Will Florida Regulate Vape Shops?

meantime tonight Florida is making moves

to possibly regulate stores that sell

vaping products CBS 4s Carey Codd is

live in Fort Lauderdale with details


we're debate the vaping industry here in

Florida is embracing regulation they

believe it would be good for their

business in fact the owner of vapor life

Fort Lauderdale feels that way the

effort got a big boost in the state

legislature today when a House

subcommittee overwhelmingly approved a

regulation measure despite opposition

from several leading health

organizations good morning members it is

8:00 a.m.

members of the Statehouse health market

reform committee met early Wednesday to

discuss vaping vetoes that's their only

selling vape products are not currently

regulated Republican state

representative Jackie Toledo from Tampa

discussed her proposed legislation that

would regulate vape shops

she told the committee her bill would

add state oversight to the vaping

industry by requiring permits allowing

the state to issue fines for illegal

sales and allowing people harmed by

vaping to sue I think regulation is a

good thing I think it's nothing we're

opposed to the proposal earned support

from those in the vape industry like

Chris doe Ford who owns vapor life Fort

Lauderdale we're not looking to sell to

children we're not looking to sell

illicit products we're not looking to

sell any bootleg products so any

regulation that makes the public more

comfortable with it would be a success

in the industry the vaping industry

argues that they should not be regulated

in the same way as the tobacco industry


but the American Heart Association and

American Cancer Society oppose the

proposed bill they say that the feds

have determined that e-cigarettes are

classified the same as tobacco plus they

believe federal laws are already in

place to regulate vaping like tobacco

and this proposal is unnecessary

Republican state representative Carrie

Pigman took issue with that and said the

state of Florida has the right to

regulate businesses he asked an American

Heart Association lobbyist why they

opposed the measure

is the American Heart Association in

favor of that or they opposed to that

we're in favor of regulating the vape

shops yes the way this bill is set up to

do it doesn't do that seriously in the

long run it's not going to it's not

going to make a difference people in the

vaping industry say that scare at the

end of last year about vaping related

illnesses and deaths was blown out of

proportion and has been debunked by

federal health officials now this piece

of legislation faces a long road before

it gets to the governor's desk it has to

pass the entire house and published

reports indicate that leadership in the

state Senate does not seem inclined to

pass it we'll keep you posted

live in Fort Lauderdale Carey Codd cbs4

news tonight