What's Inside Puff Bars, Uno Bars, And Mr Fog

all right so I wanted to see what was


you know the uno bar puff bar and mr.


I came off real easy

all right so if you don't already know

how a vape works I mean these are

disposable vape so I just wanted to see

what the inside of these look like but

you got your little variable mouthpiece

I guess this is just a last filter or

whatever before before you know it gets

to your mouth and your lungs and whatnot

but this is that's where the juice goes

that's right here is the this little

coil inside of you know juice like

there's a little little tiny baby corn

oil in there you see that black it's all

burnt anyway here's here's a little


I'm guessing this this tape right here

is to keep it from since the the whole

body is like an aluminum metal thing

it's to keep the the raw connections

from shorting out on the on the case you

see this yellow tape and all kinds of

little Chinese electronics which is

where this came from this is the

non-rechargeable lithium battery what

else is there oh here's this one's the

easiest here's the little sensor this is

the air sensor this is what like checks

to see there's air flow and then you

know electrifies the coil right here

looks like a little microphone they put

microphones in your vape so everybody's

listening that's really that's really it

faith battery coil air sensor disposable

Chinese so if you want if you want

little secret there are no compartment

cases just take the take the little air

sensor take some some push the little

airflow sensor out just like that and


that's the wrong one I think I think it

matters these these are a little smaller

and then you put stuff in there got a

hollow puff bar although uh where's this

one tow bar and although this one's

probably most useful to put stuff in I

don't know which side you actually

inhale through right that time

I don't date fun fact savings math we

play things bad for you we bought these

just to tear apart there we go