Why I Quit Vaping|How To Quit E-Cigarette

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there's just tape so it took me over a

year over a freaking year to realize how

badly vaping was affecting me and the

title of this video is the vaping ruined

my life and this isn't clickbait bathing

literally ruined my life for six months

and it was absolutely terrifying and

absolutely horrible I wish that I could

have been smart and realized that vaping

was picking up my brain and making me go

crazy but it took me a freakin long time

to realize this baby had major physical

and psychological effects on me and made

me feel like I was going crazy I thought

that I was going mentally insane I

thought that I needed help I didn't know

what the fuck was wrong with me it was

just a lie I went to doctor to doctor to

doctor my help card expired so I was

spending hundreds and hundreds of

dollars going to doctor to doctor to

doctor trying to figure out what the

fuck was wrong with me and it was just

this freaking vaporizer piece of shit

we're just gonna we're just gonna begin

so about six months ago a lot of changes

started happening to me I started vaping

a year ago but I didn't notice any

changes or anything that started

happening to me until six months ago and

again I didn't know any of these changes

we're from vaping I didn't know what the

hell they were from I thought I was just

going crazy the first thing that started

happening to me which didn't really

worry me that much but just the first

thing that started happening that never

used to happen to me before is that I

started getting really really vivid

dreams I started having all these super

vivid dreams and they felt really

real and a lot of them are really scary

the next thing that certain is happening

which I thought yeah this is probably

just from vaping is that my mouth was

really really dry and since I was

hitting this like freakin vaporizer all

day I was like okay my mom's just drive

from vaping I kind of figured that one

out already but that was just another

annoying thing that was happening like

my mouth was so insanely dry no matter

how much water I would drink my mouth

was just dry all the time all the

freaking time the next thing is that my

lips became very very chapped like so

intensely chapped that I was literally a

chapstick theme if I didn't have

chapstick I would go insane I'm like I

need chapstick guys like ouch like my

lips are in so much pain the corners of

them were cracking I had to keep

reapplying chapstick every 10 minutes

they're still freaking chapped the next

thing that started happening is that I

was so exhausted all the time like I

would get hours of sleep and I would

just wake up exhausted and I was always

tired every single day I lost a lot of

motivation to do anything because I was

just always tired and I would go to

school go home sleep wake up be awake

for a couple hours then go to a bed

again like literally all I would do is

go to school come home and sleep because

I was so frickin tired and I just didn't

do anything and I lost so much

motivation to go out and do anything

because I was just so tired all the time

this is the worst the scariest thing

that started happening to me

from vaping that is that I was getting

super super intense panic attacks like

really really bad panic attacks

constantly and I was really confused

because I had never experienced panic

attacks before the first time I had one

it was super intense but I thought maybe

I just randomly how to panic attack how

to know where like there was just a one

time thing but then it started

constantly happening and I was like okay

this is weird this shouldn't be

happening I should not be getting panic

attacks like every single night like

what the fuck is wrong with me

to stop all of these terrible things are

happening it went off of my birth

control because I thought it was that I

tried to stop drinking alcohol I stopped

smoking weed I stopped doing everything

but I never thought that it was the

freaking bait the thing I was doing

constantly every single day I don't know

why I never thought that it was the

little tiny vaporizers that I was

hitting every second of the day I

thought it was everything else other

than that because I just you know I'm

addicted to my baby I mean it's

not the baby right like it can be the

baby like I need the babe like it's not

the babe doing this to me

I just wouldn't believe it was the babe

but I was also getting anxiety attacks

which I've always had really bad anxiety

and this was really nothing out of the

ordinary but I was way more anxious all

the time I was getting way more anxiety

attacks I'm just anxious Oh be milky I

also started losing weight like crazy

I've always been super super skinny so

when I start losing weight like crazy

like no like I am too skinny to afford

to lose weight no like I was too skinny

to afford to lose weight I'm 18 years

old and I made like 114 pounds and I got

down 295 pounds in like a month because

I was losing weight like crazy and

there's no explanation I was eating food

normally I was eating three meals a day

yeah another thing that was happening

was that I would just feel panicky all

the time I would feel on edge I would

just feel scared all the time I felt

like I was always being watched or

followed this got so bad to the point

where I was scared to shower I was

scared to be in my room alone at night I

was scared to leave my house I couldn't

walk outside in the dark it got really

really bad and this last one is still

happening me nowadays even though like I

don't have anymore what's still

happening to me which I used to get

really bad when I was babying is I would

forget how to breathe kana or I would

think that actually couldn't breathe and

then I'd try and force myself to breathe

and I wouldn't be able to and I would

convince myself that I wouldn't be able

to breathe anymore and that I was gonna

die trying to force myself to breathe

and I couldn't do it and I would scare

myself and I still do this to this day

because I don't I don't know there's

just moments where I feel like I can't

breathe anymore and it's really scary

and I hope it goes away soon please help

thank you so obviously I ended up

quitting vaping and all of these

problems went away except for the last

one but all the other problems went away

oh so happy that I finally found out

what was wrong with me after going to

all these doctors getting prescribed all

of these medications me thinking that

I'm like just actually crazy and I'm

going insane so I was so happy that I

finally figured out what was wrong with

me and what I needed to stop but the

part that I had to work on next was

stopping because nicotine is freakin

addictive and I'm like of course it's

made freakin baby I just like to do the

work and actually quit this but I had to

do it I knew I had to do it so I did it

this is how I did it I feel like this is

the best

way to quit so I went cold turkey and I

was vaping 69 I was vaping 60 Nick your

brother like bitch you're fucking crazy

or vaping 60 Nick how the fuck did you

not know your brain would dump like

you're vaping 60 okay Nick like I know I

think I kind of knew subconsciously that

like bathing was my brain up but I was

just like addicted to it and I didn't

want to have to quit so I was just like

no no it's not the babes definitely not

the babe like it couldn't be the baby

could be the thing that they wouldn't do

that to me the baby loves me bitch no

but I quit cold turkey and it wasn't as

hard as I thought it was going to be as

you saw I threw my babe in the ocean no

animals were harmed I've we took the

baby out of the ocean threw it in a

trash can after we were just trying to

be funny okay okay

nicotine leaves your system after 72

hours so that's three days and it's

actually true after three days all my

physical symptoms were gone day one I

was just pacing around my quick question

didn't when I was pacing around my quick

but I can totally speak day one I was

pacing around my kitchen and I was just

trying to distract myself I didn't

really know what to do I'd really know

how to distract myself but it helps not

having the faith which is why it got rid

of it because I knew if I had it like in

my drawer it would still be accessible

to me and I would just end up hitting it

so I had to completely get rid of it so

I just threw it away

so after day one my lip started to feel

better already

there arraylist chapped my dry mouth was

completely gone and it was totally back

to normal after day one the headaches

the cravings the freaking exhaustion

because trying to quit made me even more

exhausted than vaping itself like out so

it's Austin and the terrible terrible

feeling in my stomach it felt like my

stomach was like trying to claw itself

out of my stomach it was just this

terrible feeling in my stomach

constantly they were what made it

difficult to quit it was difficult at

the start but I knew I had to stay

strong I just had to suffer through

three days and all the physical symptoms

would go away and they did they went

away after three days so you only have

to suffer through three days you can

make it through three days then you can

do it will help me get through all the

withdrawals was finding things to do to

keep busy and to distract myself even

like little things I would just watch

YouTube over and over and I would just

hang with my boyfriend

things to do any little thing to

distract myself even eating I would just

eat food to distract myself pulp water

every day it got easier easier by day

three I was at school and I could go to

the smoke pin at my school and look at

everyone else vaping and not themed for

babe's like I would just watch them baby

like I'm fine I don't even need a babe

like I was actually fine by day three so

yeah after the third day all the

physical effects were gone the cravings

were less and less every day after that

I just get a couple cravings a day it's

not even that bad but yeah I just wanted

to share my experience with you guys

because I don't know if this has

happened to anyone else I don't know I

want to hear your stories if any of you

guys have aimed and had bad experiences

but they you vape and it's totally fine

I don't know I just want to hear your

guys's opinions on baby and if you do

not think please don't babe like please

don't freakin babe it's the biggest

regret of my life like please don't do

it don't smoke cigarettes though if you

smoke cigarettes then they please thank

you thank you guys so much for watching

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