Will Vaping Be Completely Banned By Lawmaker ?

making controversy continuing on Utah's

Capitol Hill State Representative Paul

ray introducing a bill that would put a

complete ban on vaping ABC 4 is Jordan

Baird Adaro spoke to a local vape shop

owner and has both sides of the issue

every customer gets an ID check when

visiting urban vapor according to vape

shop owner david black black says he

knows there's a problem when it comes to

youth and vaping we had three break-ins

in our store last year all underage

people black says solving the issue

starts with parents they're somehow

gonna have to get the family involved we

kick out probably 50 parents for every

one underage person representative Paul

ray says he doesn't want to ban it all

out but the issue is honesty from vape

industry leaders and keeping it out of

kids hands ray says there are other

bills in the works for regulating the

industry so this bill is basically a

bill that says if we can't get together

and would do something to stop kids then

just just get rid of the whole thing

industry who operate illegally but black

says that's unfair for businesses who do

their part that's the most anti-american

thing I heard full up banning something

I don't agree with you know freedom is

the freedom to make good choices it's

freedom to make bad choices to what

black and Ray can both agree on is

finding a solution to get youth away

from these products and a focus on

education in salt lake city i'm jordan

verdadero for ABC 4 news