What's The Sexiest Sub Ohm Tank ? Vape Tank Review

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today we're gonna be

going over the aspire Oh Dan mini I got

the emerald and I got the smoky quartz

the big question on this one is is this

one as good as the old jeans before we

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rings look at that beauty huh

check this thing out huh that is really

kind of sexy almost like a black chrome

like a I don't know even had like a

gunmetal chrome I mean it's shiny and

beautiful what a fantastic looking tank

I just dig it man I I know I'm gushing

but that's just beautiful man I'm sorry

on the bottom you can see a spire

gold-plated 510 insulator ring stainless

steel threading around that what color

is this this is called smoky quartz and

man is that gorgeous Wow look at that

drip tip nice drip tip 810 smoked style

drip tip with the o-rings on the drip

tip itself alright just like the

full-size Oh Dan got a pull and push

really really nice locking system on

that slider cap I absolutely love that

got a decent sized fill port in here

probably only needle-nosed bottles will

fit probably make a mess with the bull

Mo's bottles but it's not terrible

alright what I really like about it is

the resistance the resistance on this is

absolutely fantastic and then once you

push it down it locks down and it won't

slide open in your pocket beautiful

beautiful job aspire I know a lot of

people don't like it man but I like that

diamond cut glass I just I may because

I'm a kid from the 70s and I guess it

looks like an old 70 chandelier but man

I just think it's gorgeous I really do

bottom airflow stoppers on both ends

okay triple bottom air flow one two

three whatever you're just on

one happens on the other two okay in

order to open it up like every other sub

ohm tank you just twist the bottom

initially the threading is a little

crunchy but you'll be fine you can see

gold-plated contact on the bottom right

there right that's gonna make contact

with the gold plating over here and fire

your coil your coil comes out you just

pull it out but I want you to take

notice right here see what a juice slot

is right there watch this when I pull it

out see that juice slot closing see that

that see how that closes that's all let

me show you the inside

that's all closed off now so if you have

like you know three quarters of a tank

in here and your coil burns out on you

you can pull it out without the juice

leaking that's a huge huge Pro that was

also present on the full-size Odin let's

take a look at this coil 0.3 ohm good

for 35 to 45 watts some nice mesh in

there as well and you also get this Odin

coil looks like the same one that came

with the big Odin point 2 ohm good for

50 to 60 watts

nice big mesh inside I'm definitely

digging at these coils are fantastic

I've used them in the full-size Odin and

they're just phenomenal you also get a

spare straight glass in case you don't

like that diamond cut thing going on I

think I'm gonna use the lower ohm coil

the higher wattage coil that's more my

jam 50 to 60 watts we're gonna take the

preinstalled one out juice we're gonna

be using today is Jam monster mixed

berry I love my jam monster juices

especially their berry stuff so first

thing you want to do you want to take

your coil you want to get a little juice

around the inside in there get it nice

and started alright and then you just

want to go around each juice slot each

diamond shaped you slot and just kind of

paint the edges right there get that

juice flowing maybe go back on top get a

little juice in there get it nice and


once you dumb with that you want to take

your coil and you don't have to I just

like to line up you don't have to line

up the diamonds to the juice lot but I

like to do it it's just my OCD and you

just pop it in there just like so right

once that's done you take your base

little reverse thread till it clicks in

and just tighten it right on them and

right on there just like that now we're

gonna open up our top cap remember we

got a pull and then push okay and now

it's all open now we're gonna take our

jam monster mixed berry and we're gonna

give this tank a fill there you go we're

all filled up I'm gonna close her up

gonna take our drip tip and just check

that out man that tank I'm telling you

man this might be one of the best

looking tanks I've ever seen I love the

color on this thing this what are they

calling it the smoky quartz it's


I'm gonna pop this on to my cold steel

100 think it's gonna look kind of badass

on there we're gonna set this thing to

50 watts and we're gonna vape on it and

break that coil in let's get into those

cons and pros first times gonna be just

like on the full-size one this one is a

tad on the loud side let me show you

what I'm talking about right now I got

it fully open right listen

it's a little loud right a little swoosh

II right now if I close it down about

half way check this out

it whistles you could play Dixie on this

thing so I got to give it a con for

being on the loud side especially

halfway closed now the cons gonna be and

this is on the subjective side I love

the diamond cut bubble glass I know from

my original review some people

absolutely hate it so that's gonna be

subjective I love it for you people that

hate it will chalk it up in the con

category and the last con and the only

other con that I had for this is I

really wish this tank system the big

Odin and this one would run a hotter

coil I wish they'd the

develop and eighty to a hundred watt

coil cuz that's more of the range that I

vaping I would love to see a coil with

those type of parameters on it but

that's it there's not a lot to complain

about on this one let's move on to the

pros first pros gonna be you guys know I

don't believe they should ever make a

slider cap without a locking system on

it this one has it it works great it's a

pro love the looks and that diamond cut

class we already went over that it's got

a nice capacity no matter which glass

you use very good very good flavoring

clouds let me show you what I'm working

with here I got the point two ohm coil

in there at 65 watts check it out

nothing wrong with that baby I mean it's

just nice that was with the airflow

halfway shut let me show it to you with

the airflow wide open again nothing

wrong with that it's just got even

though the air flows a little loud the

airflow is still smooth the flavor is

dense its saturated I love this coil

system just gets really really good

flavor it's top-notch flavor and clouds

as far as I'm concerned

next on the pro side quail longevity

these coils seem to last really long

they're the same exact coils that you'll

find in in the full-size one they just

seem to last pretty long I've done

multiple juice changes on them they've

got a nice longevity to them

I've never gotten less than 20 Phillips

out of a coil that's how good they are

I love these coils I love that Auto

juice flow control I showed you down low

when you pull the plug and play coil out

it automatically closes the juice off so

you can swap coils even with a full tank

that's a huge problem a spire has a

reputation of having some pretty good

build quality this is a step up even for

them it's a pro love that honeycomb drip

tip I love everything about it it's

comfortable and it looks awesome and the

last Pro is gonna be it's got an awesome

color selection I'll go over that in the

specs let's rate this one

five star scale in the looks department

this thing's gonna score a four and a

half stars I already told you I love the

look of the diamond glass they sent me

an emerald green and a smoky quartz one

the colors are just fantastic I love the

overall looks and aesthetics on this one

it's a four and a half saw rating

coil performance I showed you great

flavor and clouds the coil longevity is

fantastic we're gonna give it a four and

a half star rating on the performance

airflow I already said it it's smooth

but it whistles that's gonna hurt it in

this department I'm gonna give it a

three only because the airflow is not

turbulent but I don't like the fact that

you can get this tank to whistle had it

not done that it would have definitely

scored higher but we're gonna leave it

at three stars value and our value

category I've been seeing this thing

around 25 bucks I think that's a very

good value for the vape quality the

clouds the flavor the build quality I

think it's a good value for what you get

we're gonna give it a solid four stars

so after we average everything out we

have a total score of 16 we divide that

by four and this thing comes in at four

stars as an overall rating which is a

very solid tank believe me when I tell

you it's gonna be very hard on this

channel to get five star ratings because

I am very nitpicky so a four star rating

on this channel is an excellent rating

let's go over some of the specs on the

aspire Odin mini it measures in at

twenty five millimeters at the base you

get 5.5 ml's with the straight glass

four ml's with the diamond-cut bubble it

is primarily made at a 304 stainless

steel it does take the odin coils the

original coils in the box you get a

point two ohm mesh coil good for 50 to

60 watts you also get a point three ohm

mesh coil good for 35 to 45 watts it's

got a plug-and-play coil system locking

slider cap colors available a blue

emerald rainbow stainless steel black

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