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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Vaping Prevention Efforts Are Beginning In The Middle Schools

fools tonight taking some new approaches

to try to stop students from vaping this

is an epidemic that is now creeping we

find into elementary schools that is

prompted garland ISD to join districts

from across the state with a live

interactive vaping Prevention panel

parents say it has opened their eyes and

we heard a similar message from Keller

ISD parents earlier tonight under a

lucia live over at fossil Hill middle

school with that district's plan to stop

students from vaping Andreea this was

the first for community forums here in

Keller is T all of them are being held

in middle schools like this one because

dug by high school districts have found

it is too late for prevention efforts

the CDC says more than a third of high

schoolers have tried vaping and many are

already addicted Douglas Morgan is a dad

worried by what he's learned about kids

vaping scary scary is really the word

for that he saw how addiction to smoking

affected his generation he came to

tonight's forum to learn how to spare

his own sons the same fate you feel like

a lot of kids do this yeah they say it

started in the bathrooms in middle

school and now it's on the buses that

they do it away from the cameras there's

an epidemic with vaping with our young

people Keller is teased director of

counseling and intervention says there's

a misconception vaping is safe even

among parents whose children are being

disciplined for it why is it such a big

deal I think you're going overboard that

vape cost a lot of money I want my kid

to get their mate back or that was mine

I mean it's amazing the

that we here it is not a benign

substance that they are inhaling a

pediatric pulmonologist at Cook

Children's Medical Center dr. Karen

shows first saw the danger last summer

in a 17 year old whose lungs were

failing and we were all sitting there

trying to figure out what was going on

since then she says she's been surprised

how many young patients are giving

vaping a try so the youngest one I've

seen was 11

I've had one emergency room doctor she

doesn't ask the patients if they vape

she asked them when was the last time

you baked there was a bit of good news

from the CDC today it said that after

those ER visits related to vaping peaked

in September they have continued to come

down it believes one reason for that is

the increased awareness that events like

this are helping create reporting live

in Fort Worth Andre Lucia CBS 11 News


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