What Makes Vaping So Dangerous|Devices Can Reach 158 Degrees

well vaping is the latest hot new trend

among teenagers and doctors want to put

a stop to it in the last several months

the devices are responsible they say for

not only making dozens sick but also

killing three people in our state so

what makes vaping so dangerous in an ABC

total investigation our ampere I took

the devices to a lab to find out what we

found might surprise some users the real

concern is how the device works we do

want to remind you the test that we did

in this lab should not be done at home

how hot is that puff I have no idea can

you give me a guess a degrees degrees

pray about 175 I'm gonna guess I don't

know 60 degrees

212 it's a question that dumbfounded our

community an answer people hadn't

thought about we wanted to know how hot

vaping really is so we called labs

across mid Michigan and Kettering

University stepped up to help this lab

this is our lab that I share with

another professor and this is where we

conduct our research at the chemical

engineering lab inside the University

dr. Marie Gilliam an associate professor

of chemical engineering helped us get to

the bottom of it together with a few of

her students and the lab technician

doctor Gilliam created this contraption

contraption that we have here is

designed to mimic what a puff would be

and we designed it based on a study that

we found we brought in two different

vapes for her team to test a joule

device and a mr. vapor device so how

does the contraption work here dr.

Gilliam is attaching the vape device to

a tube it's connected to a machine that

when turned on will draw out a puff just

like if a person were using the vape

this red tube coming out of the side is

called a thermocouple and as the pump

draws out the vapor it takes the

temperature of that vapor to find out

how hot vaping really is

there we go each time we did the test

our results showed right around a

hundred degrees Fahrenheit that's the

temperature of the vapor as soon as it

hits a person's mouth oh my gosh that's

that's pretty hot to go inside of

someone's mouth ah really

Wow that would surprise me so pretty hot

but it's not the hottest the device can

get doctor Gilliam showed us another

demonstration this time testing how hot

the coil inside the vape device can get

that's she says where the real danger

comes from the coil temperature is hot

enough to a point where it actually

breaks down these chemicals into these

harmful byproducts some of them are

carcinogens some of them have been shown

to cause developmental disorders and so

forth so they are so it's actually the

temperature of that coil that produces

these in this test we watched the coil

temperature quickly climb to 158 degrees

Fahrenheit the temperature of the coil

gets it very hot some studies have shown

it gets upwards of 900 degrees C so why

are some devices hotter than others

doctor Gilliam says the user can

actually control that because some

devices can be altered


it's the temperature inside there gets

hotter and a higher concentration of

harmful byproducts have been shown

by products not shown in the liquid

itself doctor Gilliam says it's the heat

of the coil that produces them the lung

is not accustomed to such high

temperatures and there are chemicals are

being heated and so when they touch the

lung tissue that's what burns that and

caused irreversible damage to the lung

tissue dr. John Youssef is a pulmonary

critical care specialist with McLaren

Flint he's alarmed by the immediate

damage vaping has caused I think it is

more dangerous than cigarettes and

that's why right now there is no

recommendation at all to substitute

regular cigarettes with vaping or

electronic cigarettes because of the

immediate dangers we're seeing here in

Michigan the State Health Department

reports 65 confirmed and probable VAP

being related lung injury cases those

hospitalized range in age from 15 to 67

years old

so far three people have been killed we

even saw a 17 year old here in Michigan

forced to undergo a double lung

transplant to live dr. Yusuf is

encouraging all parents to talk to their

kids and first find out if they become

part of the growing trend of vapors and

if so he wants parents to learn these

dangers to help their kids understand

this fad could kill them and it's not a

weak illness this could be for the rest

of their lives that they become

incapacitated and become dependent on

medical treatment and oxygen and things

like that working with the State Health

Department governor Gretchen Whitmer put

a temporary ban on vaping in Michigan

last year calling it a public health

crisis vape shops fought back though and

a court order blocked the governor's ban

as this case continues to play out in

the courts we'll keep you up to date