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what's up inside its deuces jacket

today we're gonna go

over the youwell nunchaku - before we

get into the video click the link down

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join our facebook group here's the tank

that comes with the kit

nice-looking tank man I gotta say very

very nice-looking tank love the drip tip

they did a nice job matching that ring

on the bottom of the drip tip to the

actual color of the tank 510 driptip

nice job on that that's gonna give you

some good flavor I mean check that out

man it's a good-looking tank got these

nice little cutouts over here so you can

get a grip half a turn bang it's off

there all right now I'm not too crazy

about the size of that fill port alright

that could definitely be a little bigger

I do like the fact that they put this

little rubber gasket there I wish they

would do that on slider tanks other

companies just in case it slides open

you won't get juice all over your pocket

but nice touch that they put it on a

screw on type top cap I mean the real

impressive thing about this is look how

thin that top cap is I mean damn man

then you'll notice there's no gasket

inside right and that's probably the

reason for this little silicon juice

cover right there right but nice job

look how thin that is really really

impressed with this tank in order to put

it back on another half a twist and boom

it's back on bubble glass pre-installed

like I showed you before you get a spare

bottom airflow stoppers on both sides

you got one too

you got three airflow slots alright you

can see there's a minimum line inside on

the barrel on the bottom of the tank you

can see it says ul Nunchuk due to

gold-plated 510 black insulator ring

around that stainless steel threading

around that okay in order to access your

coil like every other tank in the world

you just unscrew the bottom just like so

threading is a little crunchy but that's

because I don't have any juice in it it

does look pretty clean and you can see

this is one of those plug-and-play coils

all right

it actually doesn't screw into the

chimney so that's kind of neat you can

see you got the two o-rings over here

that pop it in there and then you got

the two o-rings here so it really

doesn't screw into this part either it

sits in there with the o-rings and it's

and it's got some nice tension they did

a nice job with that you li got to give

them props you can see this is the point

two ohm coil good for fifty to sixty


all right same thing gold plating on the

bottom mesh inside all right we're gonna

keep this one we're gonna try this one

first so in order to install the coil

just do everything in Reverse pop it in

there just like that see the juice ports

I don't think you have to line them up

cuz it looks like there's enough space

in there for the juice to get around but

you know my OCD makes me line them up

you can see they're lined up all around

once you do that take your bottom piece

and here's the weird thing the o-rings

are popping in right I don't know if you

can see this the o-rings are popping in

there seeding and then you're screwing

the base onto this part of the chimney

so I just want you to be aware of that

if you can see that threading right

there okay so there's the coil is

actually not screwing into the base of

the tank

that's kind of different we don't see a

lot of that pop it on just like that as

usual let's start off on top with the

mod got some stainless steel threading

around the edge here gold-plated 510

short-throw with a medium spring to it

all right over on the side here I don't

know why companies are doing this man

it's so goddamn annoying they put the

charge port right here right I mean what

the hell are you guys thinking man come

on enough with this nonsense already why

would you put it so close to the tank it

just doesn't make any sense man it's

stupid on a mod like this you know put

it towards the bottom of something even

put it between put it between the screen

and the fire button if you want put it

below the fire button do something don't

put it there because if you got a leaky

tank you're gonna screw up that whole

port and you want to know something if

you are going to cheap

do that then do what like Vandy vape did

with their swell and make that port you


juice resistant water resistant

waterproof whatever you want to call it

but don't just put a regular port there

underneath the 510 that sucks it's a

shitty design and I got call them out on

it man because it's just stupid

so let's go over the rest of the mod

there's your screen there's your fire

button you're probably saying to me

deuces where's the plus and minus button

there are no plus or minus buttons on

this man we basically got a wave this

thing around in order to go through the

settings I'll show you that in a minute

but first let's go over the battery cap

we got a little bit of venting over

there okay nice threading on the battery

cap nice clean threads you can see

clearly marked - alright inside you also

get in 18 650 adapter I chuck mine I

don't know why you would want to use

that on this mod down the tube I don't

know if you can see it but there's a red

+ sign and there's also a spring-loaded

gold-plated battery contact we're gonna

put this in argyll EC battery negative

side up we're gonna take our clearly

marked cap with the gold-plated button

style contact we're gonna slap it on

there we're gonna give it a little

reverse thread till it catches and then

we're gonna screw it on there threadings

nice and smooth man nice job on that now

there's your screen you can see on your

screen you got wattage mode resistance

and your battery meter right there okay

now in order to enter your menu system

three clicks you can see I'm in power

mode if I tilt it this way I'm in

factory settings

you saw the modes it's basically

sensitive to whichever way you touch it

so you got MEC mode TCR mode power mode

and that's it so we keep it in power

mode now if I want to adjust the wattage

I go to the left it goes down if I go to

the right you can see it goes up see it

see it going up

goes all the way up to the full hundred

watts now if I want to take it down I go

this way see how it's going down we're

gonna put it at 50 watts what a

recommended coil parameters are go up

one there we go now I'm settled that 50

watts I hit the power button and there I

am all right so it's a little different

you know it's hard to do on camera it's

easier to do off camera but I got a mitt

man I not I would think I would have

rather had buttons I understand why they

went without it to make it smaller but

Jesus Christ man

you know if I'm standing at the bus stop

or something with this thing and I want

to adjust my wattage I'm gonna be you

know waving around like I'm signaling a

plane or something like that you know or

I'm leading an orchestra I mean come on

man it's just kind of ridiculous I'm not

crazy about the way you adjust the

wattage and the settings on this get

some spare o-rings right here you also

get a nice microUSB cable for charging

and updates you get a spare bubble glass

good on you you will spare coil here's

the spare coil 0.14 ohm good for 50 to

60 watts nice juice slots there there's

your minimum line all right gold plating

on the bottom inside you can see we got

some mesh going on right there all right

that's the spare coil so now let's

attach the tank I got it set at 50 watts

cuz those that's within the coil

parameters that's the low end and now

you can see just beautiful man what a

beautiful job they did on this they

really did I mean they did a bang-up job

from matching the o-rings to the tank to

the mod to the drip tip I mean fantastic

job you well it's a beautiful piece it

really is

let's get into the cons and the pros

we're gonna start off with cons as usual

first kind is gonna be not a fan or

waving this thing around in order to

change the wattage I would have rather

have seen

hard buttons on it I really would have I

just I feel silly yelling like this all

the time I understand it would have been

a little bigger with buttons but come on

man I got a you know flail this thing

around I don't like it

thank God I don't adjust the wattage a

lot but come on man you got to put

buttons on this thing I know some people

are gonna think it's innovative I don't

like it it's economy any other cons

gonna be because there are actually no

buttons on it the menu is very counter

intuitive so I got a chalk that up as a

con as well but that's it on the cons

nitpicky stuff I know but that's what I

do let's get into the pros cuz there's a

lot of pros first pros gonna be man nice

21700 form factor probably this thing is

probably everything

the original Nunchuk ooh should have

been it's a pro that it takes 21700 I

like the power to size ratio check that

thing out man pretty small for a single

21700 tank on this thing is fantastic

great great tank really flavorful coils

that's all pros you get a bubble glass

in the kit and you get a spare bubble

glass huge Pro you well thank you for

listening chip said on this one actually

feels pretty accurate that's a pro I

think it's a well-built piece it's a

nice kit the tank matches well not only

aesthetically but from a power

standpoint as well and what I mean by

that is the tank is a mid-range tank

which is the type of tank you want to

run on a single 21700 mod so I like the

way they matched up the performance of

the tank and the looks of the tank with

the mod it's all pros other pros gonna

be really really nice easy carry very


you can easily drop this in like an all

day carry bag you can get away with it

on an inside jacket pocket affront jeans

pocket anything like that one of those

pouch pockets on one of your hoodies

this thing's good to go

let's get into the scoring system let's

see how this one fares on our scoring

system first categories gonna be looks

and I think it deserves a solid whore in

the looks department it's a good-looking

kit next category is gonna be form

factor I think again it deserves a solid

whore in the form factor category it

feels solid the build quality is nice

and it's an easy carry next category is

performance and that's where this thing

kind of loses a little bit of its shine

I gotta give it a three in the

performance Department in power mode

it's fine in TC mode it's a bit

inconsistent so it's definitely gonna

lose points there had it done good TC it

would have gotten a solid four but the

performance right now I got it at sixty

watts with the coil you saw me install

check it out nothing wrong with that man

nothing wrong with that at all just a

nice flavorful satisfying vape I just

wish it did better TC it's getting a

three in this category as far as the

value category goes I'm gonna give it a

solid three again when it first came out

it was a little on the pricey side I was

seeing it for around 80 bucks I'm late

to the review on this one because ul

refuses to send me anything and it's

still at $60 which i think is a little

pricey for what you're getting I would

rather see this mod in the 40 to $50

range so we're gonna give it a three in

the value department and all those

scores up you get a total amount of

stars of 14 we divide that 14 by four

and you get eight three and a half star

rating which is what it deserves let's

get into some of the specs on the UL

Nunchuk ooh - it measures in at a

hundred by twenty nine point nine

millimeters it will take a single 18 650

2700 or 21700 battery it has a maximum

wattage output of a hundred watts and it

will fire down 2.1 ohm it's available in

silver black blue and rainbow big shout

out element vapes for sending this one

my way definitely go

check them guys out awesome place great

customer service and fantastic pricing

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