Vaping In Front Of My Mom For The First Time

let's go now guys hold up before you

dislike the video because there's a

vaping in the title I actually don't

fade the vape that I'm using is actually

my friends vape and I just really

thought this would be a great idea for a

video and I think my mom is gonna have a

really funny reaction but yeah but yeah

this but yeah this but yeah this is not

my vape I don't vape so don't just

dislike the video there's no nicotine in

it or anything it's literally just water

vapor pretty much so yeah it's not like

it's gonna kill me or something but I'm

just gonna do it one time in front of my

mom and I really want to see what

happens I'm gonna bring her into my room

and I'm just gonna do it right and

forever it I won't really want to see

her reaction cuz I made a video called

cursing in front of my mom for the first

time ever and you guys seem to really

enjoy that video and her reaction was so

funny check that out by the way it's the

top right of the screen I don't know

which is probably switched but top right

of the screen right here just click that

yeah it was a great video but I really

wanted to do vaping in front of my mom

for the first time because I think her

reaction is gonna be so funny but I

really hope you guys do enjoy by the way

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uh guys let's just get right in the

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and okay I think we're good all right

let's let's just get right into the


all right guys so I know the lighting in

here is like kind of stupid and like

really orange but this is like a really

good setup for the camera and everything

my mom just got home I have the vapor

right here I'm just gonna make something

up and have her get in the room so I can

do it and just Oh drop like this is

gonna be this is your cell phone


mother come here


yeah what the Frick is that what is that

I told you what is it what is it I think

it's no what is it it's a oh my god you

confuse wait long can you try it though

just for the camera all right

so she's gonna try it

oh wait doesn't it's fine like smoke

though it smells like snot what stinks

that promise yes it's not this smells

good like cotton candy

oh yes your germs on it it's fine just

we're literally related just press the

hold this button and then do it what the

heck I've never done this I don't know

just hold the button and then suck on

the button yeah

and then what and then just second whoa

no hold it no sight okay let go let go

it doesn't just weird make your breath

taste good no it's like flavored I don't

know what is this it's the battery I've

never seen one of these it has a plug or

anything yeah it sergeant

what the heck Steven these things are

freaky it's like a music thing mode the

cigarette it's definitely not good don't

encourage people to do this I know I

don't know that's weird Kahless yeah

it's pretty dude nice you believe you

have that I just want to do for the

video Oh were you like freaking out yeah

I think I was a vapor I was like what

are you doing it was good well thanks

for trying it dude yeah appreciate it

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right sounds good thanks bye all right

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