Vaporesso Target PM80 Sub Ohm Pod Kit Review-Perfect AIO Vape

that's something for you today if you

like ultraportable but you don't want to

use the typical pod system that has

mouth to lung and high nicotine while

this is the vapor isso target PMAT

subohm pod

welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony today looking at the vapor réseau

this is the target PM 80 it looks like

your unassuming standard type pod right

but it is definitely not this sucker as

it says right here is a sub-ohm pod mod

and this one kind of surprised me I was

like whew

all right now that is that's something

PMAT because it goes to 80 watts now the

liquid that I'm using this time is the

sabores del Encanto exclusive desert

flavors from the island of Puerto Rico

comes from fogging out with the Batman

this is kenneth odd decay so this is

cream-cheese flaky pastry yeah I'm

pretty good with my Spanish I'm alright

3 milligrams and I got to tell you man

his flavors yeah they are really deep

and rich with flavors and this is really

good cream cheese flaky pastry so yeah

it says vapor s so target PM 80 a

sub-ohm pod mod over here it tells you

that it has 80 watts of power boosting

GTX mesh coils changeable coils axon

chip with instant fire and 2 amp fast

charging the pod capacity on this is 4

mil which is actually pretty good a lot

of sub ohm tanks back in the day weren't

even that they got a GTX 0.2 ohm mesh

coil in here and a 0.3 ohm mesh coil the

0.2 mm mesh coil is about 45 to 60 watts

and the 0.3 ohm mesh coil is 32 to 45

watts this is two thousand milliamp

power battery in it so that's actually

really good for the size of it it does

use micro USB though so it is not USBC

so when you get it the mod is over there

and then you actually get an extra pot

in here that's pretty cool they give you

two different pods so if you lose one

break one or whatever you're already set

that's that is actually a nice touch

especially because it's a replaceable

coil pod so usually if they do that they

don't include that so good on vapor in

so for that so I've got one of the coils

in here right now this is actually the

0.2 ohm coil and it actually tells you

on the screen best at 45 to 60 watts

I'll love that that's actually pretty

cool and then we've got this other coil

here now they're both mesh coils like

this so you know not much difference in

appearance they just have different ohms

and recommended wattages so yeah nice

big mesh that's inside of there so

underneath the tray and everything

you've got plug

got a micro USB in here that's labeled

quick charge they paresseux a coil guide

which is pretty cool how to use the anti

counterfeit and there is a warranty card

inside of this user manual which is well

quite easy I mean there's not much to

this I'm gonna leave this up here for a

second in case you want to read the

specifications go ahead and pause that

please again four mil for the pod

capacity for the EU they have TPD with a

two mil tank built in 2000 milliamp hour

battery so you're not replacing the

battery on this one and a zero point

nine six inch TFT screen tells you how

to replace the coil and fill it and

everything and how to go through the

system the rest of this is other

languages so as far as the pod or tank

on this well you just take your coil and

stick it in there now I make sure the

air flows are facing out away from the

little wall that's right there so there

we go just like that

there is no adjustable air flow on this

once you get your pod in there its it is

what it is it's it's loose it's not

gonna be a tight thing this is not firm

out too long vapors at all this is a sub

ohm tank and it does have a lot of

airflow and a lot of vapor and flavor to

there coils are very flavorful no vapor

isso is always working on their coils

now these little silicone plugs right

here you can actually stick those in

there if you did want to adjust your

airflow so I mean it's not like it's not

adjustable air flow you can close one of

them off or whatever you can pop one on

there and just open it up a little bit

but for all intents and purposes just

leave it as is in my opinion anyways but

they do give you that option so as far

as the fill you just pop this open right

there you fill it right there in that

hole and you pop it back down it is a

nice sturdy seal that's on there so I

haven't had any problem with leaking so

you got magnets on there and the magnets

pop right into the actual mod there

there's two magnets right there just

snaps right in it's in there pretty

tight I don't have any kind of wobble or

anything like that and you have to

really kind of pull it to get it out of

there but if it was in your book bag or

purse it might pop out and as you can

see by having the airflow of the actual

coil facing out it's right next to those

airflow holes on on the mod alright so

if you have fired this thing when

there's nothing on there it says check

atomizer when you stick it on there it

automatically reads it and says that

it's best at 45 to 60 watts or in smart

mode right now see the little ass right

there and that's why it set that to 55

let's do the

I'm just gonna go ahead and adjust this

because it's in smart mode when you put

this on it will choose the best wattage

that it thinks for the coil that you

have in there all right so right now the

resistance is showing is nine point nine

nine there we go so so it's 45 to 60

watts and it shows 55 watts colors on

this can be changed puffs can be reset

and all that so yeah you've got your

indicator for what mode you're in

that's your battery right there you have

both visual representation and

percentage you've got your wattage right

there and then because we're in smart

mode at saying best at 45 to 60 watts so

it's like you you actually know what

your limitations are and the mod goes to

80 watts and then you've got your

resistance right there so zero point two

one your voltage right there which is

active when you fire it and it fires

fast zero point two seconds was the last

puff that you took so three clicks one

two three and now it's locked and now

the fire button that still works but

these will not adjust one two three and

it's unlocked hit both of these buttons

and you go in here and choose variable

wattage variable voltage smart wattage

with a smart variable wattage which is

what it's in right now I'm gonna go to

this and I'm going to turn that off your

puffs and you can reset those or you can

set a number of puffs that you want to

do in a day

theme this is where you can change the

color so it's pink right now we're gonna

take this to green and you can change

everything back to the defaults in case

you need to do that and exit so now it's

all green on there which actually looks

really good now it's not in smart mode

anymore it's got the little W for

wattage but it still tells you the best

rating for that coil which that's I

think maybe at first I don't know if

I've seen that on a mod before I like

that that's pretty cool so it kind of

helps to make sure that people don't

actually run it at high too high of

wattage and burn up their coil the rest

of it yeah this chromed up stuff here

it's it's more like maybe like a

gunmetal tint to it but it's fingerprint

City man I mean it's like I finally yeah

I'm one of those people that if I get

fingerprints on stuff I'm always wiping

it on my shirt and stuff and and this

definitely gets that says vapor Esso

target PM 80 right there over here it

says nothing but you do have air flow

things on both sides you can use those

plugs for USB

is down there some venting down here on

the bottom and it does tell you that

it's 2000 milliamp hours it's small and

lightweight and darn it man this thing

is like using a full-on sub ohm tank and

set up wherever you go and it's nice and

small now if you're running this thing

at 60 to 65 watts all day yeah it's

gonna run out of battery pretty quickly

I mean 2000 milliamp hours is

respectable but it's not huge so do keep

that in mind it may be one of those

things that when you get to work or when

you get home plug it in make sure that

it's it's charged up definitely make

sure it's charged up before you leave

the house because halfway through the

day going oh man but that is also a good

thing that it is a standard USB because

you can find those pretty much anywhere

so that is the vapor Esso target PM 80

so yeah I was really pleasantly

surprised with this it looks really good

I'm not a big fan of all this chrome

kind of reflective stuff because it just

it picks up a lot of fingerprints let's

face it for something like this I'm

gonna be using this portably you know

I'm gonna be using this on the run so

it's like I'm god I don't know maybe I'm

OCD a little bit but I'm always trying

to wipe off those fingerprints on it but

it does function really well it does use

their chip which is fantastic I mean

it's if you want a fast fire this one

does they make a good product that's the

bottom line there's there's a few

companies that are just at that top

level when it comes to really good

quality type products and for the most

part vaporize so does not miss that mark

the display on this thing is definitely

remarkable and I kind of say I really

like that it says best 45 to 60 or it

tells you what the best ranges on the

display not just the coil cuz I can't

tell you how many times I've been like

let me look at that coil again what was

the recommendation on that oh now I got

to look it up on my phone cuz I can't

see it because I can't take the coil out

says it right there on there that is

really good and in the smart mode it

suggests 55 watts that's that's pretty

good because this is rated up to 60

watts it has a really nice feel to it

it's really very small and you know what

it actually kind of looks sexy it's a

good-looking little device I've got that

sabores del Encanto in here so let's try

it out


that is nice man super lash the coils in

here give very good flavor lots of vapor

and no that is good juice right there

boy I tell you what so what is that

again it's cream cheese flaky pastry and

it's just it's good yeah super amounts

of clouds coming out of this thing and

flavor and it's it's amazing that such a

tiny little device would do that now

it's not something that I would

recommend for somebody who's just

getting off of cigarettes because you

need something that's going to be a

little bit tighter draw less vapor

because every time I say I'm at a party

and one of my smoker friends like yeah

let me try that thing let me hit it I'm

like now just be careful and then they

hit it they start coughing because it's

just the volume of vapor that you get

way over and above what you're going to

get from a cigarette so definitely you

got to keep that in mind so I have tried

these little Stoppers here so what I'm

gonna do is just stick it in here okay

so now we have a stopper in there to cut

off one side of the airflow let's try

that out that definitely does tighten it

up quite a bit now what I'm going to do

is stick this other stopper in here and

just let it hang like that okay so I've

got the other stopper in here and you

can really tighten that airflow up but I

don't think you're going to want to have

you know a little doggie or stopper

hanging out there like that so some of

those things where you're probably only

meant to put one of them in there if

you're going to use it and that's also

very good and these things it's just

really good flavor and of course this

juice is just full of flavor here so now

I've got both of them out of there again

and that's how I like it this is

definitely a sub ohm pod it just acts

just like if you I mean I think of it

like you were using a mod and a tank

that's exactly how it performs except

you don't have to have a big bulky mod

and the tank sticking off of it and like

that it yeah I like it definitely

something that I would use when I travel

when I go on vacation and you want to

have a small device that I can just

stick in my pocket when I'm out on an

excursion or something like that and

still want to get all that flavor in

vapor but don't want to bring a big

setup it is warm and lush the mod is

fully adjustable so that is good the

battery size is good you know if you're

vaping at higher wattages and lower ohms

it's not gonna last you as long as it

would if it were a typical pod system

but overall I really like this little

device it's it's quite nice so there we

go that is the vapor s o target PM 80

thank you so much for your support here

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it for this episode we'll catch

next time on the paper trail channel


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