Vape Bans in the U.S.

okay so have you been able to keep up

with all the different fate bans in the

US or in Oregon or in Washington yes a

lot so how did we get here

vaping has been around for a while but

talks of banning it started last

September that's when people nationwide

started getting sick and dying and it

was a linked to vaping two people died

in Oregon on October 15 2019 Governor

Brown announced a six-month ban on

flavored vape products but it only

lasted for two days until the organ

appeals court halted the ban then the

feds got involved on January 2nd of this

year President Trump announced his plan

to end the sales of certain flavors of

e-cigs then on January 15th Washington

governor jay Inslee got involved

introducing a bill to temporarily ban

the sale of flavored vapes then just a

few days ago on February 6 the FDA's

partial ban went into effect so did that

clear the smoke for you or vapor

hopefully it did because that's how we

got here