Vaporesso Swag 2 Vape Kit Review|Lightweight And Full Featured

if you're looking for a lightweight

powerful 18 650 mod from a company

that's trusted you might want to check

this one out

it's a vapor esos swag to

welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony yep we're looking at the vapor esos

swag to today this is a super

lightweight little device single 18 650

and it's kind of a little powerhouse I

really dig it so yeah I've been using

the red one's got a nice gradient on

here I'm a big fan of gradients and then

of course there's also a black one show

you what this one looks like real

quickly and this is the all-black one

we're gonna show you the tank from this

one first though let's take a look at

the back of the box got your specs right

there so if you want to go ahead and

pause that and read them go ahead goes

up to 80 watts has an OLED screen on it

118 650 battery resistance is 0.03 to 5

ohms now that 0.03 though that's only in

the spmo the super player now for the

u.s. it comes with the NRG PE tank which

is 3.5 ml and then there's a TPD version

that is 2 mil has a GT 4 mesh coil and a

GTCC coil a/c sell coil that is now the

C cell that is a ceramic coil and if

from what I remember vapora so at least

it was one of the first that came out

with a ceramic coil for vaping that one

is 25 to 35 watts in the mesh coil is 50

to 75 watts I'm using the mesh coil in

here right now so inside the box you are

gonna get one of these this is the C

cell clone let's pull that out of here

real quick so you can see that's a

ceramic core and the wire is embedded

inside of that ceramic core 0.6 ohms

you get one of their quick charge cables

it says quick charge read on it there

and it is a standard microUSB style but

it is supposed to be quite charged to it

be a little card in here about

counterfeit stuff there is a little bag

in here with some extra seals and

o-rings for the tank itself this would

be your warranty card in here and your

advisories liquid that I'm using this

one right now the cloud chemist

Heisenberg crunch it's basically boo

berry cereal and man it's it's a strong

flavor it's really really good three

milligrams of nicotine in here if you

haven't tried the cloud chemist and you

like the cereals you should try them out

go ahead and pull this tank off here and

we'll show you that so this is the NRG

PE tank as you can see right there air

flow down here at the bottom and it's

excessive airflow there's a lot of air

flow just two slots but they're big I

tend to run it about like that and you

know me I like a lot of airflow take

this off of here

right now but it was really on there got

this seal here good just make sure you

get that back in place and there is your

mesh coil so it's a dual mesh coil

that's in there I tend to prefer just

one big piece of mesh but that's okay

these are working really good so 50 to

75 watts on this best at 60 to 70 watts

0.15 ohms in the mod itself I'm getting

this at what's about 0.1 seven ohms and

do it even at 36 watts this thing it

pumps out the vapor you don't have to

crank it all the way to the highest that

it goes you know that is with each

flavor it's different - so there we go

glasses right there put your finger on

there push it over to get the glass off

of that that's one thing I noticed there

is no extra glass inside of this package

drip tip is 510 style it's got 200 rings

on it there we go and to fill it

got a little arrow right there you just

push it and it slides over like that

fill it up closer up when there's no

battery in this thing it's man that's so

light I want to say that the body of

this may be made of some kind of a

composite or plastic all right so let's

look this one over here so yeah there's

your 510 gold-plated 510 pin in there

for your contact now you could put a 25

millimeter tank on here this is 24

millimeters but I mean you know it's

it's tight already so I'd say 24

millimeters is gonna be your max but I

mean it just fits together so nicely why

not use their tank even the knurling on

the airflow kind of matches with the

body it just everything flows really

nicely with this and the colors match


it's got like a soft touch feel to it

even the cap on it does so this comes

off of here

it's got a texture on it so it is easy

to turn it all right your battery comes

out of there and it's got a positive

marked inside there and there is a

negative marked on there so we'll just

put this back in there like that threads

are really nice and smooth on it

everything is machined really well on it

goes up to 80 watts yeah like I say I've

been running this thing at lower watts

with this mesh coil on here and it

performs really well so yeah 80 watts

and it does go fast when you're

adjusting it or you can go and point 1

watt increments which I don't love the

point one thing because then you know

sometimes you just have to you know dial

it in like that I mean just let me have

0.5 or maybe 1 watt increments for me

anyways so right here it says VW

and that means it's in variable wattage

normal says wattage right there that's

55 watts you've got a puff counter right

there which is resettable above that is

your ohms and above that is your battery

I like that it has a visual

representation plus a percentage on

there almost forgot to show you the rest

of the mod here axon chip inside of here

made in China you got venting down there

for your battery and it's all shaped

very nicely it has this little bit of an

indention right there you can see that

it just makes it really comfortable to

hold I kind of hold it like that and

fire it or you know I mean even like

that it works really good fire button

there this is your up-and-down button

right here and this is a selector button

which you'll often see on a vapor iso

product I like it because it's separate

from the others this thing fires really

fast and when you're going 1 2 3 you

know that kind of things just to get

into your menus however on this one if

you do 1 2 3 now you got a little

lockdown there everything down here is

locked but this is still firing so it

tells you to hit that 3 times 1 2 3

now it's unlocked and then if you hit

this button 3 times 1 2 3 then you're

going to go into your different modes so

in system settings you can go at lips

remember that's your selector button 1 2

3 so we'll go to system settings puff

counter you can reset that we're gonna

reset it down to exit and you can go

down here to brightness you can adjust

that you can flip the screen if you want

to the smart variable wattage you can

turn that on or off

I leave that off if you have it on it's

going to suggest a wattage for you when

you put your tank on there Auto eco I'm

gonna leave that off the eco thing it's

I guess if it gets to a certain amount

of battery percentage then it starts to

adjust for you I'm not quite sure I

fully understand the eco thing and I've

had that on a couple of their different

mods I thought it was to turn the screen

off let's just let's see 1 2 3 system

set Auto Eco on yeah that's not what it

does so I guess it's just a preserved

battery when you get low on your battery

1 2 3 and let's see so in here you've

got pulse mode which is what it's

defaulted to when you first get it and

basically that's supposed to improve

your clouds or something like that it's

it's wattage mode is basically what it

is how

eco smart TC so if you have that on

there and you're using a stainless steel

coil or one of the other types that you

can use it's scanning that and it's a

once here yeah so you put it into pulse

mode because this is not a TC type coil

and then in DIY mode this is where you

can go in here and choose to do either

just straight-up variable wattage

variable temperature variable voltage

you can do curves in here if you want to

do that bypass and SP which is their

super player mode and then exit I'm

gonna go in here in DIY and I'm gonna

put it back on variable wattage and when

you do it's gonna ask you do you want

soft normal or hard I'm gonna say normal

and then there's exit on that menu so it

can be really easy to use you can set up

one of those auto modes so that it will

just you know work for you and all that

kind of stuff I tend to put it on

variable wattage myself and normal and

that's the way I roll with it but it's a

nice little mod like I said it's just

super lightweight single 18 650 and if

you're running lower wattage which that

ceramic coil will do then here your

battery will last a good amount of time

now if you're using this mesh coil

though and you're running this thing 55

65 70 watts it might not last you all

that long I will tell you that it is a

good performer it looks good and like I

said lightweight man lightweight so it

has a lot of features that many people

probably will never use especially if

you're just getting a single 18 650

battery mod like this

it definitely has power to spare I'm

really surprised at how lightweight this

thing is when there's no battery in it

it's like a feather you know it's super

light it's comfortable in the hand and

looks good and it's nice and short and

as far as looks go I mean even the

knurling at the bottom of the tank here

where the air flow is kind of matches

the the body of it it's got a little bit

of a grip to it kind of that soft touch

thing but you know I remember when the

soft touch mods first came out the vapor

shark man that thing you just barely you

looked at it and it scratched this does

not scratch it seems to be very sturdy

so I like that and because this thing

fires really fast I like that they have

a selector button on here which they do

on most vapor SSO products but this way

you don't have to hit this button in

order to get it to go to the menu there

for firing the coil you just hit this

little button down there it's nice

has a super smooth draw the airflow on

this thing is really nice in fact it has

more air flow that I need which is kind

of surprising because I like a lot of

airflow I've got the air flow closed

halfway up and it's working just fine

the NRG coils that it uses they are well

known they produce very good flavor I

prefer the mesh one to the ceramic one

ceramic coils are fine but this is just

you know mesh has just changed the game

when you use mesh in these coils it

works really really well I haven't had

any leaking off this thing and boy the

flavor off the size and berry crunch is

just popping in this tank man I'm

digging that it's not some big towering

tank you could put a different tank on

here this is 24 millimeters you can go

up to 25 millimeters it is actually one

millimeter there but I mean it works

really well with the kit the way it is

so I you know I imagine you're just

gonna use the tank that came with it now

you can put a rebuildable on here and

put this in super player mode that's

gonna allow you to fire a little bit

lower in your owns and all that kind of

stuff it has those auto modes on there

so if that's the way you want to use it

that pulse mode and all that kind of

stuff I personally I usually just go

right with wattage and right now I'm on

variable wattage normal that's just the

way I like to use it but hey there's a

lot of different possibilities on the

way that you do use this mod very nice I

really like it and the NRG coils they're

well known and vapora so being a larger

company you have more of a probability

of finding those coils it's always a

concern when you buy a tank from an

off-brand company or a new company

that's like hey we just started well

will you be able to find those coils

that's you know especially if it's not

rebuildable that's always a big factor

for me I think there are some other

coils that are compatible with energy or

the energy coils working other tanks so

those coils will work in this so the

possibility of finding a coil for it

when you need it is pretty high overall

it looks really good it functions well

so I mean if you like the way that it

looks this might be one for you so that

is the schwag 2 from vapor réseau and i

want to thank you so much for your

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