🔥 The Wotofo SMPL Hybrid Mechanical Tube Mod Review

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how are we doing on this fine day folks

I am Jarrod to vape and goat so here we

are looking at and I'm telling you I

really had to kind of dig around to

figure out exactly which one this was

because the actual company that designed

this is called epic Design Studios which

is a USA based company but this is

actually the what tofo simple mech tube

so yeah you saw that right and you can

kind of tell because I've seen videos of

both the the clone the styled as and the

authentic send the Authentics even

though there wasn't much on the

packaging there was a touch more to it

and there was actually information

inside of the packaging which this one

has none as you can see it's a basic

basic package kind of like you would

expect with with a clone device okay so

there's really nothing to this package

so this down low is actually going to be

pretty simple now you can see I've got

you know over hangers anonymous going on

here VP RDA which is a 24 millimeter RDA

so that tells you right then and there

that you're looking at 22 now 22

millimeter mech tubes in the 2013 2014

realm you know pretty common pretty

goddamn common to say the least so

obviously no fault there it's just a

single 18 650 mech device and just to

prove the validity of it being a 22 here

is the twisted messes RDA squared which

is a 22 millimeter RDA

boom I mean right to the edge actually

looks pretty good I kind of questioned

why I didn't do that to be honest and

all of a sudden I'm overexposed like why

why is my shit got me all looking weird

there so and I know it's a black tube so

but like I can explain to you very

simply okay first and foremost the

difference between a clone and a style

dies is that an actual clone will put

company branding and all sorts of things

on a product now the simple mech was

designed to look very very simple as it

says the clones though

actually have the company branding on

the button which is where the whole

button porn thing came from years ago

the styled as a lot of them just put

either you know empl you know like it

says on the box

it's the MPO they could just put that on

them on the button itself or they would

actually put their own company name on

there like a mod a mod was another one

that was a a a a stylized company this

one on the other hand as you see has all

of the what looks like original

information epic design studio simple

made in the USA I can tell you right now

this one is definitely not made in the

US a single 18 650 you got a sony vc t5a

in there so no big deal at all hybrid

connection you know which this this was

kind of like the you know the innovative

thing at the time because a lot of stuff

was more long lives of adjustable five

ten pins compared to you know actual

hybrid connections now here's the worry

factor about this one now you can see

that the button design is actually very

very simple it's got a little little bit

of grub ease on it nothing nothing

terrible just kind of some general

little dirty bits nothing nothing to you

know kind of cause any contact issues

because it's just honestly you can

actually see it's difficult it's a pain

in the ass to get out of these threads

the button in itself now I'm not gonna

take this apart because I don't have my

snap ring pliers here but it's a snap

ring that holds this thing in some

people will call in Jesus clips but

because you know when they pop off and

go flying you scream oh Jesus the

inherent flaw with a snap ring style

button is if anything happens to the

snap ring this one is proof positive

like let's get in and let's change our

focus here let me get over to the camera

there we go you see how the snap ring is

kind of wonky on this side I actually

had to remove the snap ring and bend it

back into place because at some point

somebody did take the button apart I'm

assuming because of a spring problem and

they bent the snap ring

to where it was at the point that it was

gonna make contact with the with the

battery now that wouldn't be a bad thing

per se but at the same time it would

because it could potentially damage the

battery wrap and especially with a

hybrid Mac that is like the last fuckin

thing you want to have happen any

mechanical you don't want that happening

but with a hybrid especially you really

know what that shit happening because

it's just a lot less voltage drop so

it's a lot more you know thermal runaway

quickly you know battery venting I will

give it for its time battery venting is

actually pretty solid like you can see

it you know that's a lot of fucking

fairly larger diameter size holes for

what the size of the device is just

personally not a big fan of a snap ring

design yeah sure

functions it functions just fine as long

as you know you don't have the idiot

factor coming to play but simple

threaded designs have always seemed to

function better than snap ring designs

for one you don't require any extra

tools aside from maybe what you already

have in your in your sport and your a

coil kit instead of requiring snap ring

pliers you know because I'm sorry

mechanical buttons occasionally they

need to be torn down they need to be

cleaned you know you need to be able to

remove components and and either repair

replace clean whatever the reason may be

but you need to be able to take the shit

apart without you know having to go out

and buy a set of fucking snap ring

pliers so I just don't necessarily like

that design really at all especially

because proof-positive this snap ring

literally had to be repaired just so it

didn't damage the battery that and it

was causing it to where it wasn't making

good contact had to fix the fucking

thing just to use it so and then of

course it threads in the hole button is

said assembling everything threads in

and it's got basically this big flat

head port forged I just use my coil


tweezers here the other hiccup is that

you absolutely and I just fuck that out

they're gonna put the book and addy on

first stupid

if you don't understand why basically

you don't want to damage your battery

but the one thing I'm finding with any

atomizer that I've put on top of this

thing is that that's far

you really gotta rinse this button down

to get contact there you go say boom

boom simple sample so we got the VP RDA

on top vapor stuffed project yeah so V /

God the VP RDA from hell vapor Oh on top

we've have the what tofo simple MEC

which I know overhangs sorry can't help

it I mean I can but I just don't want to

rebuild the twisted message so let's go

on top and let's talk about this a

little bit alright see ya up top

alrighty folks here we are up top with

this simple the with tofo simple MEC

tube so again like I said this one is

definitely this one fits wholeheartedly

into the Cologne room and this is the

reason why I'm gonna talk about this

okay cuz like I've kind of it's not that

I've really gotten away from clones that

my camera is out of adjustment there we

go but I don't really do a lot of them

unless people you know request them or

they get sent to me or I borrow them and

I figure out what they are but this this

specifically comes from a time frame on

a two-part deal for one it's what tofo

people today that have only been in

vaping for like a year have no idea that

what tofo is making clouds first of all

okay so that's a thing because you hear

the word reputable you know and what

tofo is one of those companies that is

considered to be a fairly reputable

company these days so is what it is


part number two though is the fact that

with tofo doing a clone yet the price

tag was still like at the time when this

thing was being sold in 2014 by with

tofo this motherfucker was selling for

like 70 80 bucks as a clone right that's

the thing about the market this simple

mech I had to really man I had to really

backtrack videos because a lot of people

didn't want to talk about price even

back then and the

price tag on this particular little

single 22 millimeter 18 650 MEC tube

because of its it was just compact it

was tiny was simple right and it's the

name this thing was somewhere between

100 and 130 dollars all the way up words

of about 260 okay just depending on what

vendor had it in stock as far as the

authentic you know the epic did you know

the epic design suite or whatever the

fuck her name was every design studio so

yeah it was just one of those you know

you kind of get into the position that

when the product is legitimately that

fucking expensive it's it just made more

sense to buy something especially on the

mechanical side that just didn't have a

lot of failing components to it that

would allow you you know to still get

the same function and still get the same

type of device but at a much cheaper

alternative today's market everything is

so much more affordable at least at the

moment so coming across something that's

you know a clone of mechanical tube

these days clone mechanical tubes can be

quite scary sometimes they can be really

good and sometimes they can be like I am

working with this motherfucker there

yeah there's not much need for it

because I mean you've got stuff in that

you know seventy to a hundred dollar

range that's authentic first of all on

second of all fucking good I mean like

you know the dreamer the Keen things

like that you know fucking good devices

so just putting that out there before we

get into everything else um I really

truthfully because of its design

I only have one con to this thing and

it's that fucking clip okay it's that

goddamn snap ring clip I think in and I

truth be told

did y'all thing that kind of snap ring -


it really did I think it's stupid stupid

stupid stupid idea

okay there's there's multitudes of ways

even back then you know because I've got

a nemesis okay and the Nemesis button

goes together with a screw okay it does

and that's from the same time frame so

this is just somebody overthinking it

because the problem is is to take it

apart you have to have a completely

different fucking tool

you normally wouldn't carry with the

rest of your vape shit because pretty

much nothing else at the time and not

very many products had snap rings most

everything was threaded because it just

made sense it was easy so to say simple

negates the fact that the button is

actually simple it's not it's anything

but simple you actually need it you know

a pair of very fine tip needlenose

pliers or a set of snap ring pliers just

to disassemble the fucking button if you

have to fix it kind of takes away from

the fucking name doesn't it just I mean

like somebody like me I'm a fucking

mechanic I've got like five sets of snap

ring pliers but somebody yeah Brian's

over here going me - yep but somebody

who like you know does you know I don't

know software design you think you're

gonna be sitting around with a set of

snap ring pliers just sitting on your

desk if there are just you know a

stone's throw away - just go get him

probably not and they're not gonna wanna

have to go buy something like that so

that is a bit of a downfall for the

button assembly okay but overall let's

go in the pros function very simple

first of all reset button you know as

because there's no lock there's no

nothing again it's simple that was the

whole point but the buttons recessed so

unless something gets up in there and

jams against it you know you can easily

set it down on stuff it's not gonna fire

and it does have a nice smooth throw to

it even for that dumbass snap ring that

I had to fix but you know it's nice

throw simple connection just one piece

tube granite I preferably I prefer two

piece tubes myself aside from the button

I don't consider the button to be a

component of the tube itself I mean it

is because it's a connection point but

as far as the tube in itself but again

kind of like that perspi 3b to be it's

the same kind of thing it's just very

simple very easy very user-friendly but

the thing that this thing really did is

it was really stepping more into a room

away from what a lot of the mechanical

devices at the time were doing which was

hybrid connection less voltage dropped

direct connection straight to the

battery very simple I mean very goddamn

simple so yeah

so here's the thing I mean we're not

gonna go look at price because honestly

finding this thing is a fucking miracle

I think I did find it at one location

but they don't have very many left yeah

okay no that one's out of stock sorry

yeah like the cheapest I could actually

find anybody showing an alternative an

alternative of the new the new authentic

it was a hundred and thirty bucks

still today granted they're out of stock

of them which I doubt they're gonna get

in stock of them now a stylized version

not a clone version but a stylized

version you can legit get this

motherfucker for seven bucks and I will

actually show you the price because it's

from vape in W so vape Northwest so US

based obviously but yeah so here's the

price they only have four left don't

know what if I can color I mean that

shows pink and I'm assuming that's

probably the only color they have well

they show also they don't really

differentiate but its vendor a mod so a

mod simple mod so that's the style -

okay that's the style - words I'm not

just the straight-up clone version

because like you can see there it's

actually says a mod instead of you know

the whole epic design studio bit you

know so yeah just just putting it out

there so that's an actual style - Oh at

the end of the day oh no man it's it's

simple it's tiny it's a single 18 650 22

millimeter it's one of those aside from

the snap ring bit it's actually a really

functional little son-of-a-bitch and

especially seeing that I mean granted I

doubt that's gonna last very long at all

the whole vape NW only for left bit but

yeah it's just putting that out there

man it's just like you know what I mean

for seven fucking dollars

even if you have to fix something it's

seven bucks plus shipping I mean it's

probably like 15 bucks after it's all

said and done personally if you can find

an authentic I would recommend it but

then again this being an outright

fucking clone okay so it's pretty you

know out right fucking clone and aside

from that kind of chance he asked you

know snapping in there this thing is

actually pretty damn good quality for

what it is and I'll tell you why with

tofo went from being a cloner to a more

reputable company because their their

product output was of that kind of

quality it's pretty fun good so so guys

that's it that's all in a story I walk

down memory lane yes finding it may be a

massive pain in the ass but at the end

of the fucking day you know if you come

across it in a buy sell trade group now

you know what the fuck it is you know

yeah which is how Brian got it if you

come across it you know for sale online

and you're like well what the fuck is

this you have an up-to-date review that

you can actually kind of walk back to

and go okay alright because everything

you're gonna find right now on the

simple MEC tube as far as I can tell the

most recent review that I've seen was

like 2015 so yeah so for what it is if

you get it fucking cheap more prior to

you know hot-button aside from the

snapping thing the button assembly

itself is smooth and simple the tube is

an all in one piece deal so just don't

cross thread your shit otherwise you're

gonna hate your fucking life but it is

what it is it's it's simple as the name

says so folks thank you very much for

watching this video big shout-out to a

big fucker over here for letting me

borrow this thing forever a goddamn day

write something like yeah I think it was

like nine or ten months actually yeah

I've had it for a while had I've had a

lot of shit going on okay so so yeah

that's it that's all thanks very much

for watching this and as always I do you

know that your time is money and I think

so damn much for spending it with me you

guys have a good