Wotofo Profile 1.5 Mesh RDA Review|A Upgraded Version

yeah it's too much flavor that's a con

what's going on Asian you can reappear

welcome one more collaboration between

mr. just right and water for the profile

1.5 RDA oh yes even though I think

there's not a V 1.5 this is a V 2 V 2

point 5 this thing has so many changes

and all the changes make even the first

one look almost obsolete and let me tell

you something the first one is

definitely the best mesh RDA that you

can buy you can't buy better than that

flavor airflow all that good stuff so

when he actually announced the V 1.5 I

say what the hell he can improve to make

that one better that he is at the moment

well he done it you don't a few changes

quite a lot of changes that make this or

the way better than the first one how

that happen I don't know I know it were

long effort on today's this one is

slightly bigger you know it's still 20

formula diameter but he had the other

one had an aluminium chamber very very

thick so that the deck was like a 20 or

21 millimeter deck this one he goes to

the edge so it's probably 23 or nearly a

24 it is very very good idea but

obviously we go to all of that on the up

and close so what we gonna do now we

gonna dive down okay so here is the box

where your profile V 1.5 by Waterford

mister just right comes in so you're

gonna have a clear window where you can

see your RDA one of the sides is gonna

be color configuration what

website and social media he is gonna be

your kid content so everything is inside

the kid

nother side is gonna be obviously the

code and you'll scratch authenticity

code again color configuration here just

profile and on the back just a warning

again company information water for

mister just right inside the box you're

gonna get your user manual you're gonna

get three different cut of mesh strips

this one is actually the new mesh called

the next mesh this one is the turbo

cancel point one three power range then

you get another one that is capital 0.15

again power range here this one is

called the chill this one is the one

that we're using and I kept it inside

the audio so you can have a look also

can tell point one six and this one is

called the extreme you're gonna get this

piece of Anglet so cutter you're gonna

get the tools they need the one to wrap

your coil while your mesh allen key and

a Philips head screw and the baggie with

your extra so extra four screws some all

rings and also a very nice drip tip to

be honest kind of low profile a very

very nice drip tip in there anyway is

your main eventer profile 1.0 so this

one it is extremely different from the

first one now we have a small comparison

in a second so on the bottom there's

gonna be twenty four mil diameter and

this time the deck is gonna be really

wide not like the other one that was

extremely small you're gonna have water

for profile mister just right logo there

you just come pre-installed with your

squonk pin okay and picture is more than

enough if you want to use in a hyper in

mechanical mode when you swapped in a

normal one obviously he is gonna be your

negative post if you want to take it

apart you know to clean it you're gonna

have a very nice 810 drip tip so good

style all your 810 feet here no issues

and you get that beautiful one as well

inside the packaging

and before we open up here is the

original one so the first version and

this one is probably made of stainless

steel this one the top cap was actually

aluminium very very light and you can

see straight away right at the bottom

how big it is this big deck okay and

look at the difference for the view 1.5

so you're gonna have bigger build deck

the airflow is gonna be different as you

can see the logo is also different this

one looks been bearing grave

more visible the barrel itself also very

very different so it has a lot of

differences now when we comes to the

inside let's open this up okay so the

top cap as you can see here welcome a

part you go like this so he's a

two-piece even though when is when he's

together it looks like a full piece but

it's not it is two-piece and obviously

you're gonna be able to adjust your

airflow when you turn this top dice no

very easy one is fully attached there so

you can kind of close it as you can see

two by two and if you keep going it's

gonna start to close just the top hole

by hole keep going

now it's gonna close the bottom as you

can see all by hole and I'd say any keep

turn and now it's gonna start to open

the bottom again actually a both of them

so you only have the option to run the

top closed the bottom always open off

both of them you know you're not gonna

have the option to run just the bottom

and the top closed but pretty easy to do

very easy to adjust when it's actually

in the mod and very very good machining

no issues you're gonna have those two

grooves on each side that obviously is

gonna lock on your deck to align

perfectly that airflow and here is the

deck obviously the grooves that are

gonna line with those ones there to lock

perfectly in here here is the mesh that

I've been using now the mesh

completely different again compared to

the first one so this is the V 1.5 this

one is the first version I've been using

it I love the Saudi a as you can see

bigger clamps bigger deck everything is

bigger and sometimes bigger doesn't mean

that is bad but this one yes it is

definitely very well though the first

one is just amazing so let's remove the

mesh so clamp system here is very very

simple just unscrew very very nice

screws all the machining is very very

good to be honest here we go and here is

the mesh not the mesh this time it's

kind of harder okay you know he's gonna

be more the other one is very very team

very easy to bend and do those those

really spike corner and really messed up

with your mesh this one is way way back

it feels a bit rougher as well looks

very very good I think he's easy to

actually run this one than the first one

and the deck now difference on the deck

apart from the bigger is also the spring

load ceramic on the centre that he was

on the first one but the first one was

completely flat this one go like waves

on it can you see that now let me tell

you something those waves make a massive

massive different in squonk mode well on

the other one when he's squatting most

of the squonk obviously will come to the

sides because even though it comes from

here he was not able to push through the

mesh this one due to those grooves all

the squawking actually come under the

cotton is a very very big improvement

for the squatting mechanism I really

really love it now this is not spring

loaded those clamps okay they just you

know just there when you unscrew open

them up and put the mesh and the match

itself like I show you about a second

ago it is definitely different like I

said the one I was using is probably the

most different of

more this one looks more like the other

one but it is bigger so you're gonna

have a bigger surface to actually have

more flavor more juice more contact so

it's pretty damn good so today I gonna

choose you know what let's go to this

one let's go to the point 1 5 you know

installing in there so I'm gonna do are

gonna show you how to pendant around the

tool that they provide you and we go

from that

grab your mesh grab the tool that they

provide this one is actually from the

first one the two are exactly the same

and you want to paint it very very

slowly okay you don't want to do any

sharp edges you know any spikes in there

otherwise you're gonna have a lot of hot

spots here we go you see like that just

hold it there now that you have this

done drop it down to your deck like so

so is drop down there just hold it very

slightly don't do any pressure in there

kind of tie up one side you don't really

have to crack it up just hold it there

same thing on the other side

okay now that is cramped up this one is

actually perfect but if you need to use

the other part okay and just go there

very slowly very gently and make sure

he's nice and round this one is nice and

round to be honest those meshes that be

stronger than the other ones now what

you want to do here is put the power

three down you don't want to pulse it

very very hard or what you're gonna

messed up with your mesh and give it

light pulses okay just to burn those

oils off your hands I'll be touching it

here we go as you can see it's glowing

from the inside out no issues there all

looks good no hot spots very nice it is

ready to go so let's draw the cotton

here now so if you don't want to use the

Inglot so if you don't want to buy

English just for your profiles and you

buy those squares or even baked cotton

bacon I don't know why do is I pick up a

full square okay even though it's

probably a bit too much cotton but

anyway I pick up a full square remove

the outsides here we go now you can kind

of break it down in the middle and why

are you doing that try to make a ball of

it you know something a bit like this

and it's gonna be practically your

Inglot okay so even if you have cotton

bacon try to grab a piece like that you

know try to make it rounder as soon as

you think you have it just grab one of

the sides and start pushing there and

obviously then the ceramic in the middle

a spring-loaded so you will go down

don't worry if you think it's kind of

gonna mess up your mesh pull it back and

you know try it from a different angle

here we go

see all the cotton in there is very nice

and compress against that mesh as you

can see so now we can start to comb this

out so start to call me remove as much

as you need you know just make sure you

have enough to pull inside the juice

well there we go alright and now start

to cut obviously your excess so

straightaway I gonna cut why I think I'm

not gonna need it's gonna be too long

okay and I know that law of all the

reviewers said you cut in an angle like

that now to be honest on this one is not

really necessary because it really weeks

properly it works better than the first

profile obviously weeks way better than

the profile RTA

even though you can cut it a little bit

if you don't have too much cotton but

let's say you have less cotton than I

had here you don't really need to cut in

an angle

trust me you will wick perfectly so what

you want to have is around what I have

on this side I think even this side go a

bit too much so let's cut it there here

we go perfect here we go nice perfect

okay now obviously one is too soft you

always can rearrange that's it is no

angle types if you don't have to is know

a lot learning curve to tweak this one

and the thing is is because there is

that even though the first one works

great I think the improvements they done

on this deck makes it way more easy to

wick it and vape it without any dry hits

let's just set up today I gotta use some

of this iron vapes that I didn't review

here in the channel even though it's


I would prefer to use like a 70/30 or

6014 here but this one is 50/50 no an

issue and there's the orange haze tastes


so start to pull some drops on the top

now in the beginning it's gonna be

because the loft cotton compress there

is gonna be kind of hard for him to

absorb then do it small pulses you don't

want to burn your cotton just trips orb

or is in here here we go that's it I

think we'll have a good stall and it

will swamp bottle in here okay so let's

have a look at the squonk action can you

see that straight away in the middle in

that mesh very very good that's why I

said this deck is very nicely improved

okay so the Topkapi is attached adjust

your airflow and you're ready to go so

we're gonna come back on top tell you a

can get it price and we run two pros and

cons alright then we back and that was

the up and close for the profile view

1.5 by waterfall and mister just right

so where you can get it and price seeker

become I will leave a link on the

description for seventeen seventeen

pounds I think even come find the first

profile like this price here in the UK

this one yes seventeen pounds of

perfection to be honest so let's go to

pros and cons Wow

he's very hard because this is a very

good one one calm I wish he had keep the

first airflow because you had I was a

little bit more airflow and a little bit

more options that here because of the

configuration of the airflow you can't

run just the top and have the closed

closed just on the bottom you know you

can kind

cause both of them and then close the

top and leave the button open guy is

actually how I'm running at the moment

so top close and bottom open by we

should have keep the first airflow

because like like it he say this is a V

1.5 the changes should be very very

light even though there are massive but

in a good way so when you compare that

like I reviewed the dead rabbit V a V 2

Fe if you didn't sort of review I got to

post a link right there that I really

critical even to name it the V 2 because

he was no changes at hold iue he should

be at least a V 1.5 even though I think

he was a V 1.1 there was no massive

changes and even the changes that I said

that were improvements were not this

this is not V 1.5 this is a V 2 at least

this thing is a beast now if you in love

with the first one and you're looking

for great this is probably the first

time I gonna say yes you words upgrade

definitely so pros construction all the

construction all the machining looks

perfect I liked I change the barrel from

aluminium to stainless steel looks a bit

more solid also like that he enlarged

the tech dies a very very big pro

because you're gonna have bigger mesh

with more contact that means more flavor

more vapor you also improved the mesh

itself it's completely different mesh I

think it's a bit harder this one easy to

you know to bend it and not have those

spikes and mess up with it so I love the

mesh to drip tips the extras I include

amazing that's a lot of extras you know

to drip tip a time drip tips one is

slightly low profile looks very very

good in here as well includes three

stripes of mesh I think the only one a

three should have four kind of mesh now

but at the moment of the release include

all the meshes available for this one or

keep in mind the I far as I know the

first mesh is

compatible with this one what is this

one is not compatible with the old one

and I understand why some people gotta

say oh so he's no cross-compatible so

what I'm gonna do with all my other mesh

keep taping on the other one because the

other one is also very good do you like

me have both of them but I understand

why because you went for bigger deck a

bigger mesh so you're gonna have more

flavor more surface a stronger mesh I

get it

I will not point that as a car one of

the biggest improvements that I think

even though you probably not gonna

realize it is that ceramic plate in the

middle with those you know those waves

going on in there what that's gonna

allow is juice to travel under those

grooves and really come onto your in the

center of your cotton well you're the

one if you had and you need to do to

have that cotton compress there in the

middle to make sure it makes all the

contact with the mesh so you don't have

hot spots or dry hits sometimes he was

so compressed that the liquid force

himself on the sides this one straight

away in the middle doesn't mean I put a

lot of cotton in here and doesn't mean

I'm much cottony we're gonna point there

the juice always gonna come to the

middle making sure that those dry hits

or you know not having enough juice

there maybe even have a hot spot he's

gonna is not gonna happen he's gone the

chances to happen is gonna be very very

slim so everything was improving here

everything I really really have to give

a very good shout out to mr. just run

this was a lot of work I put in today

suggesting don't like Ethan I gotta

change that and Hanukkah mellow yeah

that's a Richard no you definitely put a

lot effort in here and that's why you

want and the price is still pretty damn

good so paper production and flavor so I

don't want I have the 0.15 and he is

reading 0.15 45 watts we're gonna stop

low top airflow

the bottom one wide open let's have at

it now I'm not gonna be squawking

because if you think oh you can't have

to keep squawk to not have dry it's no

and let me tell you something you kind

of realize unless you're vaping 60 70 80


if you vape in between like me between

40 50 60 you're gonna realize that

getting dry without getting too dry here

so you saw the vapor production and the

flavor on this it's like drinking the

bottle of juice I am not kidding you

can't get best flavor than that I can't

believe you can get best flavor than

that this thing is just unbelievable

pick up the juice bottle drink it is the

same thing whoa the first one in flavor

was already pretty damn good this one is

just it's just ridiculous it's so much

flavor so let's jump up straight away 55

watts okay say methyl oh here we go now

like I say I didn't squonk and I start

to feel that was slightly dry so now I

give it that squawk here we go push it

back to squonk works great in here well

I gonna do now because I got a pump up

the watts

I also gonna open the air flow wide open

let's go 65 watts how much they

recommend actually okay they say sixty

to eighty sixty five watts

oh my god unbelievable so is a lava flow

wide open to be honest I'd be too much

for me but it's pretty damn good so

let's pop it up straight away to 80

watts they say can do 80 watts let's do

it I'm not gonna squawk

okay I can't risk it I think I have real

enough juice in there and so wide open

80 watts I don't know if you can see

that let's have it

guys crazy obviously it's mesh so the

ramp up is to is extremely quick let's

squawk it make sure we have enough juice

in there another two times 80 watts

you know what it's too much flavor oh my

god this is almost ridiculous it's

almost like you have to point as a con

yeah it's too much flavor that's a con

whoa nice great so yeah at this point I

don't know why else to tell you

is low flavor smooth airflow a lot of

improvements this is a hell of all the

hell of the RDA time I didn't saw that


I thought it's gonna be very similar to

the first one that is already very very

good and this one maybe have two

improvements that make him a little bit

bad but whoa look I don't think so that

in 2020 20 this year an RDA with mesh

okay because when you're talking about

normal cause obviously this one's gonna

have the advantage that the mesh

provides a lot of flavor but I think you

can't get any bare odd if you're looking

for flavor and even close you give your

clothes don't take me wrong but you feel

looking for flavor easy to build you

don't have those problems but like I say

you don't have to cut it on an angle

it's still gonna work for

you this is the RDA to get this year

this is the best audio you're gonna get

all right over any other RDA of that

flavor construction all the quality

everything you get this thing is

extremely extremely good I can't force

this enough mr. just right done an

amazing amazing job here and I hope I

really hope this RDA is the biggest

success in 2020 because he deserves this

thing is just on believable the flavor

on this I don't know how to explain it

you know the only way I can explain its

grab your favorite juice right now go

get and grab it and drink the bottle

that's the flavor you're gonna get it

from here that's it I don't have any

other way to explain it I can't hand it

to you two over the camera but like I

say grab a bottle drink it and that's it

that's the flavor you're gonna get this

thing is just unbelievable definitely

for all the RDAs RTA's I tried so boom

tanks this one is the King for flavor

definitely and very easy to use

so obviously I will definitely

definitely recommend this one we're

gonna wrap it up definitely grab one I

will leave the links on the description

if you wanna grab one I wish you all the

best I forgot to like and subscribe join

my patreon if you want to other than

that I wish you all the best and I hope

to see in the next video till there keep