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The Proposed Law Includes Banning The Sale Of Vaping Products To Under 18s

What Is The Enemy To Vaping JUUL

if you consume any sort of media chances

are you've heard of jewel jewel jewel

jewel jewel I got a buzz now my job this

vape conglomerate skyrocketed the vaping

industry like no other

even though jewel is a vape company they

aren't what vapors would call an ally


hey how's it going everyone Dave here

from - beeps and welcome back to yet

another video today I kind of wanted to

talk about Joule and how they affected

the vaping industry as a whole but

Before we jump into it be sure to hit

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our latest videos now let's jump into

today's video back in 2015

Joule hit the market out of left field

created by cannabis vaporizer company

pax labs they introduced a simple

easy-to-use device that was catered to

smokers this was at a time when the

industry was bombarded with box mods

RDAs and sub-ohm tanks to put it simply

the Joule almost felt like a breath of

fresh air they had a fairly slow start

and nobody really thought anything of it

but not too long after the release the

vaping industry got turned upside down

once word started spreading about Joule

it was an unstoppable train celebrity

started using them and advertisements

circled around showing people that

vaping is a safer alternative to

cigarettes in three years dual

quintupled in size and at one point was

adding on average a hundred and fifty

employees a month but with that

popularity came an immense amount of

criticism underage users started getting

their hands on them and the vaping

industry as a whole took the blame for

it the anti vaping mindset was that the

flavors and vape devices are appealing

to kids

jool to their necessary steps to help

deter youth vaping by pretty much

pulling all social media accounts and

removing ads jewell then operated just

business as usual but everything changed

on December 20th 2018

as vaping started gaining traction as a

safer alternative to cigarettes big

tobacco companies started panicking

Ultra who is one of the world's largest

producers of tobacco and the parent

company of Marlboro bought a 35% stake

in Joule for twelve point eight billion

dollars I guess their main mindset was

that cigarettes are losing in this

battle so if you can't beat them join


this propelled jewels worth 238 billion

dollars which put it ahead of Ford

Motors Delta Airlines and Target this

deal was incredibly controversial as you

can imagine now that Big Tobacco now has

a part in one of if not the biggest even

companies at the time I really didn't

think anything of it my main concern was

that as long as people were quitting

cigarettes and converting to vaping I

didn't really care where the money went

but things took a sharp turn very

quickly this merge pretty much gave

Joule the rights to be sold wherever

cigarettes are sold for example gas

stations and convenience stores this

made this quote/unquote youth vaping

epidemic even worse but it did however

gain Joule a lot more money the pressure

and allegations from anti vaping

activists kept growing but the issue

here is that the entire vaping industry

took the head not just Joule Joule

remained fairly quiet throughout the

allegations but it seems that the

pressure grew too much Forex CEO Kevin

burns in September of 2019

Kevin announced that he'll be stepping

down as CEO of Joule labs and to add to

the controversy he was replaced by Casey

crops weight the chief growth officer of

ultra big tobacco now has all control of

vaping 'he's biggest company but if you

think things couldn't get worse fast

forward to this year we've seen reports

of lung illnesses and even deaths that

are quote due to vaping this propelled

politicians to introduce bands on vaping

products throughout various states

vaping activists like grim green Matt

from SM MJ haze and many others rallied

together to try and prevent these bans

from fully going through but

unsurprisingly Joule remained fairly

quiet as we're fighting for flavors to

stay on the market Jewell just played

along with the government

and removed all flavors except for

tobacco and mint julep robably the

loudest voice in the industry due to

sheer size and popularity so why are

they not using it that's probably

because jewel isn't the only revenue

stream for Altria remember the new CEO

Casey Crum sweet well he also has a big

role in producing the IQ OS this is

essentially a whole new form of vaping

the IQ OS heats up actual tobacco leaves

which then creates a vapor we've

actually tried it before and it wasn't

too Pleasant but because the iqo s

contains tobacco it could technically

fall under the master settlement

agreement now if you haven't heard of

the master settlement agreement or MSA

for short it was a controversial deal

that was signed back in 1998 this deal

forced four big tobacco companies to

give money to 46 states for tobacco

control and use prevention

however after reports were gathered it

showed that some states actually use the

MSA money for tobacco production meaning

big tobacco in this case Altria is

getting their money back if you want to

learn more about the MSA I highly

recommend checking out our full video on

it we cover everything you need to know

and we dive much deeper into it if you

did want to check it out then I'll link

it in the description down below but

back to jewel-case e crops awaits spoke

up regarding the judgment call of

removing their own flavors and he said

quote we must reset the vapor category

by earning the trust of society and

working cooperatively with regulators

policymakers and stakeholders to combat

underage use while providing an

alternative to adult smokers so instead

of fighting for flavors Jule just wants

to work alongside the government and do

what they're told in my personal opinion

it looks like Jule is actually pushing

for more regulations as in the

government's eyes they would look like

the good guys one thing we need to keep

in mind is that Joule is a huge company

if these bans and ridiculous regulations

end up going through shops left frame

Center will have to close down

except for Joule this will ultimately

destroy any and all competition for

Joule and they won't be the better

option they'll be the only option but

save vaping is fully killed off Altria

has their IQs to fall back on which is

probably why they're starting to

advertise it more frequently at the

the day Altria will barely be fazed by

these detrimental regulations yet

millions of lives and jobs are on the

line but that's just my opinion and I

would love to know yours what do you

think jewel or ultras motive is in this

whole situation let me know by leaving a

comment in the comment section down

below if you like this video please be

sure to hit that like button down below

and it's subscribed to stay up to date

with our latest videos as always I'm

Dave from - babes and I'll see you on

the next video


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