy


just earlier this month u-haul

International based out of Arizona

announced its plans to stop interviewing

and hiring nicotine users including

those who use vaping products the policy

which will begin on February 1st intends

to build on you health promotion of

wellness for employees which includes

other programs encouraging fitness and

healthy nutrition this will roll out in

over 20 states where policies of this

kind are legal and in 17 of those states

companies are also legally allowed to

test for nicotine

according to the announcement those

applying for employment at u-haul will

have to disclose if they use nicotine in

any form including smoking vaping and

chewing and must agree to be tested for

nicotine as an employment condition

despite all this u-haul is not yet

clearly indicated if they'll go forward

with testing so for the time being it

seems like they're covering their tracks

by including it in the policy an effort

to encourage employees to follow this

policy the company will waive an

insurance premium that is normally

mandatory for those that abstain from


oddly enough for now current employees

won't be subjected to the same policy so

this really makes me think it could lead

to a double standard in the workplace

Jessica Lopez an executive from u-haul

commented on the new policy saying the

company very much cares for the health

of their workforce and any decreases in

health care costs on the company would

be considered a bonus just gonna throw

my opinion in there it kind of sounds

like the priorities are the other way


u-haul is home to many entry-level jobs

like labor and customer service

statistically those that come from a

low-income background are more likely to

both smoke and seek out jobs like these

the response outside of u-haul

themselves has been pretty negative many

commenting on the policy see it as

discriminatory against people who have

an addiction and also criticized it as

consuming nicotine in most forms such as

smoking vaping and chewing or legal what

concerns me the most is that the number

one reason people begin vaping is to

quit smoking on that note it also makes

me wonder how the company plans to

respond to users of nicotine replacement

therapy products like gum or patches

it's worrying that just because

someone's method of quitting smoking

differs from the company's policy they

could essentially lose an employment

opportunity it feels like there's a lot

of gray area here that u-haul may have

not considered and it's disappointing to

know that even people actively trying to

quit smoking could be denied employment

I also wonder where this policy will

stop will you help begin refusing

rentals to customers who smoke or vape

to and since this is coming from a wall

in this standpoint will they eventually

stop hiring people Reed sugar for now

all we can do is wait and see let me

know your thoughts about Yuhas actions

comments below and don't forget to like

and share this video as always I'm Nick

from gave me thanks for watching


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