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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Vape Shop Owners Decry Ban Of Flavored Vape Products In New Jersey

governor Murphy's aggressive approaches

in an effort to combat the rise of

teenagers and a growing number of minors

using electronic smoking devices which

is believed to cause nicotine addiction

among youth vape shop owners are

outraged I can tell you the amount of

adults they don't know what to do now

what alternative do they have these are

people have quit cigarettes

unfortunately governor Murphy allowed

himself to be caught up in the hysteria

that was developing in July August

September of last year we now know that

the reason that people were getting sick

and dying they weren't it wasn't them we

now know that the reason people were

getting sick and dying and from vaping

was not because they were using

store-bought legal nicotine products it

was illicit THC product sold by drug


despite Pro vaping advocates arguing

that its safety regulations that need to

be cracked down on Murphy declined to

sign a portion of vaping related bills

that pertain to just that the governor

pocket vetoed a bill that would have

cracked down on bad actors in vape shops

and regulated the vaping liquid itself

in his argument against signing the bill

Murphy said in its original form the

bill would have required an overhaul and

expansion of the current limited

licensing system for vapor businesses

and increased the tax on vapor products

unfortunately the bills final form did

not address these concerns I look

forward to working with the legislature

in this new legislative session to

determine best practices for regulating

the vaping in response to the veto the

bill sponsor state Senator Joe Vitali

said I am disappointed that the governor

decided not to sign this legislation

into law the bill contained common-sense

measures to keep these products out of

the hands of young people by cracking

down on illicit underage sales by bad

actors who exploit their vulnerability

to the allure of e-cigarettes and other

vaping products but holy smokes vape

shop assistant manager Alex Sanchez

believes banning flavored vape products

will produce a different result

ultimately is gonna lead to New Jersey

having one of the most expansive black

markets in terms of these products in

the entire country like banning this is

going to lead to people seeking their

own ways to procure these products and

this is going to lead to exactly what

supposedly they've been trying to avoid

with the flavor ban

taking a

fact and a little under three months

Sanchez says he has little to no time to

adapt to the new legislation this is

going to directly impact adults the

justification of this is going to help

the kids kids have always found ways to

find products whether they're legal or

not they already legally couldn't buy

these products yet somehow they're

getting them so not creating more of a

standard for the businesses that sell

them doesn't really add up to that probe

aping advocates have until April to try

and convince legislators to make changes

to the bill Sanchez says he has been

asking all of his customers who are

upset about the ban to call their local

law makers Murphy also signed a measure

that would bar the use of coupons and

other price rebates for the purchase of

tobacco and e-cigarettes fines can be as

much as two thousand dollars for

businesses that violate it in Elizabeth

Raven Santana and J TV news


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