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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

What's The Difference Between Prebuilt And Rebuildable Coils

what's up guys Nick for baby here

welcome back to vaping 101 the series

where we explain the basics of vaping if

you watch the other videos in this

series you're now an expert on eliquid

and tanks today we'll be covering coils

the hardest-working part of your vape

let's take a closer look coils are

composed of two parts the atomizer and

wick the atomizer is a heating element

made out of metal such as kanthal

stainless steel nichrome titanium and

many others the wick is typically made

out of cotton but some manufacturers use

materials such as flax and bamboo to

make them last longer when you put these

together the wicking material feeds your

eliquid to the atomizer and heats it up

into vapor there are two types of coils

pre-built and rebuildable let's start

with pre-built pre-built coils are the

most commonly used you'll find them in

tanks and pod systems pre-built coils

are exactly what they sound like

pre-made and ready to use these

typically just need to be primed with a

liquid and then installed into your tank

pre-made coils usually have a wattage

range on them making it easy to know

what you should be running your Mata

clothes are usually threaded or

press-fit making this process super easy

if you want to get a bit more technical

or customize your experience further

rebuildable coils might be worth looking

into rebuildable still use atomizers and

wicks like pre-built coils but this time

you're doing all the work you can make

your own coil from scratch using spools

of wire or get premade rebuildable coils

to cut out some of the work after

building your coil it needs to be

installed on the deck of your tank or

dripper decks come in many varieties but

run off the same concept your coil has

two legs or leaves and the deck will

have positive and negative terminals one

leg will go into each terminal which

completes the circuit of your atomizer

decks can also support different amounts

of coils single and dual coil decks are

the most common but others on the market

can support more once your coil is

installed it needs to be weight using

your cotton the wick is fed through the

coil and will have tails that can pick

up a liquid and feed it to the coil

finding the right amount cotton to use

will depend on the size and type of coil

you're using as well as the layout of

your rebuildable atomizer after wicking

saturate your wicks and coils and you're

ready to go

rebuilding gives you flexibility on how

you vape you can build coils that give

you massive clouds or coils that give

you lots of flavor one of the best parts

of making your own coils is being able

to tinker with builds and find one that

works for you when building an

understanding of Ohm's law is important

if you don't know about Ohm's law simply

put it defines the relationship between

voltage current and resistance it can be

used to find out how much power your

coil consumes and whether or not it's

safe to run with your batteries

rebuildable coils don't come with a

recommended wattage so the most common

method is to aim for a certain voltage

which is typically going to be between 3

& 4 volts with vaping the main variables

resistance since it depends on the type

of build you're using the diameter of a

coil amount of wraps and even material

use can alter resistance as a general

rule the lower your resistance is the

more power it requires at this point you

might be wondering what the best type of

coil is and the answer is up for debate

in the past rebuildable coils offered

much better performance over premade but

premades have come a long way with coils

being made out of new materials like

mesh getting comparable flavor to

rebuildable as possible and with new

types of wicking material pre-made coils

are lasting much longer than they used

to rebuild will still have their place

since they're cheaper in the long run

and still lasts longer since you can

clean coils off and Bri whip them for

some vapors being able to customize

their builds is important and many stand

by rebuilding as the only way to get the

best performance for other vapors

convenience takes priority and being

able to simply pop a new coil into your

tank makes life easier the best way to

decide is to try both out and see what

you prefer talk to other vapors or visit

your local vape shop to explore your

options visit us at baby dossier to

check out our collection of coils juice

and hardware I hope you found this video

helpful and if you have any questions

leave them in the comments below thanks

for watching we'll see you in the next




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