Vaping Epidemic And A Outbreak Of Lung Disease Led To Curbs On E-Cigarette Flavours

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here yet again Jules made some big news

and this time it's on my side of the

border here in Canada before we get into

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let's get into today's story well one of

North America's biggest e-cigarette

manufacturers has made a decision and

this is in response to what's been

described as a youth vaping epidemic cbc

news confirming that joule will stop

selling most of its flavored vaping pods

here in canada and for details let's

bring in laura McQuillan right now so

laura good morning to you I tell us a

bit more about this move and what's

behind Jules decision here what we know

now Michael is it's going to be halting

production of some of those flavors from

today it's not gonna be pulling them off

shelves but once they're sold out

they're going to be gone Michael meter

Hoth president of dual Canada announced

on January 14th that the company will

quote unquote temporarily stop the

production of their flavoured pods this

includes mango vanilla fruit and

cucumber with tobacco and mint remaining

on the Canadian market since this move

is coming from the production side

flavor pods would not be recalled

instead retailers will still be able to

sell flavor pods until sold out if you

remember back in October Joule pulled

the same move in the u.s. and in my

video looking at the story I said one of

the possible reasons they went forward

with pulling flavors was because they

knew something that we the public didn't

fast forward to earlier this month and

we've seen that the FDA has put a ban on

flavored prefilled pods I have a video

covering this so if you want more

information feel free to check that out

as well at this point it really feels

like Julie thurr has some influence on

policy making and is using it to their

advantage to edge out the competition or

they were aware of incoming regulations

and acted preemptively either way now

that it's happened in Canada I wonder if

we'll be seeing similar actions over

here on the flip side according to a

letter sent out to retailers and

distributors jewel said they'll be

pulling flavored pods and may later

reintroduce them to the market under

guidance and regulation of Health Canada

the letter also said the company is

interested in resetting the vaping

category and earning the trust of

society if you're wondering what that

actually means your guess is as good as

mine right now as of july 2019 Jul had a

78% share of the Canadian vein market

which is estimated to be worth around a

billion dollars so this action they're

taking is sure to make waves in the


influencing other companies to react

accordingly despite this news Lisa

Hutton yak the director of

communications at jewel said that the

company maintains that flavors can play

an important role in helping transition

adult smokers away from cigarettes in my

opinion this sort of makes their goal

seem unclear I'm curious to see how this

move plays out and I wonder how it'll

affect the vaping market here in Canada

would you'll be coming less enticing

with less flavours we may see jewel

users move to different devices like the

stealth or maybe an open system like my

caliber and over here let me know your

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